4* Raymon Taylor considering Michigan

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A past Indiana commit, Taylor decomitted from IU after Lynch was let go.  Michigan liked Taylor but never did extend an offer, but that may change very soon.

"I always wanted to be a wolverine since I was little"- Raymon Taylor

No dreads but would be an excellent additon to the class and secondary

LINK http://michigan.rivals.com/content.asp?CID=1162497



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Seems like we have a lot of corners interested in us, including potentially Kyshoen Jarrett now that Wannstedt resigned.  I wonder how many we would take, with Brown, Hollowell, and Crawford already on board.  I assume some could play safety, but it will be interesting to see what the dbs end up looking like in this class.


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I would sell my kid to the circus to play pebble! With any luck, i'm going in 2012... I expect that to be my best year ever, I shoot 119 at Pebble Beach and we win the NC!**

**Disclaimer: Except for the years I got married, had kids, blah, blah, blah.


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but i don't think Pebble is that hard (granted i'm a scratch golfer). its very short, even from the tips. it's just very visually intimidating and the greens are quite tiny. if you can manage to keep the ball in play a good number in definitely out there. also, if you want to play a better overall golf course, play Spyglass. the overall condition of the golf course isn't even comparable and the greens are in WAY better shape. after the first five holes the views aren't there, but the golf course is much better. like i said, just my opinion.


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See then you have to go and say you're a scratch golfer as well.  Do you want anyone to like you?  Im jk I actually am too.  Played golf in college, not for UofM, but still had some good tournaments.  You're right the course is short, and Ive heard alot of good things about Spyglass so I want to play them both obviously.  One day Ill make it out there.

coastal blue

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Taking into account the DB attrition Michigan has experienced over the past 3 years, having 10 DBs commit will give us 3 freshman DBs heading into the 2011 season.


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A prime reason why the "star" system is really overrated:

Look at Dallas Crawford's offer list, then look at Taylor's.  If you didn't know, which one would you say is the 4 star, and which is the 3 star?  They play the same position, so this is a pretty good comparison.

My point is, if there was a different CB whose best offers were Wisconsin and Illinois, but did not have an offer from Iowa and MSU despite visiting one and living in the same state as another, no one here would be excited about him.  Kitchen at least has a Nebraska offer. 

By comparison, Chris Rock, one of our lowest rated recruits, and a guy that hasn't generated a lot of excitement around here lately, had the option to accept offers from Nebraska, ND, Oregon and Pitt, (as well as Wisconsin, WVU, Stanford, Purdue and others), but he is a low 3 star. 

Offer lists aren't everything.  Guys like Jake Ryan and Carvin Johnson jumped on to the scene late, so they had poor offer lists.  But Taylor has been very visable from the beginning, yet still the top Big Ten teams have stayed away, even the ones from his own state.  If the coaches want him, great, but so far I'm not going to get excited about this. 


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It's also about when they commit. Taylor committed in mid-June to IU. Not really a surprise that his offerlist is kinda small. Sometimes when kids commit they shut off all comms with anyone but the school they've chosen, or at least limit their access. That tends to cause some schools, especially early in the recruiting year, to just look elsewhere.

Star ratings are hyped though, as some recruits, particularly those in the southern climates tend to rate better than those nearer UM. That's why I don't get too carried away when we don't have the best classes as rated by rivals and scout.


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I am in total agreement with you about the stars. But the more offers you collect does not mean you're the better player. I have followed not just ray but the whole Highland Park/Detroit area.

Look at Edward Thomas from SE last year....one of the top Ath in the state....but because of his grades didnt get the recognition as a DG or Rob Bolden... but played S,QB, P, K..

sometimes a recruiter might shy away from an athlete because he doesnt feel that he will make the grade therefore receiving less offers as others... But when a person does pass his ACT and becomes NCAA Clearing House qualified things open back up mighty quick... you will be surprised at the colleges that are recruiting Raymon Taylor.

I will tell you this much when you notice a lot of offers in the big ten one offers and the other follows...just because you did your homework and the other colleges follow.....At this point when a school visit you they really want you.

Another thing you have to consider is a teams schedule. I can play a bunch of weak teams and PAT my stats or I could play the toughest teams and be D1 ready. You chose.

So a star does not mean anything....but this kid Raymon T. could really play...offense or defense.... 


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Michigan liked Taylor

And vice versa... I hope we go after him, he'd be a great addition.

Also, you've been on top of the recruiting game... you should go work with TomVH!


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and now DB Kyshoen Jarrett.  Im really loving the possibility of getting an even stronger class.  Hey Coach RR keep it up! You sir are a wizard, if anyone can get a top 10 class it can def be us.  Just need DB to back RR.  Ok so a bowl win will solidify that! Can't wait for NYD, good for the team to be bowling again!