3 stream of consciousness thoughts on the d after watching it again

Submitted by gobluehtown on September 19th, 2010 at 3:43 PM
1. Umass had a great game plan on quick throws and play action to pick on a young secondary. The cushion that GERG gives the opponent is a great illustration of bend but don't break. Wish there was some jamming to throw off the timing on the quick slants and PA. 2. Kovacs had an up and down game. When he was on the line got rolled up and lost in the wash. No contain on a lot of his plays when he was on the LOS. Couple of great forced turnovers but he needs to chip the tight end on that 4 and 3. Free release on the same play that they got the previous 4th down conversion. 3. Hate to complain about officiating but damn it was blatant holding all game long. Martin and Roh were mauled for the second straight week. Rodriguez should have said something and sent a message to the Big Ten. I think the officals were asleep for most of the game. From beginning to end Umass was grabby, part of why Kovacs was always lost in the wash.



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The holding is kind of the 800-lbs. gorilla in this game.  I mean, it was blatant and constant--but nobody is going to listen if you complain about uncalled holding after almost losing to an FCS team.


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I agree generally that complaining about officiating appears like sour grapes, but if the UMass offensive line has to hold our best defensive players on every play, that certainly has a lot to do with their success. I mean, does that little Hernandez RB get sprung on every play without the holds? I don't think so.


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First let me s ay i cannot believe it is possible for our two best players to be held on 'every' play?  secondly i assume with this comment you did rewatch the game.  thirdly, are you saying, that our defensive insufficiencies (especially with martin, roh) were absolutely caused by holding?  i am wondering because that statement seems to be a stretch to me.  possible that it has some affect but not almost 500 yards of an effect!  IMO!


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We could jam at the line more if we could be more confident in our safeties.  To me, it looks like the idea for GERG is to make the opponent execute for 12 plays in a row instead of allowing massive break downs for one play drives.

Of course it would help if when they fail to execute they get called for holds.


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The cushion that GERG gives the opponent is a great illustration of bend but don't break.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but Saturday, it seemed more an illustration of a "bend then break" defense.

Wallaby Court

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I think that depends on your definition of break. I consider "break" giving up long chunks of yardage on long plays. The defense never did something like that here. The defense seemed to forget the bend but don't break philosophy means you have to stop bending at some point. The Saturday's unit seemed content to bend all the way to Ypsilanti.


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the notion of bend don't break meant keeping everything in front of you. So that you do not give up the home run plays.  But when you were finally backed into the red zone,  you could defend the short field and keep your opponent from scoring a touchdown. 

My definition of break would have to be when a defense gives up 6 points.


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I hope these officials are volunteers because they are bad and don't deserve to be paid. I don't just mean the ones yesterday but other games as well. How could the officials and replay officials miss the touchdown that wasn't at ND where the control of the ball was lost on the two yard line?

And, ND got screwed last night when the officials missed that the play clock ran out before the center on the last play of the game where MSU scored on a fake FG. Should have been called back and a penalty. Another phantom second for MSU.

As far as yesterday, I don't know if these were big ten officials but it was clear that they could have called holding on UMass on virtually every play. There was one play where the UMass player horse collared the UM defender to the ground right in front of the official and no call.

I say either enforce the rule or eliminate it!!!


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Didn't an NCAA coach get in trouble last year for complaining about the Refs in a post-game press conference? Or was that in the Pros... I know the league frowns upon complaining about reffing to the media.


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I honestly think a problem will emerge if Gerg shows the same lack of flexibility in play calling throughout the year.  Part of the problem is that you know what Michigan does defensively after the first game.  I know we're extremely thin and inexperienced, but I expect to see players improve in a system and even with a lack of playmakers, good coordinators find ways to keep offenses guessing.  I am all in and hope they stay consistent, but I can't help but be a realist with what I've seen.


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I'm amazed at our collective level of expectation for this defense, which just two weeks ago, we were happy to be able to field the team. Mark May was very hard on GERG on the post game show and I think it was not deserved. Mark, and the rest of the people who want something better, fail to remember our depth chart with respect to defensive backs. Very few would have said we would be 3-0 at this point. We are playing well, at least well enough to win. In the end, that is all we need to do this season. Play well enough to win. Winning will secure RR's future and recruits will come. 

We have the best facility in the NCAA and I don't care what any recruit says about a game day experience at another stadium, it can not match the Big House. What we don't currently have on defense, we will recruit. Stay focused and stay positive. It's a long season.


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we were supposed to be 1-2 at this point and have to outscore everyone we could to get to somewhere between 5-7 and 7-5.  So, I find it hard to complain.  I think GERG is trying to keep the defense simple, bend-don't-break and hold these guys together mentally until they can gain game experience.  The experience is key, and I bet the defense looks much improved in November.


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RR and Greg Robinson know that the secret to success this season is being competitive in the big ten. After getting through those first 2 games why would we show anything on either side of the ball that teams have not already seen? Your offense can produce the points to win. Your defense will get the breaks. Stay the course...being 5-0 going into the MSU game is something that is within reach, but it is all for not if we go 1-6 or 2-5 from there. Keep your cards to your chest. Make the plays when you can. This team has the chance to do something special!


September 20th, 2010 at 12:51 PM ^

To aide the young secondary, more pressure needs to be implemented and right now the 3 or 4 man rush is not getting it done (unless Martin blows through a double team).  I hope GERG is keepin some blitz packages under wraps for the Big Ten schedule as the added presssure would make the defensive backs think less and just play and react to quicker and hopefully wrong decisions made by the QB.