2017 "Advocare Classic" - U-M vs. UF (Tickets)

Submitted by funkifyfl on February 27th, 2017 at 8:49 AM

Tickets went on sale for the Advocare Classic in Dallas this morning. I bet there are still some available if you're interested. I grabbed a pack in 347.


Can anyone provide insight as to the area for hotels (ideally Starwoods), city layout (beyond the fact it's sprawling), food (tailgating), and other general topics of interest?


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February 27th, 2017 at 10:23 AM ^

Not that it makes a huge difference, but the Florida Athletic department is giving their fans a slightly better deal than Michigan. Every price level is $5 cheaper from the UF althetic department than U of M. 


I wonder how cheap they will be from the Advocare classic itself. 


In general, I feel as though these prices are inflated and will drop significantly on the secondary market before the game. I think I will wait a while to purchase. 


February 27th, 2017 at 9:42 AM ^

I took my family of four to the UM/Alabama game a few years ago and paid more for that one game than I do for season tickets.  No way, Jose.   I'll watch it at home and save $1000

a different Jason

February 27th, 2017 at 9:43 AM ^

My question is what level of Advocare success has the OP reached? I'm still waiting for my wife's sister to reach the financial independence that Advocare promised back in 2001 but maybe he had better luck.


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Not to be nitpicky, but it's annoying that we are on the visitor's sideline. We have the best home uniforms in college football, but rarely get to wear them in neutral site games.

Maybe I'm just cranky on a Monday morning.


February 27th, 2017 at 11:02 AM ^

I've noticed this a lot, that UofM wears their road uniforms a lot in bowl games.  I liked the sugar bowl jerseys, but the rest I'd much rather pick the Blue home jerseys.  Does it have anything to do with playing in warm temperatures with dark blue jerseys vs white? Jerry world doesn't really matter for this since it is indoors.

I also overall just hate this neutral site stuff.  I want Michigan to be as far away from an NFL stadium as possible. It'd be so much better to be at the Big House and the Swamp than this one off.  I find the NFL very starile, and Jerry World is the pinacle of this.  Not in a college town, in a stadium that's all about the glam and not the tradition. I hope this is a financial loss in comparison to a home and home by a significant amount so this is nixed for that reason as well. 


February 27th, 2017 at 2:21 PM ^

Not sure what decides the Cowboy Classic, but the bowl games have generally just been the conference tie-ins the past few years not weather ( The citrus bowl alternates home team between SEC/B1G, the ACC is always home in the Orange Bowl now, etc.)

The payout for this game is $6 million each. Last I heard, Michigan makes north of $8million a home game. The thought process is that it is better to have a neutral site and get a payout than to forfeit a home game one year by doing a home and home. It makes sense for most schools, not so much for Michigan. Especially since Notre Dame is away now in 2018, I'm not sure how it shakes out from a numbers standpoint.

Jim Hackett was very vocal in his dislike of neutral site games. Hopefully Warde shares that opinion, and this game is the last whiff of Dave Brandon's stench.


February 27th, 2017 at 9:57 AM ^

don't think I'l willing to pay that much to sit in the nosebleeds. That being said, currently you can get tickets in some of the same sections Michigan is selling publicly on Stubhub for half the price. Seems a bit crazy to me that face is somuch higher than secondary market, but who knows.


February 27th, 2017 at 10:19 AM ^

Not sure what tickets you're looking for, but this is not the case for the U-M endzone, where I like to be. After attending the Citrus Bowl against the Gators a couple of years ago, I became a total convert to EZ seats. It's a unique view that you don't get from most broadcasts and it's the way the sport should be watched. Think about how plays are diagrammed for instance. They're also almost always cheaper.

Robbie Moore

February 27th, 2017 at 10:12 AM ^

This being Texas we are talking steaks. And the best place for steak in the DFW metroplex is the old Fort Worth stockyards. It's now an entertainment area with restaurants, bars, etc. I suggest Cattlemen's Steak House. Great steaks very reasonably priced.

Robbie Moore

February 27th, 2017 at 4:02 PM ^

Another independent (actually they have two locations) that I like is Dunston's on Harry Hines near Love Field. The other one is on Lovers Lane (yes...there really is a Lovers Lane).

Had dinner at Dunston's one night and was seated by the bar. The (female) bartender kept bringing me drinks and not charging me. Unfortunately, that is as far as it went...


February 27th, 2017 at 2:14 PM ^

Mexican - Joe T Garcia's, it's in Fort Worth. Get a reservation a few weeks out. Only two things on the menu but both are great and the margs are really good. I barely even like margaritas and I plow through these.

Steak - Del Frisco's and Ruth's Chris are typically the most consistent despite being chains. I don't go out for steaks often so I might be off base on this category.

Sushi - Uchi, highly recommend the happy hour menu. This place is bomb. They have cooked sushi type items as well if raw fish isn't your thing.

Drinks - If you've never been to a Flying Saucer Draught Emporium, then go. 200+ beers on tap, there is one in downtown FW and downtown Dallas I believe. The honey chicken at the one in FW is delicious.

Hangover food - Torchy's Tacos. You won't regret it.

Perkis-Size Me

February 27th, 2017 at 10:40 AM ^

Not sure I should be, but I'm a bit surprised that tickets are that expensive, especially up in the nosebleeds. 

