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Kendal Briles is 32 and in his 7th year at Baylor. Doing some quick math tells me he was 25 when hired. So what did Kendal do before being hired? He was in business. He had no coaching experience when he was hired. It's essentially the same dynamic and, if anything, Harbaugh is more justified in hiring his kid than Briles was. Oh, and Kendal is now the OC at Baylor after a couple years as passing game coordinator. He's done okay. I think he was the Big 12 recruiter of the year twice as well. 

I don't like that Manning wasn't reatined but I don't mind this hire. Out of all the coaching positions, taking a flier on one is that big of a deal especially considering you have other guys who can help out there. 


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The best part about about others being able to help Jay out is that the "others" we're referring to are some of the best in the game. If he doesn't know much, he'll learn quickly. This wasn't some hire just because of family ties as in he wants his kid to have a paying job. This was because a good coach looks for guys he can trust but also give quality support and maybe provide interesting discussions on plays or formations or player's progress. If he doesn't know much he may not stick around for long, but I guarantee you that he will learn things quicker than anyone else on the staff. Given the age he will also be the one closest to the players.  


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Yep but I believe John was at Western. Jim doesnt seem like the type that would put his son in place if he didn't honestly believe he was ready for the challenge and I believe John would speak freely if he thought Jay wasnt after his time interning with the Ravens. Not a great coach yet I'd imagine but he has a heckuva pedigree.

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We are not screwed. I just think questioning the hire is not totally unreasonable. Believe it or not but Jim is not infallible and will make some mistakes like all coaches do. Staff is great but saying this was a good hire is nonsense just because his last name. 25 years old with no coaching experience should raise some questions. Wheatley and Durkin were the best hires Jim could have made IMO. TE coach...not so much.


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When you've got the point of questioning who the TE coach is, you've become unreasonable. Unless he is a convicted murderer or something.

This actually seems legit to me. If his last name was not Harbaugh people would be fine with it. Going from a QC coach in the NFL to a position coach in college seems like a normal move in a coaching career. Let's all relax a bit here.