3 things about our "fans" irked me today

Submitted by BlueinLansing on October 17th, 2010 at 12:18 AM

actually 4.


1)  Please don't come to the game just to sit there all day bitching about the coach, especially when its clear you really don't know much about football, coaching or strategy.  Or for crying out loud you can't name more than 3 players on the field.  Its nauseating to those of us who actually watch the games and pay attention to whats going on.

2)  God damn it, quit selling your tickets to the opposing fans.  If you don't want to see the game make an effort to find a Michigan fan who will be thrilled to see a game, or send them back to the ticket office I'm sure they can find a Michigan fan more than willing to pay to see Michigan play.  Seeing so many opposing fans week after week in our stadium is getting pathetic.

3)  Booing, really?  And by the way that perceived fiasco at the end of the 1st half was smart football 101.  Actually it was an advanced class, too bad our own supposed sophisticated and knowledgeable fan base did realize this.  Did anyone really think that with 1 min left and Iowa with a timeout that RR would go for a 4th down at midfield  and risk not getting it down by 14 with his defense recently getting shredded?  No, so he ran some time off the clock and called timeout(SMART!) then ran a trick formation with his punt team and tried to draw Iowa offsides (SMART!!), when it didn't work he called timeout, and they punted (SMART!!!)  Those same idiots booing would have been booing had Iowa stopped them on 4th down then launched a 50 yard TD throw to McNutt to go ahead 28-7.  (STUPID FOOTBALL)


4)  Leaving early.   Dear God I can not believe that after all the late comebacks that Michigan has turned in under Carr and even Rodriguez that some of our fans were walking out in the 3rd quarter.  You missed a spirited comeback, with what was left of a Michigan crowd willing them to make something happen, and they did. 





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In the student section today, there was a guy cheering when Denard went down. This same guy claimed to have better hands than Roy Roundtree and claimed Vincent Smith was 5'3" 140 lbs and that was the reason he 'sucked'. He criticized Denard for running "like a bitch" as well. Some people really shouldn't be allowed to leave their house.


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issues with our "fan" base. I really think a lot of these fans give us a bad rap. These fans of the fair weather variety really bother me. I live in North Carolina now and watching the games on t.v. listening to our fans boo the team, leave the game and sell to opposing fan bases kills me. Why are you a fan? Don't boo your team while on the field/court/ice rink or whatever. Bitch after the game. I think if you can't stay through a full game, you really are not a fan of the team. Because if you were a fan, you would think that anything can happen in the game of football. And for the love of GOD, cheer THROUGHOUT the game, not just on big 3rd downs or at the beginning of the game. Man I wish we could get a fan overhaul, or have people sign an agreement that they will cheer the whole time or they have to sell their tickets to someone who will.


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did anybody notice that it got louder in the third and fourth quarter after many of the fair weather fans left.  We dont need em, dont come back.  I had a few of them behind me too.  Just stay away if your not a real fan!


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We were also going to get the ball back to start the 2nd half.  No decision has ever been more right than the decision to punt there and yet our fanbase continues to bitch about a lack of "wrinkles" (like running up the punter to try and draw the other team offside).

Bronco Joe

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The point is it wasn't just a punt. There was some thought put into the situation, some coaching, some time management. It was an attempt to make something out of nothing, even if it had a low percentage chance to succeed, 

I wanted them to go for it, too, figuring we needed every potential opportunity to score when we were down. It was the heat of the moment for me and I was wrong, and that's why I don't go to Schembechler Hall every morning when I go to work. 


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I can only think of one thing that truly irritated me to a point of madness today. All the things you mentioned were annoying, but none were truly maddening. The thing I cannot stand is people who bring their 5 year old kids to games. I apologize to those of you that have well behaved kids who support the team but the screaming high pitched kid (yes there was one behind me) who has no idea what is going on and is constantly just complaining about being there, go away. As you can probably tell I'm not a big fan of kids to begin with. For what its worth I hope they grow up to be avid intelligible Michigan fans. But until they are capable of understanding some aspect of football, please keep them out of the stadium. They aren't doing anyone any favors.


