4 Fights Every Day

Submitted by M Go Cue on March 16th, 2015 at 9:21 AM

"The Fight"  has been a recurring theme with this team and some of you may have noticed the "4 Fights Every Day" hat worn by John Harbaugh over the weekend.  

This is a motivational tool that Coach John has used with the Baltimore Ravens highlighting the four fights we face every day.  

*Us vs. them

*Division from within



Here's a little more backstory:




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I would lean more towards an "impact" or an "intensity" of Harbaughs, but it is something definitely worth discussing now that Jim is the head coach and we seem to have - by extension - access to multiple Harbaughs. Sort of in the same vein as having multiple Wheatleys might be an "effort of Wheatleys". 

The Baughz

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Good point. The entire Harbaugh family will def have a strong impact on this football team and university for a long time to come. What an awesome family the Harbaughs are.


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LIES! It refers to the fact that John and Jim fight 4 times every day. One verbal argument, one wrestling match, one jousting match on horseback, and one kickboxing match with broken glass on their gloves just like in Bloodsport.


March 16th, 2015 at 11:54 AM ^

I thought this was going to be about four fights happening during each practice, which would indicate that the level of intensity in practice was high.

I've heard enough sloganeering and seen enough motivational t-shirts and hats to last me three lifetimes. If slogans and confident words by themselves meant jack squat, we'd have seen more victories to accompany "Hard Edge" and "Hold the Rope" and "Football is a tough man's game" and "This is Michigan, fergodsakes" and "If it ain't broke, break it!"

Slogans/motivational phrases = Sales & marketing

Excellent coaching  = actually making a quality product


March 16th, 2015 at 12:03 PM ^

If I thought the slogans were the iceberg, I'd agree. But really, it's the tip.

When you see the video, JH isn't sloganeering. He's coaching like a wild beast. He's not a sales guy on the field, he's a football coach, and a damn good one. How do I know? Slogans mean nothing when the games start, only results, and...we know the results so far:

Stanford, SF winning a lot of football games. Soon, we will win football games..and when that starts to happen, the slogans will not matter.




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is the fight or division within, or among the team members.   Usually those outside the team never hear about that fight.