The 20th Ranked 2010 Class... Tire Fire Edition

Submitted by alum96 on September 17th, 2013 at 11:07 AM

Looking through the roster and seeing a lack of seniors it is quite amazing to go back and look at how bad the "20th ranked" 2010 class turned out to be for the school, and why this team is so young.  Yes there is always attrition and if 60-70% of your recruits make it to senior day you should be happy but this was an epic tire fire. 

Here is a list of guys who essentially are on the side of milk cartons (15 names):  Cullen Christian, Marvin Robinson, Ken Wilkins, Carvin Johnson, Conelius Jones (edit), Antonio Kinard, Ricardo Miller, Christian Pace, Jerald Robinson, Davion Rogers, Terrence Talbot, Terry Talbot, Austin White, DJ Williamson, Ray Vinopal.  
Add the infamous Demar Dorsey to that list although I am not sure he is now considered an official recruit.  

Only real contributors - Devin, JMFR, Richard Ash, Courtney Avery, Jibreel Black, Dileo, Hagerup (err), Jeremy Jackson, and sorta kinda Furman.  Stephen Hopkins did pitch in a for a while.  I count 5 front line contributors .... if you are generous and include Ash, then 6 out of 27 players. EDIT: Jordan Paskorz also back line contributor. I don't have much to contribute to that in any form of analysis other than to say something about a bare cupboard and point to this as a reason so many young guys have had to play the past 2 years.  [original post incorrectly had Gallon in 2010, was a 2009 recruit]



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Disagree.  Policing the policing of the board has to fit under some sort of bylaw.  I'll allow it.  Then again, I do agree that we should police the policing of the police on this board.  Somehow somebody will police this statement for being political.


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For you guys who have been here for 2-3+ years surely yes it is not new, for others who are aghast at some of the stuff on the field of late and why we are playing so many guys a year (or two) before their normally scheduled appearance, and newer to the website probably not as much.  Not everyone has been a MgoBlogger for 3+ years and discussing this daily.  But if it requires a deletion feel free mods! ;)  /insert dead horse here


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Rich Rod is not coaching - the 2010 class are players on the current squad and the ones not on the team are a direct causation of why so many young players on the current squad are being forced into the lineup early, so no - it is not the same as a Rich Rod thread.


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Your thread is a Rich Rod thread.  You are taking him to task for the 2010 class.  To say anything different is just dumb.  Admit it, you don't like Rich Rod.  I admit it openly, I didn't like him.  But to hide your dislike in a thread without linking your conclusions to the fact that you think his recruiting sucked especially in 2010 is misleading to the reader..


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a poster for a relatively short period of time but I have been reading the blog since 2009...none of our posts are necessary, but it is nice to give out a friendly reminder of our youth and why we play so many inexperienced players...tough game, but they will learn from it and hopefully be incredibly hungry to earn wins the rest of the season


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Agreed.  One of my favorite posts of the past year (which I commented on at the time) - but unless I missed a ton of front page stuff, the only one in the past 12 months on the front page on the topic of those 2009 and 2010 classes.  If talking about something 2-3x a year is beating a horse, than it is beating a horse.  Maybe before I got to MGo you guys discussed the 2010 class once a week for 2 years and hence for 'old timers' it is sickening to rehash.  Some of us newer guys are coming at it without that history I guess.  Not everyone who is on the board has been here for multiple years.  I see a lot of complaining (rightfully, myself included) about things going on, esp on the lines - and it is helpful to outline for some (not all....not the old timers) there is a very specific reason for this - we are playing a lot younger crew of people than should be, and we are lacking the normal type of older players a UM program usually has. 


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Dude, like Winter suggests above, just admit that this is a Rodriguez thread.  He didn't like him, you clearly don't, but I did and these kinds of threads are stupid.  No one cares about your opinion on Rodriguez anymore.  And people already know what he did and the good/harm that came from his tenure.  They many not know the total number of kids lost or the names, but everyone knows Rodriguez missed on and lost a lot of recruits and it sucks.  Everyone knows this year's team is very young and is prepared to cut them some slack (although the performance against Akron severely tested the limits of the slack).

 Of all the annoying things on the Board, this kind of "hey, look at me, I know we've already discussed this 100,000 times but my opinion matters and needs to be heard!" attitude tops the annoying list.

/rant over


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If you're going to go out of your way to dump on RR, you should at least be fair enough to admit we didnt have enough defensive bodies here when he arrived to go two deep on the depth chart. Couple that to the fact we were missing what consisted of an entire HUGE recruiting class of roughly 20 people- that's right 65 scholarship players-and it goes far deeper than RR. The man had to get bodies on the defensive side of the ball, and to do that you will take many of whom would never had been considered if even a modicum of what is considered a normal number of players on that side of the ball had been on the roster. There was simply no excuse for being shy 22 to 24 players on defense, and yet you wonder whey we are lacking in OL when both sides of the ball had to be rebuilt.  Let it go and wish good things for Brady. I've had to let go of the last year of LC, and just about everytime I am at that point, I'll find another post blasting RR.  If you want to use him as a scapegoat, then do so if it makes you feel better, but never try to pass it off as the truth. Too many know the truth.


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Yeah, not sure why he's on a milk carton but Ash is listed as a contributor.  

Either way, Paskorz, Ash and Furman (outside of his token start in week 1) should all be in the same "on the team but not like anyone would know" category.  You can't fault them for that though.  They stuck it out and worked hard - not everyone is a Big Ten football player.  


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fixed it.  Honestly I am not as "in deep" as some of you guys in knowing the 90th player on the depth chart and I hadnt remember his name being called the past 2 years so assumed he was on a milk carton.  Ash I have heard quite a bit, especially last year and Furman as well - especially during his infamous special teams penalties.