#3 Seed: Still a possibility?

Submitted by Generic MGoBlogger on March 17th, 2013 at 9:59 AM

So Lunardi hasn't updated bracketology since yesterday afternoon, probably for a reason. Since then, Syracuse had the audacity to look like a 2 seed against Louisville in the first half, and then get monumentally destroyed in the second half, getting outscored by thirty. What I'm getting to is, with 'Cuse's choke last night, could Michigan possibly steal that 3 seed back? 

While Wisconsin has looked tough over the last couple of games, it's kind of hard to make a team a 3 seed with 10 losses. Even though, we have looked rough the last 10 -12 games, we are still a team that managed to stay in the top 10 for the entire season playing in argueably the toughest conference in college basketball.

So here I ask for your expert opinions and predictions, not more whining, complaining, and nagging. Even I have come to the realization that this team may not overachieve in the post season, and I never thought I would.



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I would be shocked if Wisconsin got a 3-seed with their 10 losses.

The options to jump Michigan(7 losses) for the last 3-seed are:

Syracuse (9 losses)
Wisconsin (10 losses)
Kansas St. (7 losses)
Arizona (7 losses)
Marquette (8 losses)



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The comittee has time to process the results.

Yesterday a member said they actually finalize the bracket first thing Sunday morning and then make contingency brackets based on the possible outcomes of the Sunday games. So, all results are not only considered, they are already accounted for. All that's left is to play the games and pick the bracket that corresponds to their outcomes.

Cold War

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That simply isn't true. The B1G championship game is considered. I'd argue even a little more so, since they have to do a preliminary bracket and then potentially tweak it for the result of that one game.

Nowhere can you find anyone on the committee saying the outcome of that game is not considered.


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I'm not sure if the players haen't responded to the gut check, but I would rather them play with something to prove. This is the kind of team where "you play who you play." They have the potential to beat anyone they face, or to lose to anyone they face. I would rather have the chance to be UCONN from 2011 rather than Pitt from 2011. I honestly think seeding doesn't matter for this team and they will go as far as they decide to go.


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TeamRankings ran their simulation again this morning, it seems. Here's the team page for Michigan over there - (LINK)

They have our most likely seed estimated at #3 (42% likelhood, per their algorithm), and it is bracketed by roughly 22% probabilities estimated at #2 and #4, so in essence, it is rather unlikely that we are outside the 2-4 range. Their overall bracket projection has Michigan as the #3 in Auburn Hills, more specifically, taking on New Mexico State. 

Jerry Palm's has changed some since yesterday. He now estimates us as the #3 in Auburn Hills and taking on Davidson, possibly to face the winner of Notre Dame-Wichita State. 

Bill the Butcher

March 17th, 2013 at 10:17 AM ^

Honestly, I think money talks and putting both Michigan and Michigan State in Auburn Hills guarantees sell outs for the games there.  I think that the tourney committee knows this and that keeps us a 3 seed over some of the teams chasing us.  Too many times tourney games are played in front of half full arenas.  I think thats the tipping point in our favor.


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This is not the correct response. The committee looks at how a team plays down the stretch...we are playing our worst basketball now, and in no way do we deserve a 4 seed, much less a 3 seed. This is a playoff, and in no way should money come into play...Unfortunately, it probably will however. 


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I think we really, really want OSU to win today.  If Wisky captures the conference tourny of the toughest conference in the country it will be difficult for the selection committee to give them anything lower than a three seed.  And if they lose they'll have 11 losses and there's no way they get on the three line with that many defeats.

I really don't see any of the other possible three seeds (Syracuse, K.State, Arizona or Marquette) having an impressive enough "body of work" to jump us.  But damn this is so bittersweet.  It's awesome to not have to worry about getting in again but it sucks that we've dropped to either a #3 or a #4 after our great start.

We were a #3 seed in 1989 though.  Not a bad omen if we get it.


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Winning the conference tournament counts for absolutely nothing, other then the additional games you won.  It is not a part of seeding criterita.  10 losses isn't getting a 3 seed in my opinion.  We are very likely to get a 3 seed.  I trust Palm over Lunardi. Plam works for CBS and I suspect has more access to the committee than anyone.


March 17th, 2013 at 1:59 PM ^

So far two of them by double digits (or close). Wisconsin would have two wins each against Michigan, Indiana, and OSU. 10 wins or not they probably deserve a 3 seed with a win today and winning the BTT has a lot to do with it.


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We have only 7 losses in the toughest conference by far, only one of those to a team outside the top 25, and 5 of those coming to top 10 teams, and Wisconsin is likely now top 16. I think we definitely belong in that group, that's a pretty good season as a whole.


March 17th, 2013 at 10:44 AM ^

Gonzaga, Duke, Indiana, Louisville, Kansas, Ohio and Georgetown are definitely ahead of us. Miami (if they win today), New Mexico, Michigan State and Florida (if they win today) will probably also be ahead of us. Wisconsin and St. Louis could be wild cards in the race for a 3 seed with wins. We need to root hard against Miami, Florida, Wisconsin and St. Louis.

gustave ferbert

March 17th, 2013 at 12:20 PM ^

51  points in the second half to a team who averages 55 points a GAME in the big ten tournament? Meanwhile in the same game only leading by 3 at the half when the opposition is shooting 18% from the floor?  Nik Stauskas admitted to not playing as aggressive defense if his shooting game is off?  Starting down double digits against OSU in Columbus and down 31 in East Lansing?  Going 6-6 in our last twelve games?  Not to mention to losing to a winless Penn State team? Lousy free throw shooting.  Atrocious team rebounding.  Take your pick . . .


A bad bounce, a bad call, and a lucky shot do not account for the lousy finish to our season.