4-star RB Chase Hayden decommits from Arkansas today - visiting AA Sat

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Collierville (Tenn.) St. George's Independent School 4-star running back Chase Hayden committed to Arkansas on July 24, but that verbal pledge is now off. Hayden will officially visit Michigan this weekend and the Hogs are now also looking at other running back options. The Arkansas offer is still there to Hayden, but the plan is to sign two running backs and if someone else commits before he's finished with his visits then the Hogs offer would reportedly be gone.


A crystal ball to Michigan has already been placed


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My guess would be that Harbaugh lets everyone try their preferred position first, assesses them and makes a recommendation.  What's really great for the players is that Harbaugh is building Michigan like an NFL team but with more creativity on both sides of the ball.  A player's best position at Michigan will be his best chance to get to the NFL.  

If Harbaugh tells a player "You have the best chance of playing in the NFL at (position x), the player is going to listen.  And it's great for recruiting because they all know Harbaugh is probabbly the best college coach at getting players to the NFL right now.

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yeah bro... Aubrey Solomon decommitted after that happened to him... I'm still crying over that one.  That kid is a can't-miss.  Still holding out hope we get him back.

Please oh please, no more misspelling recruits' names.  I will not allow it.


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The crystal ball is from someone who has little to no inside info and tries to play the system.  Until Lorenz, Wiltfong or one of the southern 247 guys say anything, no reason to thing he will commit.


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 you dont know much about recruiting do you? what do you think happens? you get your 25 commits and then just shut down recruiting for the year? everyone of these  kids are 10 minutes away from decommiting and then commiting somewere else.

   let the coaches worry about it. i mean they are the only ones that really know what is going on with these kids, and yet they are the only ones that cant comment on it.


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I don't get this. If he was the best running back in the nation then I would understand. But we have 3 running backs already. Is this just an insurance policy in case on of the other backs decommit or would they actually take a 4th running back ?

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I understand having the sentiment when we already have a few RBs committed in this years class., But at 5-10 190lbs (of course remembering the possibility to get slightly taller and definitely ability to get heavier), you could play a lot of positions. From slot to CB, to RB, Harbaugh is lookign for athletes first.

And being, currently, ranked the 319th player in the nation, you'd take that any day of the week (315th might seem high, but it's really not, Jehu Chesson was 639th overall and 74th "best wide-receiver", Houma was 708th, and Willie Henry 948th!!). Any time you have a chance to take a great athlete is always worth it.

And with Harbaugh and this staffs great ability to find places on the field for players to shine, I have no doubt there's something he sees in him if he's indeed still pursuing him. And he's obviously not afraid to promote/demote in as purely a meritocratic way as I've seen in college football.

That said, we do have a sizeable stable of backs, but, Harbaugh is already showing much he likes giving quite a few different looks in the backfield so far.