2016 TE Chase Allen offered

Submitted by AnthonyThomas on December 14th, 2015 at 8:17 PM

He is 6'6" and from Missouri. Already has two crystal ballz to Michigan just this evening. 

It's been obvious (at least I think) that Nauta isn't leaving the South unless it breaks off and sinks into the ocean. The coaches seem to be conceding to this.

Allen looks plenty athletic and is a good receiver. Will need to put on weight but so does basically every TE recruit. 

Senior highlights: http://www.hudl.com/athlete/1858990/highlights/285936476/v2 

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I was not expecting Nauta but this probably bodes ill for Mathis as well.

Apparently he is also a power forward in bball so this is where we all say he is clearly the next Antonio Gates.  But red headed.


I have to say I am a bit boggled TEs are not throwing themselves to play in this system - Clark, Nauta, Mathis etc.



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I forgot Upshur as well

Meanwhile OSU has 2 of the top 10 TEs in the country in an offense that is ...well not TE heavy.   Hausmann & Farrell.  Both from OH.

I get LBs or DEs not wanting to throw themselves at UM based on the last decade but TEs not flocking to Jim's offense - strange.  We look to be losing out on our top 3 targets this year.


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Plus missing out on Clark last year, and I feel like there was another big target in 2015 we missed (?) It is very odd indeed. Thing is, most of these guys have never seen Michigan really be any good. I am sure the recruiting will really pick up down the road once the championships start coming.

Mr. Yost

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Because Jay Harbaugh hadn't proved a damn thing and the negative recruiting was out of control...I'm sure.

But now after a 2nd team All-American? It truly is mind-boggling. Jay should've put it all to rest.

Shit, I'm more impressed with what he did with AJ Williams than I am with what he did with Jake Butt...and that's not a joke.


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is almost comical. The dude committed to Hoke, who couldn't develop an offensive player to save his life. Funchess, our star tight end under Hoke, had to be converted to a wide receiver because he couldn't do half the role of a tight end, block, worth shit. 

Then, when Harbaugh comes, Clark is within an inch of comitting. Then, just because Clark loves drama, he comitts to a team that doesn't use tight ends at all. He realizes what a shit decision he makes, drops out immediately, and burns two years of his eligibility in the process.

I'm sure we missed a bullet with clark, but come on. 

Oh well, if elite tight ends would rather ride the bench down south than come up to Michigan and be developed into NFL prospects, that's their decision. I'm sure what the Harbaughs can do with three star mutli-sport athletes is much more than what most coaches could do with Nauta and Clark.

I hate to say this, but I'm going to follow Clark's career with some vindictiveness (I'm assuming we're out of the picture for him). I'm going to love it when our third string tight end has more catches and blocks than he does. 


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Is Chase Allen a backup plan to other highly touted recruits? Allen is a guy that the Gophers really want, and we were in good position to make that happen, until tonight...


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I'm so puzzled by these kids. Regardless of Michigan, how could you not want to be in a Harbaugh offense if you were a TE? It's like a dream scenario. Not too many college teams feature that spot like Harbs, actually, none do. Not sure why elite tight ends aren't jumping at the opportunity to come here?

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Imagine you're a kid from Michigan and you grew up loving UofM and you're a top notch slot receiver, built for the spread offense. It's tough to pick up and go cross country to a school like Oregon (for example) no matter how tailor made it seems for you. Often times there's more to decisions than cold numbers


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If Sam Webb is right and David Shaw gets some NFL love I wonder if UM will check in on Stanford's TE commit. Can't remember his name but seemed fairly highly rated.


December 14th, 2015 at 8:41 PM ^

Same has mentioned it on the radio show a couple of times in regard to why Lance Anderson might be reticent to take the UM DC job. Since Lance could be considered for Stanford's HC position if Shaw left. Not sure I buy the Lance move up angle but Sam seemed pretty confident in the insider rumblings that the NFL will be sniffing around Shaw after the season.