2020 recruiting

Submitted by TK on January 11th, 2019 at 2:55 PM

I LOVE the two latest hires on the staff, partly because both guys are young and known as ace recruiters. I’m not about to go all Maizen and completely fret about recruiting just yet, but it appears we have some definite work to do in this class. 5 commits currently with a .8792 player rating, while OSU has 6 with a whopping .9575 rating. That’s...not great. 

Are we favored for any top 100 guys at the moment? We thought we had one 5 star in Hinton but that didn’t happen. Not hitting the panic button but I hope this staff can follow up a very good class with another very good class, at the very least. 


Robbie Moore

January 11th, 2019 at 5:50 PM ^

Recruiting didn't go well in the RichRod era. After all...

Vlad Emilien, Davion Rogers, Christian Pace, Ray Vinopal, Tony Posada, Demar Dorsey, Marvin Robinson, Justin Feagin, Dann O'Neill, JeRon Stokes, Anthony LaLota, Austin White, D.J. Williamson, Jordan Paskorz, Ricardo Miller, Cullen Christian, Carvin Johnson, Justin Turner, Taylor Hill...



January 11th, 2019 at 5:30 PM ^

And yet THREE different teams (MSU, PSU, OSU) have won the B1G in that time.  Harbaugh has basically only beaten 2-3 teams that we're considered good teams by the end of the season, in four years.  1-9 vs top ten teams.  1-3 in bowls.  0-4 vs our main rival.


But yeah, Michigan is great at beating up on Maryland and Rutgers.  Woo.


January 11th, 2019 at 3:31 PM ^

At this point last year the following prospects weren't on our radars:

Cade McNamara

Cornelius Johnson

Trente Jones

Dax Hill

Zach Charbonnet

Giles Jackson

Jalen Perry

David Ojabo

and a bunch of other prospects.

A lot of players aren't scouted as heavily by the services, theres plenty of time for the rankings to change and for players to visit different schools. Recruiting rankings are accurate, but end of the cycle recruiting classes are accurate. Right now is basically a dart board



January 11th, 2019 at 3:02 PM ^

We still haven't passed the late signing period for 2019 and we have a ton of new staff. There's zero chance of correctly guessing what the 2020 class will look like. 


January 11th, 2019 at 3:05 PM ^

Seriously?  You're better than this!

Hinton was a 5-star that dropped simply because he opted to NOT attend any camp last year.  He's still the 5-star that showed up to camps two years ago.  And the same guy that showed very well at his all-star game last weekend.  He's fine...

A bunch of other croots just ran out of time as they ran up the board to higher ratings (Charbonnet, Jackson, Johnson, Smith, Jones, etc...)

This is one of Harbaugh's better classes in all of his college crootin career.  Simmer down...