247Sports article: Buzz on Delance, Lavert and Jones

Submitted by Cranky Dave on December 13th, 2015 at 6:39 PM
Wiltfong says he's close to putting n a Crystal Ball for Delance, but could do the same for LSU. Says Michigan still lead for Lavert and Jonathan Jones...but we've been hearing that for months. http://tinyurl.com/olokoh3 Buzz on Delance, Lavert and Jones



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 I believe thats internet speculation based on them announcing together with nothing concrete one way or another. Kids from the same team often announce together and go to different schools. I cant see any kid changing his mind because the D coordinator left when Jim Harbaugh is still the head coach.


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I'm tired of hearing about Hill to be honest. If I'm Harbaugh I tell him to shit or get off the pot. He's not a good enough prospect to hold out for. He's seen all he needs to see from Michigan to make a decision. I really don't care if he goes and rots away in MSU's secondary. King kids are all drama. A reflection of their coach.

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Mac Attack

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You don't coach college football. You have to approach each recruit different from the next. It is important for the coaches to identify what the needs are for each recruit and approach it in that matter.

For all we know, Lavert already told the coaching staff that he is going to Michigan and will wait to announce it to everyone else at his high school.


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I'm not pinning my hopes on anything because. 17/18 year old kid's decision does not affect my life in the slightest. I root for Michigan and anyone who chooses to play for them. I enjoy the hope that recruiting season brings, but i think many of us need to step back from time to time and think about what we are getting all worked up about. Its the kids future, not ours, and however long it takes for them to be comfortable with their decision is how long it should take, not how long we think it should take them to choose our school.