2019 Basketball Updated Rankings (247)

Submitted by TheJoker on May 17th, 2018 at 12:19 PM

DJ Carton comes in at 23 and is now a 5-star(!!!). Jalen Wilson checks in at 29 and is 4 spots off 5-star status. Deep runs into the tournament seem to be paying off. Go Blue!

Link to article. Link to rankings. 



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It’s just incredible. Some people have never even watched a 4 minute highlight film for any one of these prospects but see what they are rated on 247 and take it as gospel. Same happens for football.

Matt D obviously watches tons of film and knows the game. He also speaks to other knowledgeable scouts and coaches. He thought this kid would be ranked higher than Wilson when it’s all said and done and he already is now (and continues to climb).

Personally, I’ll take them both, and Carton ;)

matt D

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I'm not some magical basketball guru. I'm simply a guy that loves basketball and I attend more live events and have more exposure to watching prospects in relation to the mainstream sites for the most part. That is what gives me the advantage in my projections if an advantage exists. Through experience and the pure volume of live viewings that I'm able to attend, its second nature for me to make the distinction between very good prospect (Wilson) and absolutely elite (McDaniels).

All that to say its not that I'm any smarter with respect to basketball or projections than any of you guys or the mainstream guys...........its simply a matter of outworking the competition in terms of live viewings.


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Something else that's paying off is Belein's reputation for running a clean program and doing things the right way. His stock shot way up after all these recent scandals.


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Just to clarify, this is just 247's rankings. On the composite, Carton is #27 and a 4 star, Wilson is #34 and a 4 star.

If you subsrcibe to UMHoops, Dylan put out an article as a 2019 recruiting roundup. Key targets from that list:

DJ Carton - 23 (247), 27 (Composite), 5 star to 247 and 4 star Composite

Jalen Wilson - 29, 34, 4 star to both

Joe Girard III - 157, 156, 3 star to both

Rocket Watts - 47, 51, 4 star to both

Romeo Weems - 51, 37, 4 star to both

Jaden McDaniels - 10, 28, 5 star to 247 and 4 star Composite (no offer yet but Juwan Howard's cousin)

Keion Brooks - 9, 23, 5 star to both


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Carton (PG) and Wilson (Wing/SF) we're both the presumed favorites for currently. Probably the two most likely to join the class as of today. 

Girard (SG) has been a top target for the staff for a while. He went to the same high school Jimmer did, broke the NY State scoring record this year as a junior, and his dad played for Beilein back at Le Moyne. His recruitment is very open, he's recently gotten offers from Duke and Syracuse so there's a ways to go there.

Watts (SG) and Weems (Wing/PF) are both in staters who are seem likely to go out of state or to MSU.

McDaniels (Wing/PF) has only recently been in contact with the staff. MattD posted here about him 10 days ago saying he would potentially be his #1 prospect in 2019. McDaniels jumped 79 spots today to #10 in 247's rankings. He's from Washington (the state) and hasn't been offered yet, but contact has recently increased between him and Michigan and he's Howard's cousin. He's a tough get from the Pacific Northwest but he's one to keep an eye on.

Brooks (Wing/SF) is a long shot who we probably don't have much of a shot at.

Blue In NC

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When was the last time we felt Michigan had realistic chances with 3 separate top 35-ish guys?

Obviously we will not get all of them but recruiting definitely feels energized.

Blue In NC

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Yes, I remember that and, although I didn't look at the rankings, slightly more recently the Traylor, Baston, etc. class might have ranked up there.  But that's going back 25 years ago.

Perkis-Size Me

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Wake me up if they actually commit. Not that I really care if they commit or not. Beilein will win big with a bunch of two and three stars if he has to, and has earned the right to not get criticized ever again for the classes he brings in.

Would love to have them, but I’m not going to be bothered by it if they don’t.


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I've coached 6 times against Weems. He really is an intriguing prospect. Super athletic and has improved his shot. He has had his way with a lot of the inferior schools in the MAC, but I do think he could be a good 3/4 in the B1G.

Lou MacAdoo

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After watching carton’s slam dunk video this does not surprise me. Nasty. We don’t usually have players like that. Also, we have to pull Rocket Watts on name awesomeness alone


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  • One if Matthews stays for the '18-'19 AND '19-'20 seasons
  • Two if Matthews stays in the 2018 NBA draft OR leaves after the '18-'19 season
  • Three if Matthews stays in the 2018 NBA draft or leaves after the '18-'19 season AND someone were to transfer before/during/after the '18-'19 season

EDIT: had my dates mixed up, should be fixed now


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I didn't consider someone else entering the draft after '18-'19. Poole could certainly be a candidate for that if he makes a sophomore leap (which seems likely).