247 rankings update

Submitted by Bluey on May 23rd, 2018 at 12:33 PM

George Karlaftis up to #12 overall

Julian Barnett up to #70 overall

Lance Dixon up to #72 overall

Karsen Barnhart up to #235 overall

Will Harrod down over 200 spots to #358 overall

Marcus Hicks down over 250 spots to #502 overall

Justin Rogers (c/o 2020) up to #13 overall

The state of Michigan now has 6 Top 247 prospects - Devonte Dobbs #24 overall, Logan Brown #16 overall, and Mazi Smith #226 are the others.




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Offers can mean a lot of things. IMO the offer has more to do with getting in at the school which has some outstanding 2020 prospects than it does with Harrod. UM doles out offers all the time to players they have no intention of accepting commitments from. Every program does this. 

Regardless, sounds like there is only 1, maybe 2, OL spots left in the class according to Webb. New names are popping up (Bryce Benhart) and old ones (Trevor Keegan) are coming back into focus. I wouldn't be shocked if the staff moves on from Harrod at this point. Will be interesting to see if Stewart sticks.


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A recruit based on,”your” opinion I’m sure the recruiting gurus come knocking your door down as to why they should keep said recruit(Harrod) based upon his teammates two cycles ahead of him. Amazing theory-based trash opinion model.


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I don't disagree that an offer can have other meanings/explanations/justifications, but Harrod has offers from Michigan, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Florida, LSU, Georgia, and others. Are all of these schools with incredible branding that don't need to be "in" anywhere because their name alone gets them in the door offering Harrod simply to curry favor with his 2020 teammates?


Michigan has been on Harrod from day one regardless of his ranking. They're not going to move on. There may only be two spots left on the OL, but Harrod is committing July 28th. Two recruits would have to take his spot by then, and I don't know that Keegan, Bragg, Benhart, etc. have that accelerated of a timeline. I would guess that Harrod is in the class, and I would guess that that is because our staff believes that he can flat out play.


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there are 6 in the 247

1 has committed to us

1 we have 100% of the predictions (Mazi Smith) - not a guarantee of course


2 of from Bellview - weird things going on with that coach

1 had Wisconsin as his dream school

1 we are pursuing in Dixon, the only one we don't lead for that we have an acutal chance to recruit


in 2018 we got the top guy (Hutchingson) and 3 of the top 5 (Mayfield and Hayes)  #2 (Gervin) and #3 (McCall) were not players we pursued

in 2017 we got the top 6 in the state

in 2016 we got the top 2


so stop making up bullshit about the inability to recruit Michigan - the data doesn't support it, even in our worst recruiting year of 2018 we did well


May 23rd, 2018 at 1:13 PM ^

So by your calculations getting one, maybe two of the top six in the state in the richest Michigan recruiting cycle that I can remember (and I'm 58) constitutes "making up bullshit?"

You discount the two kids from Bellview cause "wierd things going on with that school".  Sorry - Harbaugh doesnt get a pass here IMO.  It's his and his staff's JOB to fix whatever "wierd things" are going on and repair the relationship.  Shit, Brady fucking Hoke repaired the Michigan relationship down here with Glenville HS and one Mr. Teddy Ginn Sr a few years ago so I know it can be done.

And saying one had Wisconsin as his "dream school" is pretty weak sauce too IMO.  He's going somewhere else - we missed - plain and simple.  And as you yourself said, we're pursuing Dixon but not in the lead right now.

So out of six we have one, MAYBE two.   Not great Bob....not great....and getting mad at the poster who accurately pointed it out doesnt change it any either.


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at the moment, it has 8 4-stars

2018 also had 8 (Michigan got the top 3)

2017 had 6 (Michigan got them all)

2016 had 10 (Michigan got the top 2)


this narrative that the State of Michigan has so much 2019 talent is based on the 247 composite having 2 5-stars - note that 247 only had 1 5-star since 2016 from the state of Michigan and he enrolled at, you guessed it, Michigan - thank you Mr. Peoples-Jones


People just want to bitch about shit with no data to support their facts - the fact that we might only get 2 or 3 of the top 6 in Michigan all of a sudden means we're not recruiting the state well?  We are recruiting the state of Michigan way better than anyone else and as good as anyone recruits their home state

Stringer Bell

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People are concerned about the way recruiting has been trending since last cycle.  Harbaugh landed 2 great classes in his first 2 full cycles, but since then it seems to have taken a downturn.  The issue is that Michigan isn't really a high school football hotbed, so when there is a strong in-state class it's important that we take advantage of that, which it doesn't really appear we're gonna do this cycle.  Granted, things could change especially if we win big this year.  We shall see how things shake out.


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Our biggest weakness is and has been OT. The football gods blessed us with not one but two 5 star OTs in our own backyard. They're the 2nd and 3rd highest rated tackles in the entire country. Striking out on both of these guys is a major in-state recruiting fail. You can justify this with any excuses that make you feel better but that does not change the fact we messed up here.

SMart WolveFan

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...the football gods aredangling these stars in your face to punish you for being a petulant, reactionary fanbase who turned on Hoke and his multiple top 100 recruits quicker than you could pull the 'I heart UofM' underoos out of yo asscrack.

