2019 4* Romeo Weems includes Michigan in his Top 5

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Michigan makes the Top 5 for 4* SF-PF Romeo Weems of New Haven, MI. MSU holds 100% of Weem's crystal balls right now, which isn't super scary given our current position with Jalen Wilson and DJ Carton, but definitely wouldn't be mad if he ended up picking Michigan. Weems is the composite #37 player, and 247's #51 player and will be announcing his decision on Tuesday, May 22nd



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Oregon was already really good when he took over (finished #9 in 2008). Bellotti had one losing season in 14 years.

The Pac 12 North had been an absolute joke before Stanford started winning, and the rest of the division was horrible while he was at Oregon. USC was also down for his entire tenure.

Harbaugh beat him head to head his last year at Stanford.


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Do you not remember what Harbaugh did in the NFL, Stanford, and USD? How did Chip Kelly do at places other than Oregon? Kelly is similar to everyone on Gucci's list (except Belichick), they only consistently win when they have the best talent.


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Kirby Smart cheated his ass off and has a very small sample size.

Fisher just dipped out of Tallahassee and won't be missed by FSU fans for a second.

Patterson has been successful but much of that has come in smaller conferences. He has also had a 4-8 and a 6-7 season in the Big 12. I would not trade Harbaugh for Patterson and I don't think our fanbase would accept losing seasons couples with even less recruiting success.

Shaw comes from Harbaugh's coaching tree and has had two 5-loss seasons in the last four years, how is that any better than Harbaugh?

The Fan in Fargo

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Considering the way Urban has recruited while there, you cant really say he has overachieved. They've had close to as good as recruiting classes as the elephants have and not accomplished the same. It's because they are in the B1G that he has had success. In all honestly, most of the B1G isn't shit. Once Michigan and Penn State started landing the same speed and talent, their little run was at the beginning of it's end. Now Nebraska will probably be right up there too. Michigan is a good offense away from bagging anyone in the Western hemisphere. When Michigan starts landing the best playmakers in the country, it's game fucking over boys.

Goggles Paisano

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Seriously?  Not one of those five are a realistic option ever to coach at Michigan.  And Chip Kelly?  C'mon man! 

Also, I don't agree that Beilein is "outrecruiting" Harbaugh.  A large class is like 3-4 kids and it only takes 1-2 studs to have a high rated class.   And historically we haven't had highly rated hoops classes.  Beilein may be "outdeveloping" players more than Harbaugh, but still too early in Harbaugh's tenure to determine. 

And why do we feel the need to compare the two against each other in two totally different sports when one has 12 kids and the other has 125?  Apples and Oranges in my opinion.  



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Beilein has been to a couple championship games. When Harbaugh wins the B1G and makes the playoffs, then he will finally pull in more elite player.s Give Harbaugh some time, the football program was in dumps when Harbaugh took over. Beilein has our basketball program in great shape after some time and I'm sure Harbaugh will do the same for our football program.


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6 years?  7?  

The fact is, a lot of people here were predicting that Harbaugh would be pulling in elite recruits from day 1, because he knew how to coahc guys up for the NFL.  But having a big draft class last year has not been followed by a boost in recruiting.  Just the opposite.

The Man Down T…

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A lot of the super elite want to win all their games right away.  They look at an 8-5 team that was 10-3 the 2 years before and then see another college that goes 12-0, 11-1 every year , they will be drawn to the 11-1 team.  If Michigan has a great season, the elite recruits will start coming back.  


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I just learned last night that those plates of "sizzling" fajitas you get a mexican restaurants aren't really sizzling, they just throw water on the hot cast iron dish before they bring it out.

This might be the straw that causes me to drop out of society altogether.

Gucci Mane

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In the eyes of recruits it is probably not seen this way....but the guys Beilein has sent to the first round have not been great, which means Beilein coaches them way above their skill level. Green is a star because of the Golden State system and his willingness to contribute innthwr ways besides scoring. Izzo didn’t do him any favors.