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Just ordered this off of Amazon to hold me over until Bacon's book arrives. Had never heard of it until listening to the WTKA podcast earlier this week. Anyone read this one? How does it compare to other's like "Bo's Lasting Lessons"?



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and accusing the author of recency bias.

I wasn't there for these, but Yost 1901-26, or stretch it to include Kipke's good years, out to 1933, was an epic stretch. I also think Crisler (this is an interesting hire story, with AD Yost giving Crisler, reluctant to leave Princeton, everything he asked) and early Oosterbaan, '38-48, was a quality stretch with two MNCs, although it took Crisler 6 years to figure out Bernie Bierman and the Gophers and take UM out from under Minnesota's shadow. (Bierman was there for the decline and fall of Kipke.) Crisler's early Gopher problems remind me of the early stretch Bo slogged through against Woody from 1972-75.

I would have called it "Michigan Football's Great Era." As Harbaugh said at his introductory presser, you don't compare great to great.