The local recruits remember, do you think they want to be the next Derrick Green or Shane Morris?

Blue in Paradise

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Could be because of their family, their coach, their favorite team or a desire to leave the state. People really seem to have a hard time with that idea. I don’t - even when Michigan loses a kid because of it.

Michigan benefits from this a lot more that it loses out. I want kids that want to go to Michigan.


May 23rd, 2018 at 6:41 PM ^

Why do you think you have better eye for talent then the Michigan coaching staff. Not everyone who is from Michogan wants to play at Michigan or can even qualify to get in or have the right character to play here. Like Corley for example there was a reason he didn't get recruited that hard to come to Michigan and now you can see why. Hate all the fans bitching about recruiting not all 4 or 5 star players are going to be good. Wisconsin is a great team and they barely get a top 30 recruiting class every year.


May 24th, 2018 at 9:25 AM ^

I agree with you regarding that kids sometimes just want to leave the state for school.

On another note, bad example though with Corley ....Every major program under the sun was recruiting Corley and there wasn’t a troubled past or red flags. Easy to say that now with what shitty horrible situation occurred.

Coaches need to trust their own recruiting evaluation system, or it comes to bite them in the ass later.


May 23rd, 2018 at 1:14 PM ^

I'm not making up bullshit and the data does support my assertion, at least for this year. You know how many times I heard a player say UM was his dream school only to end up somewhere else? That's not really a good reason to argue that a player wasn't recruitable. Lance Dixon is leaning elsewhere at the moment. There is time to make up ground but doesn't look good as of right now. As for the Belleville duo, the coach is a UM fan and even Sam Webb stated UM messed up with Dobbs and have been trying to dig themselves out of that hole ever since. Bottom line is there are always going to be reasons/excuses as to why kids don't pick Michigan. Harbaugh is getting paid a lot of money for those not to matter. Going 2 for 6 on Top 247 prospects in state isn't good no matter how you slice it. Let's see how it plays out. Don't see anything wrong with that POV.


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doesn't come across as a Michigan fan with the way he acts on social media.


If we get Dixon, we get 3 of 6 (50%) of the top 247 recruits in the state

Even your beloved Buckeyes lost out on the #1 kid in Ohio last year and we currently have 5 guy in Ohio based on 247, #3 based on the composite - does that mean OSU is blowing it in Ohio?

if we get 50% in 2019 afer 3 of the top 5 in 18, the top 6 in 2017 and the top 2 in 2016 I would say Michigan is recruiting the hell out of the state of Michigan


sorry I am not Mr. Glass is completely empty like yourself


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No you're Mr. mad online at anyone you don't agree with.

As for the Belleville coach:



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I have a diploma from Michigan dated 1981 so no, they are anything but that for me.  But because I was smart enough to get accepted to and earn a degree from Michigan I am also smart enough to see when things arent going as well as hoped.  And while I will happily bullshit many people to serve my own purposes the one person I never bullshi is myself.

So when OSU  has the 2nd best class this year according to 247 and we're 21st it matters.  Sorry but it does.  Did you read Brian's post about the amazing gameplan Harbaugh put together for OSU this year?  Do you know why it didnt lead us to victory?  Because we had an incompetent QB - that's why.  And do you know why OSU didnt miss a beat when their starting QB went down in that game?  Because they had an extremely talented back-up to put in.

Talent matters.  You can try and dismiss it all you want - but it matters.   And as of now we have ONE, not three, of the top six.  Still time to improve that some but we definitely do not have three lined up right now.

I'm not a glass half full or glass half empty guy at all.  I'm a guy who calls whatever is in the glass for what it actually is - not what I want or hope it to be.


May 23rd, 2018 at 1:53 PM ^

I tried to follow the breadcrumbs back and it looks like you're probably right.  I assumed, incorrectly it would seem, that the "beloved buckeyes" comment was due to my living down here in Ohio but upon further review I think you are correct.

My comments still hold though.......


May 23rd, 2018 at 6:20 PM ^

MGrow, would you agree with me that 2018 could be the most talented Michigan team since the 97 team?

The stars don't look great for the last 2 classes but let it marinate. You can't fake talent at some positions but this staff has a great recruiting rep

Is there anything you would change staff wise ? You seem pretty down on the program.


May 23rd, 2018 at 9:46 PM ^

Talent does matter,  but when you look at our "All Time Recruits" for the past 17 years 1/3rd flamed out, and another third to half are on the team now or will be in a year.   Stars matter, but the ability to find and the develop the Devin Bush Jr.s (.89) is more important than getting the Derrick Greens (.9874), Kelly Barackas (.99) or Kevin Gradys(.99).   

It is hard to believe that Hoke's highly ranked O-line hauls were all over-rated.   

I think Harbaugh has us in the right direction and that we will do very wel this year (10-2).


That said,  OSU's all time recruits are ridiculous.


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Try Guinness Book of World Records! You enter EVERY thread to state anything negative but when there’s one, just one positive positive thread about Michigan maybe getting a top recruit you become Bluey the friendly ghost! I hope it makes you happy!