2018 Night Game

Submitted by jimmyshi03 on October 23rd, 2017 at 7:14 PM

So by rule, Michigan has to play three night games at home over two years. With today's news about the Minnesota game, that means just one game at night next year. Home schedule is as follows:


9/8- Western Michigan

9/15- SMU

9/22- Nebraska

10/6- Maryland

10/13- Wisconsin

11/3- Penn State

11/17 - IU

Just a guess, but I'd rank the likelihood of a night game at - UW, PSU, Nebraska, especially for a network game. Outside shot at Maryland or SMU as a BTN game. 

Also, I'd guess that both Notre Dame and MSU will be night games next year, or perhaps Northwestern.



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pep Hamilton seems to be a protected party on here, a few weeks ago I started a thread asking if anyone knows what Pep Hamilton actually does and it got deleted too.

It does seem unfair to Bolivia people after a loss like that at night, with the booze and the anger. I was an early adopter of Dave Brandon hate and got the banhammer in 2012 because everyone loved him at one time too. Wait a while, you might be proven right.

rob f

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Penn State. Fuck November night games. We can beat them at 330 and still have the rest of the night to party and celebrate.

I'd be fine with either Nebraska or Wisconsin as night games. Especially since I don't seem to remember playing the Cornhuskers before.


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I would love to return the favor to Penn State with Barkley going to the draft and Moorhead getting a HC job elsewhere. 

Wisconsin would be cool too. All the Badgers fans I've interacted with have been pretty great.


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forget anyone else. We have to wreck ND for that 31-0 loss. That game means everything to me. Even more than OSU. That's a must win sorry that's OT since it's an away game, but we all know for sure that's going to be a night game in South Bend.


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Only weeks 4-10 are covered by the "3 games can be moved against the home team's will" rule.  So that means Western Michigan, Southern Methodist and Indiana are out.

Michigan also has the ability to pick a single game in that time period and set the time without any network input.  Michigan always uses that ability to lock the Homecoming game into a time slot--usually noon, as they did this year with Rutgers.  So that means Maryland will probably be locked into noon.

So that leaves Nebraska, Wisconsin and Penn State.

2019 pretty much has to be Notre Dame.  That and Rutgers are the only non-Homecoming home games during weeks 4-10.


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I thought it was 3 or 4? A minimum of 3 over 2 years, possibly 4?

Regardless, I think that night games are going to proliferate, and become more of a problem. I could easily see 5 night games every year (2 at home, 3 on the road, plus 3:30pm starts.)

Noon starts are a thing of the past, with the exception perhaps of OSU and a couple dog games.


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The way I understand the rule is "teams can have games placed at night against their will in weeks 4-10, with a maximum of 2 in one year and 3 in any 2-year period."  It's certainly not a minimum; it's a maximum.

They can play more night games than that, but the teams (both home and away) have veto power once you hit the maximum.


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Started my education of partying at WMU.  GPA 0.77 (6 months)  You have to try to do that.  I had a blast! or so they told me.


My dad promised me in high school that he would pay for the best college I could get in... well after this stellar performance it was all on me after that.


Alas, decided I had to get my act together and graduated from UofM in Econ then got a master at WSU in medicine. 


I seriously came home and cried to my dad that I think I forever killed so many brain cells that I was forever gonna be stupid.  Thank god for the plasticity of the younger mind... oh a bit of moderation.


In all seriousness, I'm very thankful that I got that out of my system early and that I had the opportunity to redeem myself (in my own eyes).


PS:  Reapplied back to WMU and got accepted into the honors college and a partial scholarhip.... only to have Michigan say at the last minute "Okay, I guess we'll take you"


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ND or Nebraska. Love those night games when its warm enough for short sleeves. Just imo. Night game in November is asking for a cold/windy/shitty weather game