3 BTN Bus Tour YouTube Videos

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After seeing those tweets, I wandered over to the BTN YouTube channel and was rewarded with three videos. I've included summaries of each.


  1. Coach Harbaugh (link). Length: 5:35
    • JH starts out with his genuine, if boilerplate, enthusiasm for football.
    • JH is asked about the new NCAA-mandated fall camp schedule and says that the practice schedule is as whittled down as it can get to still have a chance to prepare the team. Harbaugh talks about 'developing a callous' (which I think is a great way of putting it) to prepare for the rigors of the season. Comments that there was a ton more volume 10-20 years ago, including 2/3-a-day practices. He feels that the mental aspect is what bridges the past and present. Kids still try to figure out if they can make it, and after that, focus on their positions, and then figure out their starting position. Then they look to see how good they are in the Big Ten/the country. Anyway, in training camp, you get separation to figure out who starts and who doesn't. 
    • JH is asked about new WR coach Jim McElwain. JH says he has a lot of fire, the kids like him, and that he has a great deal of knowledge. 
    • Interviewer asserts that OL looks much better. JH notes that they did well in the '9 on 7' and 'you could really hear the plastic popping.' Gives some praise for the physicality of both sides. Some deflection goes on. 
    • JH is asked about Tarik Black. Coach acknowledges that his return is significant and says that Black is back to full health. He says other guys are also coming along, but he intentionally doesn't name names. McElwain is coaching technique and the guys are responding. 
    • Shea Patterson: handling expectations? Coach tells him to just  handle it one day at a time. He says that competition is helping the QB position. 
    • Assess QB position. Coach repeats that the competition is very good, and he doesn't see anyone backing off. They're all still going after it.
  2. Devin Bush and Rashan Gary (link). Length: 3:05 
    • To Devin: many people back; how to get better? Devin says that they need to stick to the plan and re-focus.
    • To Rashan convinced chase to stay. How? Rashan says he pitched the increased experience and a desire to be the best duo in CFB.
    • To Devin: what will be different? More swagger, confidence, and fun. Why? Everyone is back--growing pains are out of the way.
    • To Rashan: why will the team be different? They know the goals, they know how to achieve these goals. 
    • To Rashan: What are the goals? Be #1 in every category.
    • To Rashan, though this is pushed to Devin: New guys who will play? Bush: Uche, Ross, Gill. Gary:Hutchinson.
    • To Rashan: OL this year v. last year. They're more physical, and they have more confidence/swagger. They also show a desire to get better. 
    • Starting out with a high-profile program in the first game (Florida last year, ND this year)--how does it impact their approach? Rashan: it changes nothing. They know their goals, and they know that they need to focus week-by-week to achieve these goals. Devin: He agrees. 
    • Don Brown adjectives? Devin: High-energy, passionate, comical (sarcastic). 
  3. Pep Hamilton (link). Length: 2:43
    • What has coach learnt about Patterson and Peters? Coach thinks they're both making one another better through a good competition--with the whole group, including McCaffrey, Milton, and George Jr. They support each other, too.
    • How do you sort this out? Pep says it's a different challenge in CFB. There's no pre-season. You don't want to have your QBs take live hits in practice. So you see which guy can manage/handle the offense and still provide consistency in execution and leadership.
    • Talent/depth/progress of WRs. Great and talented and deep. Grant Perry gives them a chance to be special. DPJ/Martin/Collins/Black are improving. McElwain and McDaniels (?) doing a great job with coaching. 
    • LT battle? Runyan (who was introduced with the question because he was taking LT reps earlier; not brought up unsolicited) provides consistency and stability in the meeting room and on the field. He also has good communication with other OL. JBB/Steuber are also pushing. 

Some Thoughts

I think this post says more about my desperation for football content than it does about the team. I was expecting more clips of players doing things, but instead it was a series of interviews, and all interviewed parties were keen to say as little as possible. Pep was especially gifted at it.

