4 * RB Greg Garmon cuts list to top 3 - eliminates Michigan (for time being)

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Top 10 RB - and 4 star recruit - Greg Garmon has trimmed his list to his top 3 choices of Illinois, North Carolina and Iowa. Garmon had previously trimmed his list to 5, in which Michigan was included in that list. This latest trim has eliminated Michigan for the time being, but he still states his list could change with Michigan having an outside "X-Factor" chance.

Its great to see a kid overcome cancer to build a name for himself the way he has. He would be great at Michigan, but in the end, he deserves to have a great career wherever he may land. Good Luck to Him, and hopefully we find our way back into the mix


Last week, the No. 10 running back in the nation Greg Garmon trimmed his list of possible suitors to Michigan, Iowa, Illinois, North Carolina and Virginia.

On Thursday, the Erie (Pa.) product reported that three were standing out: "Illinois is in my top three, along with North Carolina and Iowa," Garmon said. "There could be some changes to that list, but right now those are the three that really stick out."




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Erie, PA is my least favorite place in the world. Having said that, I'm not going to stress over RB unless we can grab a great one. I have extremely high hopes for Hopkins.


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Nothing against the people there. I used to play hockey and Erie was the longest distance we had to travel. It was a 13 hour bus ride so we always had leave the night before and then stay in a hotel for two nights. Plus there was nothing to do. I can't tell you how many times me and my roomate got drunk in the hotel room the night before playing in Erie. But the liquor made me play better.


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Like some previous postings, I too am suprised that we haven't yet landed a top tier rb.  But there still is alot of time left, and maybe our guy is Bri'onte.  I just want a 5 star rb to round out this strong recruiting class.

James Howlett

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And while I heartedly agree with the poster above that I wouldn't want to play for Ron Zook they have produced some good backs of late...Thomas, Mendenhall, LeShoure. As Iowa being my second favorite team of the"final" three, I'm obviously, rooting for them to get him but, wouldn't be surprised if UM get's back in it.

Re: Illinois why play at a school that has bad head coach who's one the hot seat and doens't have a rich football tradition. In comparison to the RR(he's not a bad coach just a bad fit for him) situation if a player commited here knowing that RR was "on the hot seat" the player was going to be at Michigan regardless. UNC? They're facing possibly severe penalities.


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yea what is up with big time WRs and RBs not wanting to join this super class?   I guess we do have Hopkins and Thomas Rawls (who I have high hopes for) for the next 4 years so we don't realy NEED a RB this year.  We do need to land a big play WR though and get away from the million slot WRs we have.  Next year if Shane Morris is as highly rated as everyone projects, hopefully we can land a 5 star wide out