4* OH LB McCray Sets Decision Date for 3/8

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Josh Helmholdt @JoshHelmholdt

BREAKING: Rivals100 LB Mike McCray of Ohio has scheduled an announcement for his college selection bit.ly/wzVLwa

Just as a side note, McCray has a visit to Michigan scheduled for 3/6. That's usually a good sign when a recruit visits right before his decision.

For whatever reason, OSU has yet to offer.



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Our LB recruting has been a bit light the last 4-5 years and we'll only have 9 scholarship players (at best) and possibly less when the 2012 class arrives. Generally you want to be 4 deep or close to it at every position. If we can get 3 linebackers that are top notch I don't see why the coaches wouldn't take them. 


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Concern is that given the current scholarship numbers, 3 LBs will restict our ability to recruit other positions. I think we are at 18 now which means we have 5 scholies to give. However, word on the street is that coaches are recruiting for 22-23 class. Given some of the kids who will be 5 year seniors, there are a few who coaches might not ask back and there is always some attrition, so 3 LB probably is not too many especially given 2 play SAM (didn't get SAMS last year unless RJS moves there) and O'Daniel most likely would play WILL (or maybe MIKE) according to some (Magnus among others).


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The big secret that will soon be revealed is that the 2014 class is loaded with LBs just at Cass Tech.  The coaches are probably aware of this and probably goes into their big picture strategy.

Tremendous had a post about Gary Hosey who has the chance be the top LB in Michigan. 

William White.  His dad played at OSU and for the Lions.  I think this is the first ever major prospect from Cass that is an OSU legacy.  Sopgmore starter.

Should watch this just for the background track. Hilarious.


Deon Drake.  Another sophmore starter for Cass.



Detroit (Mich.) Cass Tech linebackers William White (6-1, 220) and Deon Drake (6-1, 205) will be two of the top prospects in the state in the class of 2014. Both are good athletes with good size that move well.


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From ESPN (info in header)

The top of McCray's leader board is fluid depending on which new teams offer, but he has a top group of Arizona, Illinois, Michigan, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Tennessee. Kentucky and Penn State were among McCray's top group earlier this month but have since dropped.

Mitch Cumstein

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From what Sam has talked about and what I remember the major player here would be Ohio if they offered b/c of his highschool.  The fact that he set a date w/o an offer from them has to bode well. Right?


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I'm also curious on Ohio . . . why didn't they offer? There could be several reasons:

  • They did offer, but it wasn't public knowledge.
  • They don't like his skill level (or his fit for what they're looking for.)
  • They don't need anyone at OLB.
  • They have someone else coming in at OLB.
  • They know McCray hates Ohio.
  • As a corollary, they know McCray loves Michigan, so why bother with an offer?

I'd be curious to know what was the reason.


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As an OSU fan, I'm also puzzled why Meyer has yet to offer.  He may be slow-playing him, which seems like a risky gamble.  McCray setting an announcment date could be his way of forcing OSU's hand - 'either offer me now or you are out' deal.

I can, however, confidently rule out the last two options you set forth: McCray's dad played for OSU.


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Out of state top targets are Jaylon Smith (#1 overall target), Anzalone, Kimbrough -- in that order.  A couple more on our radar, but those seem to be the most likely targets.

We have 2 offers to in-state LBers - Courtney Love and Ben Gedeon - these are likely committable offers. This is why McCray's lack of offer is so puzzling; McCray is ranked highed than both by every recruiting service. 


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 Well they did'nt offer Bolden last year and he seems like a great kid who can definately play football. So as a Michigan fan I would'nt worry about if Ohio did'nt offer or not. Did Ohio offer Jake Ryan? I'm not sure but he sure seems to be doing ok at Michigan.


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and please don't ask where because I don't recall, that Urban and his staff are evaluating out-of-state kids before in-staters, and getting offers out nationally first.  The author suggested that the OSU staff felt they could wait and still get the Ohio kids, so there was no hurry to fully evaluate and offer.  I remember thinking it seemed a little odd, and took it with a grain of salt.  However, the lack of OSU offers to Ohio kids seems to support that claim.  Have you heard anything along the same lines?  Again, I apologize for not remembering where I read it, but I am 40 now and struggle remeber what I had for dinner last night, much less where I read this rumor.