If I see any takeaways, it's that McElwain allegedly has 'fire,' there's a WR coach named McDaniels, the OL may have actually improved, and Runyan got starting reps at LT (we know from UMBig11 that this is part of an ongoing experiment). Pep's unsolicited mention of Grant Perry is interesting, though I don't know what to make of it.


Hold This L

August 14th, 2018 at 4:14 AM ^

“Iron sharpens Iron” love that mentality. Would be great for grant to cap off an up and down career with a solid senior season.

Braylon did a good job on the crew. Has a great personality for tv. Maybe a coach in the future? 

Was surprised to not hear Solomon come up but I’m sure he’s just ballin out like usual

The Shredder

August 14th, 2018 at 5:27 AM ^

These bus tours used to be some what decent. They don't even focus on the team for the whole show anymore .Also they rotated about 8 clips. I saw the same Gary running clip about 6 times. The tweets are better than the show. 


August 14th, 2018 at 6:05 AM ^

I am also starved for Michigan football.  Unfortunately I watched a few Yoder videos online he said at least in two different videos that Runyan is doing horrible and once even said is not a BigTen caliber player.  Yet Warriner, Pep, and umbig11 all referenced him as doing well.


August 14th, 2018 at 6:38 AM ^

Jared Wangler called him the 'laughingstock of the team' because of how wrong he is (link). 


@JamesTYoder because you’re the laughing stock of our team with how inacurate your “insider reports” are.

10:50 PM - 13 Aug 2018


Edit: Actually, if you check out Wangler's tweets, you'll see he tears into Yoder a great deal more. Looks like the guy pissed off some of the players. 


August 14th, 2018 at 6:57 AM ^

Watched the full report on BTN last night. Three tidbits that left me worried:

1) They said Runyon is practicing at left tackle (so the others haven't emerged yet)

2) The DBs were all over the WRs

3) The OLine looked good in drills but when they went 9 on 7 against the defense it all started to break down.

They also said it looked to be Patterson vs Peters at QB, with Patterson adding a dimension with the run ability. 



August 14th, 2018 at 8:01 AM ^

I am not worried (yet). Even if the O-Line struggled at yesterday's practice, it's not a sky is falling scenario (yet). The defense is returning almost everyone and they clearly will be ahead of the offense after two weeks. Additionally, the offense is going up against arguably the best defense in the country, so they are going to struggle. Yes, they will need to put it together for the opener, but the O-line group more than any other, will be expected to grow as the season goes on. Hopefully, this is a situation when the O-Line gets to game time, they realize its easier against other teams. :)

Re: DBs and WRs. Not worried on that front (yet) either. Dinardo and Edwards both said that the DBs looked great. Moreover, when you practice against your own teammates, its easy for the D to jump on the offense because they know and have seen the routes/plays over and over. I suspect our D will even be better this year than last.

Obviously, we all have concerns about our weak links, but I wont judge them until I see the ND game. As many of us have said, the offense doesn't have to be lights out. We just need to move the chains more and the passing game needs to be "effective." If defenses cant load the box against us, we will see a balanced Harbaugh offense that eats clock and moves the chains. 

Best case scenario in the opener. Shea is able to connect early. If so, our run game will explode. Also, I am really excited to see the play calling early in the ND game. Knowing how difficult the schedule is, and how important a good start is, I suspect Harbaugh to show a few wrinkles, and more of his hand, than previously in early season games. We need the W at ND to build confidence and get off to a good start. So, I expect an OSU type game plan in the opener. Use the other non-conf games to fine tune the base offense. 


August 14th, 2018 at 12:05 PM ^

Yes, well I guess I have been hearing "the defense ... clearly will be ahead of the offense after two weeks" for so many years in a row, the offensive line looked good in drills, they will develop across the season, etc., that I have a sort of PTSD. It didn't help that BTN re-played the Hoke-Clapping-Dileo-Slide game just before the show to remind me how long the OL has been in this perpetual "they have to be better, right?" state.

I have been wondering for years if we had the dial too lean on the good weight scale in comparison to MSU, OSU, Wiscy, etc., so I am hoping the weight increases and the change out to Warinner finally delivers on the field.

