4* Cali WR Darius Powe to visit for the ND game

Submitted by RioThaN on August 29th, 2011 at 12:55 AM

According to a tweet by UMGoBlog Powe decided to drop by for the Notre dame Gamehttp://i1101.photobucket.com/albums/g429/ThaNRio/Capturadepantalla2011-08-28alas235052.png

I guess WR will be the next spot taken, interesting hmmm



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Powe has offers from Nebraska, Oregon, Cal, Stanford, and schools like that. He's lacking any absolute tier 1 offers, but has several good offers.

Payton's offers are from Florida, Notre Dame, Penn State, USC, LSU, Oklahoma, etc... Many of these same schools recruited Powe, but declined to offer him.

Darboh's offers are almost as good as Payton's. He's got Florida and Notre Dame, but doesn't have quite the same depth (LSU, Oklahoma, as well as USC, Penn State depending on what you think of those two).

I dunno how effective campaigning for a 4th star is with Rivals/Scout, but I'm gonna assume that schools aren't quite as ammenable to it. Payton looks "legit" from this, although if you're someone who can evaluate film, I see no reason not to go with Darboh if choosing between the two of em. Everyone looks great on film to me, so I can only go off stuff like this.


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He has an offer from ND, at least according to 247.  Also has a Miami offer.  Don't worry too much.  He's a pretty good prospect, and someone you should be excited about.  He has the most break away speed, and thus a deep threat, of all the WR prospects we have a legitamate shot at.  He would pair nicley with a Darboh or Payton who strike me more as possesion receivers.  Also Powe was part of the Gridiorn Kings 7-on-7 (the one Shane Morris was at), and was a "stock-up" kind of guy.


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to visit for the ND game. Lets hope he gets that in stone because i want this guy on the home team really bad. Saw Jared Crick on the SI cover last week, big Nebraska D-lineman. I can picture Danny being there 1 day.


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Strong indications that Darboh could commit on or after his visit this weekend so that would leave only one spot open at WR between Powe and Payton - I'll tbe happy with either one.


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Powe is likely legit.  He doesn't have the mega-offers like USC or Bama, but he's a west coast kid with offers from the rest of the top Pac-12 teams (Oregon, Washington, Stanford, UCLA, Cal, Arizona, Colorado, Oregon State and Utah) not to mention Nebraska as well.  He's probably not a Belitnikoff winner, but if we got him along with Darboh, I'd be extremely happy about that pull.

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Powe, Darboh, Payton, Madaris and Chesson all sound great.  I would be thrilled if we got any 2 out of that group.  Are there any other highly sought after recruits that we have a real chance to get?