Per 247 Writer, 2015 #4 Pro Style QB Brady White "Michigan Now Showing Interest"

Submitted by alum96 on August 26th, 2013 at 12:04 AM

With the #1 2015 pro style QB (Ricky Town) headed to Alabama, and the #2 (Josh Rosen) at best lukewarm on Michigan, tonight's comment from 24/7 national writer (who focuses on the Pac 12) is that #4 pro style QB (per 24/7) Brady White of CA has told him Michigan is now showing interest.  Unlike all other positions, the Hoke era QB offers come in extremely targeted fashion so we'll see if there is mutual interest and if it leads to an offer down the road. Fun fact: Ex-Cal QB and former NFL QB Kyle Boller attended same HS. As did the well traveled Matt Moore. (thanks wikipedia)

White is a 6'2", 180 lb prospect who plays at William S Hart HS in Newhall, CA.  The state is absolutely stacked in pro style QBs at the top of the 2015 class per 24/7 - #1 thru #5.

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 Random article #1 indicating Oregon and Oklahoma State - two offensive happy teams are chasing White.




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is the footwork on his drop backs. His dropbacks leave much to be desired. It looks like he rolls out alot, though, so this just might be a function of his just being comfortable doing that. It just looks like he's running away from the left tackle all the time.


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That's hands down the most impressive film I've seen on one of our QB targets in a while. The kid definitely appears to have "it", whatever "it" is.


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The other crazy thing about our league is White wasn't even the best QB in the league last year (and might not be this year). Canyon Country has a senior QB committed to Colorado. His name is Cade Apsay, and although he's not as big of a recruit as White (only a 3-star), he is a year older.

Not many HS leagues have two BCS-level QBs.

Steve Lorenz

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His teammate WR Trent Irwin is a four-star player who has seen varying interest from Michigan. Irwin has relatives that went to Michigan as well and they'd be a major player if they offered. 


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This may not be the class where it happens but I'd still like to see us take 2 QB's in one of the upcoming classes.  We're still a little short on the depth chart and I'd love to get back to the 90's level of being legitimately 3 - 5 deep in any given year and having a more orderly succession plan where true freshman aren't forced on to the two-deep unless their talent demands it.


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Is it necessary?  In 2016 you will have Morris, Wilton, 2015 recruit, and 2016 recruit. That is 4 deep.  In 2017 drop Morris and add 2017 recruit, etc.  If we could have added a JuCo transfer who was a jr this year I'd agree 100%.  Anyone we add now in 2015 will be playing in 2018-2019.

West German Judge

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The time to regularize the QB flow was to take one in 2012 or an extra to Shane in 2013.  Now things will regularize on their own, naturally, provided Speight RSs and we take a QB in every class from there out with the intent to redshirt.

Next year we'd look like
If one QB in 2012.........................If two QB in 2013
(RS SR Devin Gardner).............(RS SR Devin Gardner)
RS JR Russell Bellomy.............RS JR Russell Bellomy
RS SO 2012 Recruit...................SO 2013 Recruit
RS FR Shane Morris .................RS FR Shane Morris
FR Wilton Speight*.....................FR Wilton Speight*
(2015 Recruit*)............................(2015 Recruit*)

This would have been ideal, but it didn't happen, and I don't think we're going to double up anymore.