Need to see it though.


August 14th, 2018 at 8:09 AM ^

Can anyone make out who the big guy in a non - contact jersey in the background of the Harbaugh interview is? You can see him towards the beginning of the interview.

Frank Chuck

August 14th, 2018 at 8:22 AM ^

"Pep's unsolicited mention of Grant Perry is interesting, though I don't know what to make of it."

It means the slot position (manned by a senior/experienced WR) is an important piece in the updated offense that hopes to be more creative/diverse/lethal.

Wide receivers are being coached to not only run their initial routes but also look back to the LOS and adjust/improvise if needed.



August 14th, 2018 at 8:54 AM ^

I have a lot of faith in Warriner, the O line is the key to the season, but Warriner's version of an O line might be quite a bit away from what we have personnel wise who are ready to play.  I think he values versatility on the O line, that's why Runyan will be a major contributor, he can play inside or outside.  Spanellis too.  Bredenson is a beast.  I have seen Mayfield play several times in high school, way way underrated recruit, his mobility and agility were next level and high school players had no chance when he pulled and lead a run play.  Mayfield was way way better in high school than Logan Brown is now.  Ruiz is so good he will be fine in any system.  

Does anyone else think that the personnel we're seeing at O line right now is a hint that we are in fact building an offense for Patterson?  More spread teams often have more athletic and a little lighter O linemen.  Onwenu was seen in street clothes?  300 lb Spanellis maybe starting instead of the 350 lb Onwenu?  Mayfield who is less than 300 lbs maybe getting a chance at RT over the giant JBB?  Seems if you wanted to run a more up tempo spread offense you'd want this type of personnel that was rumored to be running with the ones.


August 14th, 2018 at 9:49 AM ^

Some of what you're saying seems plausible.  But recruiting these players happened well before Patterson and Warriner showed up.  So some of that is coincidence behind the desire to be more athletic all around the field.  Onwenu and Spannelis are both large people with football talent and an ability to move well.  I think that battle has more to do with overall effectiveness in both run and pass pro, than it does size.  Same with JBB and Runyan, we need two tackles - JBB had issues with pass pro last year.  If Runyan is looking better all around, he'll get the start.  I doubt its all based on size and agility - I think all the players are pretty similar in those regards.

Otherwise, I do think the offense is being built more to spread out the ball better than we've seen in years past.  All of Patterson, Peters, and McCaffrey are more mobile than Ruddock or Speight ever were.  And O'Korn, despite being a decent runner, lacked a lot of other necessary skills a QB needs to play effectively at the level Michigan expects.


August 14th, 2018 at 10:35 AM ^

I would say no, they're not building an offense for Patterson.

I say this because all of the linemen that are starting have been here long before Patterson even thought about transferring. So basically, our offensive line is what it is in spite of Shea Patterson or his abilities. Plus, didn't several O-Linemen put on weight and muscle during this off-season? That would indicate to me that the coaches thought we were TOO small.

And while some of the traditional spread teams like Oregon, Arizona, West Virginia, etc. have smaller and lighter O-Linemen, the teams that are running the spread and winning big like Penn St, Ohio St, Clemson, etc. are running what I like to call the "Power Spread". They play spread football but they do so with fast guys who are also big and strong, not just little and fast.


August 14th, 2018 at 8:52 AM ^

During the Harbaugh interview I got a little tingle in my balls because of the tan blonde girl in the background. Upon further inspection, I realized it was none other than Chase Winovich.


August 14th, 2018 at 10:27 AM ^

Its the GPS top that almost all athletes, in all sports, wear these days. Tracks speed, distance covered, etc. Soccer players have been using it for a long time now because of the amount of running. When players start hitting "red lines," the staff knows to rest them and give them less impactful training to recover quickly.


August 14th, 2018 at 9:05 AM ^

Nice post!

