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I will make this short and sweet.

 As of june 2010 these numbers represent Big Ten Titles won in all sports 343-78. Can you guess the two teams.



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I will make this short and sweat.

I recommend Old Spice because their commercials are moderately humorous, but virtually any speed stick is pretty effective nowadays.


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Since I'm on Mgoblog right now and the M stands for Michigan, I'm going to guess one is Michigan.
<br>Amazingly, I don't really care who the other team is.


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Since it sounds like you have the data, I'm curious...what are the numbers since State joined the Big Ten in the '50s?  No doubt that across the board, Michigan Athletics have been more dominant historically than MSU, but it'd be interesting to see a more apples to apples comparison.


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From 1969...and ironically, the number 16 on the helmet was just there...someone needs to give him dreads (probably need to change his skin color too lol)



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I will make this short and sweet.

 As of June 2010 these two teams represent the Big Ten in the state of Michigan.  Can you guess the two teams? 

/s  Go Blue!!!!


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Another fun fact:  Out of Sparty and UChicago, which has won more B10 football championships?  

Yep, UChicago!!  Looks like Sparty isn't just our little brother, but the runt of the litter.  Go Blue!!!