33rd Anniversary of Wangler to Carter Today

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"Bo Schembechler is looking up at Fielding Yost in football Valhalla!



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It was indeed a listless Michigan performance. When Indiana scored the tying TD in the end zone just below us, the whole place just went flat. My roommate and I had snuck in a 12-pack of Stroh's (you could do things like that back then), and I began gathering the empties strewn at our feet and stuffing them back into the 12-pack so we could at least get our $1.20 deposit.

I remember looking up and seeing the ball in the air, but headed for the opposite end zone. I was filled with disgust (tied by INDIANA!) and Stroh's and no desire to witness further futility. Then the place exploded. I didn't see it until Michigan Replay the next morning.

SC Wolverine

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Yes, back then, most of us guys had coats specially purchased for their ability to smuggle beers into the game.  It wasn't hard to get almost a twelve pack into the Big House.  How things have changed.  I took my boys to the tsio game last year (epic time!), and it was my first time to a game since 1984.  I was stunned that they no longer had water running down the walls in the men's rooms.

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I was a sophomore and will never forget the student section going wild after that play.  That was one of several times we rushed the field during my four years.  AC was the greatest.  And after Rick Leach, we all loved Johnny Wangler.


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aside from the victory is how Bo was jumping up and down on the sidelines like a 5-year old who's just gotten his dream gift at Christmas.


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We sat in drinken, stoned silence. We tied Indiana, we thought. Corso, with a chance to go for two went for the tie instead of going for his biggest victory in career. Seconds later we were running on the field like mad men. Ran in front of Indiana bench where WR#85 Mike Friede was crying, being consoled by his parents. In my slightly dazed state I was going to laugh at him but I didn't have the heart to do it. Instead I patted him on the shoulder pads and said, "Man, you guys played a great game man." He said "Thanks man" and I felt good that I didn't rub the salt in his aching wounds. Michigan pass was a play action pass with 5 seconds to go. Shows how advanced M passing game was.