I watched the segment last night and I could swear that they kept just showing 3 clips over and over of actual football being played.  That was definitely intentional.  I was curious when I heard BTN was going to be there yesterday how much JH was even going to let them film.  He even made mention during his interview that he would like to keep a few guys under the radar so he didn't even mention the players by name when the BTN crew was asking him who was standing out.  We either have something special brewing this Fall or we have a lot of question marks still that JH doesn't want to get out.  I am going to go with the former since there has been a consistent tune about the improvement of the time as compared to last year when there were known question marks at multiple positions.



August 14th, 2018 at 9:41 AM ^

Thank you for this! Missed the live show last night and can't listen to videos at work (can watch video but no sound), so your summaries are very much appreciated (and well done!).

Can't wait for Sept. 1st!!!


August 14th, 2018 at 9:53 AM ^

Nice summary - thanks!

I started watching the BTN show this morning and was immediately turned off by the common talking points - 1) Harbaugh needs to win now, in yr 4; 2) 1-5 against rivals; 3) Michigan fans expect more.

Give it a fucking rest, already!  Of course Michigan fans want more - who doesn't?  And put the rival record into context - it sucks, but they aren't end of the world blowouts.  All DiNardo could talk about was closing talent gaps.  Really?  That's what you saw after a year of watching?  Wow, breakthrough reporting. Yawn...

Now I'm not so excited to watch the rest of it, but I will anyway.

EDIT:  BTW, Glenn Mason is just the worst.


August 14th, 2018 at 10:43 AM ^

They're talking about it because it DOES matter. Even Braylon was saying that's what really matters, and I think he would know.

It doesn't matter if you lose close. You lost. Period. Ten years from now, the only thing people are going to say looking back is "they lost those games". No one is going to be singing the praises of how we lost close, nor should they.

And what else were you expecting them to say? Harbaugh and the rest of the staff aren't giving out any real information and practices are closed. So the only possible commentary that anyone has to talk about is the record, the fact that it's year 4 and the contrast of what Harbaugh will be able to accomplish this year compared to his peers in the B1G East, and the fact that our arch rival has more talent than us and it's something we need to close. All common knowledge and all true but that's all we have to go on right now.

There's literally nothing else to talk about right now because "submarine", so I don't know what else you were seriously expecting. 

Raving Blue Lunatic

August 14th, 2018 at 10:53 AM ^

I share your weariness with that narrative.  They keep flogging that poor, old, very dead horse, even though it smells terrible and the flies are thick...it's the easy, lazy thing to do. DiNardo is a retiree on the job. Mason isn't going to waste 5 minutes researching personnel and coaching changes. 

Perhaps it's just as well, especially if the team comes out on September 1 and punches the Domers in their stupid Plastic Paddy mouths.



August 14th, 2018 at 3:42 PM ^

So many replies to choose from!  But this one meets the spirit of my OP.  What else can they say about 1-5?  Well, how about this:

'Yeah, it's 1-5 and that isn't good.  They were close, real close, but that doesn't cut it.  So this year they're doing xxx to change things for the better.  Will it work?  Don't know yet, but the new players on offense look different from last years guys.  Recruiting picked up, it's closing the gap - is it closed now?'

Etc...  Five minutes of basic googling gives new information that would actually enlighten the rhetoric.  But hey, the 'Harbaugh's seat is getting hot' narrative brings ratings from not-UM.


August 14th, 2018 at 12:17 PM ^

I kind of agree - we had OSU beat in two of those games (a few - four - less interceptions and non-Ohio resident officiating), and MSU in at least one of them. The corner needs to be turned on team complete-ness and the maturity and strength to close the deal.

They can get there - just need to turn down the noise and let them do it.


August 14th, 2018 at 10:43 AM ^

Thanks for this.  Based just on the transcript (haven't watched yet) the most notable thing for me is the Steuber mention and crickets on Hudson.\


August 14th, 2018 at 11:11 AM ^

A couple things that Dinardo said that stood out to me:


1. PSU has more talent on offense, but UM probably has more talent on defense.

2. OSU is still more talented, but they always have even when UM was beating OSU.  I have to assume he's talking about the 90's, which I'm not sure is accurate.  Sure, OSU was often higher ranked in the polls, but more talented.  I'd like to see that evidence.