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I had to be restrained at the 2007 Rose Bowl (not very hard, because I was pretty shitcanned at that point and knew I was easily outmatched by my buddy with a six inch height advantage) because some dickhead 10 year old kept shouting, "Lloyd Carr is an idiot!" through the entire 4th quarter. 

Fan tip #1: If you suck, don't bring your shitty kids to the game, because they will suck even worse. 

Fan tip #2: If you've raised 'em right, bring a whole busload.

U Fer M

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Same thing applies to restaurants, but I digress. I remember going to my first M game in 73, I was 8, M/OSU, the tie, when those bastards from that place down south tried to tear down the M club banner.  I couldn't imagine ever yelling that Bo sucked or booing the team. The times they are a changin'....

Bando Calrissian

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Some of my greatest lifetime memories were being taken to Michigan football and basketball games at that age.  Nothing worse than "doesn't like kids" guy raining on a proud parent's parade when they try to share Michigan athletics with their kids.

I'm glad I can say I saw the Fab Five play, or Desmond Howard the season he won the Heisman.  My kids and grandkids are going to hear about that.  Not about the time my dad left me sitting at home to watch on TV.  (Though they will also hear about how my parents did do that for the Notre Dame game in '91--I got to excitedly run around my grandparents' house after Desmond dove for the The Catch.  After which point I went out in the front yard with my football and threw myself diving catches all afternoon.  Childhood is grand.)


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In all the games I've been to I can't think of any kids that kept me from enjoying the game.  Howeva, drunk frat guy, know-it-all fan repeating phrases he read in the newspaper that morning to sound like he knows what he is talking about, and yell at the coach like he can hear you guys all have made me want to punch them in the face.  Can we convince people to leave them at home, instead?


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Last weekend, MSU game, this ten year old little shit next to me kept stealing my seat every damn time I stood up, constantly screaming "what is this?" "we lost" "are you kidding me?" over and over and over again. This started in the second quarter. Combined with Down In Front guy on the other side of me, they combined to make that the single worst gameday experience I've had at the Big House. I've been to more games than I can count, but this one really sucked because of the shitty fans around me. Cheer better, people.


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I've met "don't like kids" fan...seriously, it's a god damned game. I've got the $50 for my kid's ticket and how else is she going to learn about the stadium experience except when I take her? So we go and she's well behaved...and likes some pizza.

As for the misbehaving kids...I'd walk over ot their parents and tell them to make junior STFU and if they don't then just follow up with an usher or two.

FWIW, if some shit canned fan started bitching about my kids we'd be meeting after in the parking lot while mom took the kids back to the truck.


October 17th, 2010 at 11:48 AM ^

I would not tell the kid to STFU; I wouldn't have a problem telling the parent (quietly, mind you) to help Junior do so. As for the parking lot, that comment related to my *polite* kids.

End of the day, your kid's behavior in the stadium is not up to them...it is up to you as the parent.

I still dislike "I don't like kids" fan.

B10 or Bust

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Winning cures all.  That's it.  No secret.  That's what fans want, and that's what Michigan fans had always had.   Oh, and not just in September, the conference schedule counts too.


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some of the worst fans in the nation. some of them actually bring reading material to the games and is it my imagination or does Michigan ever win a homecoming game????


October 17th, 2010 at 2:52 AM ^

I work  the ticket gates and occaisionally I'll see someone bring in a book to read, and when I do see it, I'll immediately ask - loudly - "A BOOK?  WHAT DO YOU NEED A BOOK FOR?"  They usually just smile sheepishly and move on...


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Never Boo YOUR team!!! When I yelled at people who were booing, they tried to defend themselves by saying they were booing the coaching.  These KIDS are not going to tell the difference! NOT OK!!!!


October 17th, 2010 at 12:50 AM ^

The "kids" are smart.  They know that people are booing at the decision to punt.  It's not like people were booing after Denard or Tate's picks.  They were booing a decision and the "kids" aren't dense enough to be naive to that.

