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In light of the holiday's I'd like to take this moment to tell a tale of my own. A tale based on one of Michigan's greatest. The story of 32.

There was a man not long ago
A player we remember so
Whose fame still stands in our hearts and minds
A player who ran past every line
Not one team could hold him back
This talented and gifted running back

He rushed for my more than a 100 a game
A record that still leaves all amazed
His strength and power earned him a nick name
To his family it was simply Thomas
But to the fans he was known as The A Train
His power and acceleration was enough
To leave the season in celebration

As Michigan went 12-0 in 1997 we know
The game where Woodson, Brady and A Train
Brought back the title of Michigan's fame
The Victors echoed against OSU,
Penn State, Notre Dame and Michigan State too
A Train they said could never be stopped
As soon as he ran the defense was lost

The linemen all sucked air in and out
As A Train out ran them while we stood and shout
HAIL TO THE VICTORS as A Train sprinted
Into the end zone as the safeties just squinted
And bent to their knees to catch their air
Left in dust to view little more than a glare
Of a juke to the left then quick to the right
A broken tackle A Train was again out of sight

With already 21 up on the board
the defense already could take no more
Of A train's speed and quickness of feet
The linemen all thought "nothing left but defeat"
Michigan's men on the sideline all yelled
As A Train flew like a bat of hell
Again in the end zone six more to the score
The other side looked on with faces of horror

By the end of the game Michigan roared
The fans went crazy and took the field by storm
A Train was lifted his hands in the air
The others just watched some didn't care
The Victors it echoed throughout the stadium that day
As A Train brought his team to the tunnel leading the way
The team was singing and waving their hands
Some were giving high fives to those in the stands

To this day that game I'll always remember
On cold chilly day in the end of November
When the men of the mighty maize and blue
Took the field as Wolverines with pride so true
And that player who led them a man we all knew
The Train Anthony Thomas or to put it simply 32



December 25th, 2009 at 9:39 AM ^

A-Train was great. However, his fumble against Northwestern will forever haunt me.

For best single game performance, here's my vote. (sorry, wasn't sure how to embed this).


For those who choose not to click, it's a compilation of every one of Chris Perry's 51 carries against MSU in 2003.


December 25th, 2009 at 9:59 PM ^

No doubt A-Train had a stellar career, but, besides Chris Perry's 51 carries, I can't help but think of Biakabutuka's 300+ yards against the Bucks, in a year when we (if I remember correctly) were mediocre (by Michigan standards of the day), and OSU came in undefeated and highly ranked. That! was a MONUMENTAL performance!