"3 Strikes"

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I saw some people wondering what the "3 strikes" thing was.  Hoke talked about it at the recent coaching clinic and it goes as follows


If you do something dumb that hurts the team or the school you get a strike.  This would be something like skipping a class.

Strike 1 - You get up at 5 in the morning with the S+C coach and push a 45lb weight plate up and down the field for an hour.

Strike 2 - You do the same for multiple days

Strike 3 - Your whole unit comes in and participates with you...ie... if Obi had 3 strikes the whole linebacker core would come in,

Strike 4 - Hoke said no has come back from a 4th strike...at this point your whole side of the ball would come in at 5AM and push the plate.



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Wow. Can you imagine if he also made the offending player inform the others? That would be really hardcore,

Imagine telling MM or Taylor Lewan that they had to get up at 5 to make up for your dumbass mistakes.


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This is related purely to off-the-field indiscretions, correct?  Or would players get a "strike" for, say, flubbing a drill over and over in practice?  Or blowing an assignment and giving up a game-winning TD?


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"They got a 3 strike rule over here that would make people consider quitting football" -Cooper

Figured I would throw this in for anyone to lazy to follow the link to his twitter.


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I would think a strike is more in line with a violation of team rules, such as missing a class, or being late to a meeting. Serious violations, of course, are going to carry more severe penalties than pushing weights.

If a guy gets to strike 4, and the whole side of the ball has to do this, that guy's in line for a soap-in-towel party, a la Full Metal Jacket.

Double Nickel BG

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imagine many getting past 1 strike. Plate/ground sled pushes are the hell of working out.

After the first couple you :

A. can't breath or catch your breath from being in a squated/pushing position and

B. feel like your going to puke since it flips your stomach around.


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Back in my sports playing days (8th grade basketball... I was the third stringer on a team of 11 guys) the whole team had to do 10 pushups every time someone missed a layup. I got so nervous for every one that I think I was personally responsible for 150 in one practice, and I don't think I've ever felt like that much of a fool since.

At least I wasn't the one that yelled airball at an opposing player from the bench, causing the coach to make us run suicides for a half hour before practice the next day.

All this just means that I love the policy. It works. Much better than having to tell the team you're academically ineligible or are being suspended.


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Same concept as basketball, only in bball, had to touch the floor at each interval, fore and back.  Free throw line, back to end line. Half court line, back to end line. Opposite free throw line, back to end line. Opposite end line and back full court. And always at the end of practice.


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Our high school Football coach had 30 second drills.  This was not punishment it was for conditioning.  If you were fat you ran 30 yards, medium your ran 40 yards, and if you were skinny you ran 50 yards.  Basically everyone would start at the goal line and you had 30 seconds to run down to your respected line and jog back.  then the coach would blow his whistle and you would do it again until he felt we had enough.  Usually it would end when more kids were puking than running.


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We definitely got this kind of punishment more in basketball, compared to football. Oddly enough we had a drill called the Michigan drill where you went consecutively for 5 minutes full court shooting lay-ups as a team. One person missed, you stopped and did suicides, then started over. With Football, team punishment like this was only when there was an off the field issue or a lack of effort in a drill. Never for a physical mistake. Like you said though, it was effective, no doubt.


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It should bring accountability to individuals, force guys to step into leadership roles to keep their teammates accountable, and the toughness that Hoke repeatedly talked about. It might bring a sense of togetherness too, though I think this team is very unified since they've been through a lot. I would hate to have to go through this personally, but I think the team is going to benefit a lot from this rule.  


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Ehhh I don't know how I feel about skipping class gets you a strike. Skipping class all the time, sure, but every once in a while doesn't hurt. It's not like anything happens during discussion anyways. I skip once or twice every few weeks and I'm still rockin the Deans List. 


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Yes, but I bet you had better test scores and a higher gpa than most (if not all) of our football players. Also, you don't have to practice/train/rehab like they do. Its not even apples and oranges at that point. Its a completely different game.

Ed: directed at gomaize.


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I'm guessing coach is setting the standard higher than the average student. I like it, accountability and discipline is exactly what this team needs.


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Wasn't Cissoko an LC recruit who ended up in RR's first class?  Also, Cissoko didn't get any enabler-type breaks from the staff; he was held responsible for his own behavior, and was eventually kicked off of the team by RR.  There really weren't many discipline problems under RR, and those who went off of the "Bell Curve" were removed from the team.  

Also, I am guessing that facing Barwis for disciplinary action wasn't any picnic.  


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Darryl Stonums tweet:

just ran to class n barely made it #NoStrikesForMe lol my teammates kno what im tlkin about....new coach plays no games with class
web • 1/26/11 12:14 PM


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I took Bacon's class during the same semester as Darius Morris.  Bacon doesn't mess around with attendance, and we had a paper due that day.  Basically, if you were one second late to class that day, you failed.  I was booking it with my heavy ass back pack, then saw Darius fly by me.  Thank God we made it, but it was pretty funny.


January 30th, 2011 at 10:08 AM ^

I like the strike policy. It makes the players accountable & brings in their teammates if they're not.

Keep up the good work Hoke...I like everything you're doing so far!


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It should be noted for any potential observers that the strike one offenders "voluntarily" get up at 5am to push that weight plate with the S&C staff (and so on and so forth for all other strike type punishments). 

Can't be too careful about these things, just in case the Freep decides to get a bug up their ass about the new staff any time soon.


January 30th, 2011 at 12:59 PM ^

@coldnjl, that may be true, but that type of punishment (5 am with Barwis, no picnic) for skipping class was one of the NCAA infractions bc it was in the summer, off-season.  Anything going on right now would also have to be voluntary bc it's off season.

The F***p might not go actively looking for stuff on Hoke, but they'd run it to boost their anemic subscription numbers.