I was in the student section today, admittedly still a little drunk by half, and I was booing.  I don't, and still don't, think is was "smart football" to punt then.  At some point, as the underdog, you have to make a play.  It was 4th and 4.  Everyone in the world saw the "fake punt, draw them offsides" play coming.  When you have Denard you should take some chances and trust your playmakers.  I did not like the call no matter what traditionalists will call "smart."

And, FWIW, I bet the Mathlete's stats would be in favor of going for it in that situation.


October 17th, 2010 at 1:27 AM ^

Fair enough.  That instance was the biggest booing of the game, from where I was from.   I think it was warranted.  I think there was also some booing after a ridiculous penalty?  Can't exactly remember the exact plays, but I think from where I was, most booing was done at decisions by coaches or general sucktitude towards the coaching staff - not at players.

This was also the first time I've heard a "Fire Rich Rod" chant in the student section.  I know that means nothing... but it doesn't mean nothing.  The students have been adament supporters of the new regime and it worries me that public opinion may start to drastically shift to the negative if we don't turn it around immediately against PSU.


October 17th, 2010 at 1:53 AM ^

And it's all those dang blue hairs we have to get rid of. Don't you read this site? Funny if the only place to chant that was the student section...
<br>Because someone here told me the students were always there and ready for the BIG games, I watched at breaks today. The student section still wasn't filled at the end of the 1st quarter. And by the 10 minute mark of the 4th, there were a lot of students dressed as seats.
<br>Related, the town was amazingly dead for a big game. There was more traffic and activity at 9 am last week than there was before game time today. Empty seats. The atmosphere took a big hit. I fear what it'll be like if we lose to PSU...


October 17th, 2010 at 2:08 AM ^

Well, honostly, this game in the fourth quarter was the loudest I've ever heard the Big House.  Granted I've only been going to games for 5 years, but even with people leaving early, the place was rocking during the comeback.

EDIT: And it was fall break - many students had already left campus for the 4-day weekend before Saturday.


October 17th, 2010 at 9:31 AM ^

yet the student section made the stadium sound like a freaking 747 jet engine trying to take off at the end of the game when we were coming back. Don't give me that BS about students leaving just as many lame as blue hairs left as students. In section 29 I could look over across the stadium and those blue hairs were leaving in droves. Face it yoiur hatred of us students is not based in reality. 


October 17th, 2010 at 9:55 AM ^

We were about to get the ball back to start the second half, we had literally nothing to lose by trying to draw them offsides and then punt it away. I would have been pissed had we gone for it there, and I'm generally of the opinion that with our offense, we should go for it almost always. Not there though.


October 17th, 2010 at 10:00 AM ^

but in this case I believe that you are completely wrong that the kids know that people were booing a decision. 

These are young men.  College sports is a very emotional thing.  They get pumped by a cheering crowd.  They are a team.  They feel betrayed by a booing home crowd.  They're bust their asses and we are booing them.    

Do you really think the kids get anything but let down by that?

They might not say it in a press conference afterwards, but it hurts on the field.


October 17th, 2010 at 9:53 AM ^

It is the ultimate in poor sportsmanship when you boo your own team.

And it's absolute crap to believe that the kids understand that you are booing the coaching.

The Team, The Team, The Team.

If you want to boo - buy Lion's tickets.   If you want to boo, go boo the pros.  They're men and they're doing it for a living.  Maybe they'll know who you're booing and who you are not.

Think before you do something as stupid as vent your frustration on kids that are trying their hardest and are playing for The Team.  Your Team.

Or go away.


October 17th, 2010 at 12:37 AM ^

I boo'ed.  I admit it and have no problem...It just wasn't for the play you mention.  I boo'ed the terrible lack of attention and effort when our team fell asleep after getting the FG blocked.  They hung their heads and started walking off the field instead of attacking the ball carrier.  After a crappy effort on that play, they deserved it.  

As for selling tickets to opposing fans...How do you propose people screen out opposing fans?  Stubhub doesn't exactly have the "Michigan fans only" option.  I couldn't make the MSU game so I put my tickets up on Craigslist.  As a subtle hint, I added a surcharge for State fans and got a Michigan buyer.  Maybe that's a good route?