2016 TE/DE offer Isaac Nauta visiting this weekend

Submitted by Wolverine Devotee on June 13th, 2013 at 7:20 PM

Driving 23 hours in the next three days. Florida State then Michigan.


I asked him if he is just coming up to the state or visiting and he said it is a visit.

What were you doing as a HS freshman?



Article from when he was offered-

Isaac Nauta is a 6-4, 240-pound ninth grader out of Buford, Georgia who plays both tight end and defensive end.

Nauta recently received his 4th BCS offer yesterday from the University of Michigan, becoming the first freshman to do so. “It’s really humbling and it really is an honor to be shown interest from a school like Michigan this early in the game,” says Nauta.

Although Nauta plays tight end and defensive end, he says he wants to be a tight end on the next level. ”I’ll head to Georgia, then up to Tennessee and I’ll try to go up to Clemson soon,” Nauta said. “I also will seriously consider attending Michigan.”




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Yeah, obviously that's not going to happen, but Pete is as wide a kid as I've ever seen and could be one of those guards who carries 325+ no problem. He was 280 as an 8th grader, which is why he was recruited by every catholic school in LA.


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OP quote is a bit confusing. Does it mean this is the first time UofM has offered a freshman, or he is the first class of 2016 kid UofM has offered?