I can only imagine what the price of tickets are for FSU-Alabama that weekend. That game is essentially equal to having the national championship the first week of the season. 


February 27th, 2017 at 10:47 AM ^

So in terms of recommendations based on experience with M - Bama...

I'm staying in Dallas instead of near the stadium.  Tons of bars and restaurants downtown for the day before the game, and there was one that M alums/fans completely took over the night before.  It was a blast.  Hotels downtown are fairly expensive, so I'm staying in the Marriott properties at Market Center a couple miles and short uber ride away.  Getting to and from the stadium on game day was definitely a hassle, so if that is your chief concern then staying near the stadium may be a better option.  Tailgating scene is basically a massive (and freaking hot) blacktop parking lot.

His Dudeness

February 27th, 2017 at 11:00 AM ^

By using your hard earned dollars to purchase these tickets you are also making a statement in agreement that games like these in sterile, professional football stadiums are more acceptable than home and home games in college football stadiums.

Choose your purchases more wisely please.


His Dudeness

February 27th, 2017 at 11:25 AM ^

I'm just letting you know. There was a game at this exact venue a few years ago attended by one of my friends and I was told it was a horrible game experience.

The powers that be do it again and sure enough people flock to throw their money away attending.

If you don't go, they will cease to occur. You can bet on that.

We would all rather see a home and home between M and SEC teams.

late night BTB

February 27th, 2017 at 11:08 AM ^

I live in DFW, on a lake east of dallas, but I'll be dove hunting or out on my boat instead of at the game.  Cowboys and Rangers stadiums symbolize the worst things about American sports as far as a fan experience; away from city center, middle of parking lot, poor tailgating atmostphere, etc.

Regardless, I'll outline some points:

- Jerry World is pretty much equidistance from Ft Worth, downtown Dallas, and DFW airport.  All 3 areas have hotels you can stay at.  I wouldn't stay at a hotel around the stadium, it'd be boring, for the same reasons the gameday atmosphere is lame.

- If staying in Dallas, go out in Uptown, that's where the bar action is.  Lower key, with more restaurants, is Oak Lawn area.  West 7th is Ft Worth's version of Uptown.  Downtown Dallas is getting better, but there's not enough there yet to make it a destination, and I lived there for a couple years.  

- Food: BBQ gets people fired up down here, some notables are Hard 8, Pecan Lodge.  Everyone has their pet place they claim is the best.  IMO, if you smoke anything long enough and with enough sauce, it'll be edible.  

- Weather: It'll be hot, probably upper 90s.

- Tailgating at Jerry World: Pretty lame.  A bunch of parking lots, with the worst of American suburbia around them (Wal-mart, literally, chain restaurants, etc).  You'll want to find some shade, or be in the AC at one of the lame pubs nearby.  

Hope that helps! Go Blue!

late night BTB

February 27th, 2017 at 11:32 AM ^

Couldn't agree more.  Headed to AA for the Minnesota game in 2017.

DFW is finding out that people aren't itching to come here, even for a bowl game in Dec/Jan.  I don't blame them.  The weather can be spotty; 75F one day, ice/rain/tornadoes the next, and there's no beach or ocean that FL or CA have that you can 'vacation' at for non-football days.  Jerry World was an attraction in itself in 2010, now it's becoming the norm, and the gameday experience is severely lacking and involves terrible logistics.


February 27th, 2017 at 11:23 AM ^

I work for TxDOT, and our major project right now is the interchange between Interstate 30 and state highway 360. That interchange is one mile from Jerry World. Traffic in that area is already terrible, particularly when there is an event at Jerry World. Throw in the construction, and be prepared for your drive (particularly from Dallas, but from FTW too) to take a long, long time.

There are several properties near the stadium. Food options in Arlington are meh.

I'm on the Fort Worth side of the Metroplex, which is just as nice as Dallas, but without the glitz. Reata is a particularly tasty place to grab a steak; it's in downtown Fort Worth. Personally, I'd avoid the Stockyards. It's very touristy (yeah, you're tourists, so that's not the worst), but the overall food there is just okay. Joe T. Garcia's is very overrated (and takes only cash).

A fun, good local spot is the Woodshed, which is near T.C.U.'s campus. Smoked meats/game, very well done, and the whole place is open air. 

I'd love to take my son to his first Michigan game, but it's not in Ann Arbor, and as others have noted, the prices are stupid unreasonable particularly in light of the effort it will take to just get to the stadium and park.


February 27th, 2017 at 1:58 PM ^

This is a copy and paste from my previous post on this topic, but hope this helps.


I live in Fort Worth now, and have been to Jerry's World the past couple of times the past few years.  Parking/Traffic is a pain when you get near the stadium.  I would suggest taking the TRE(Trinity Railway Express)  you can get on it either in downtown Dallas or Fort Worth.  Tickets are between $5-10 per person for an all day ticket.  I would get off at either the Centerport/DFW station(Coming from Dallas) or Bell Helicopter Station(Coming from Ft Worth), once you get off you can UBER to the stadium for $10-$15, if you are worried about the UBER availability you can also pre-schedule the uber from those stations.  


Some food suggestions

Dallas BBQ - Lockhart smokehouse, I prefer this over Pecan lodge

FT Worth BBQ - Heim BBQ

Let me know if anyone has any other questions.