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Asiasi at 6'3" and 287 likely means he's got some weight to lose. I believe he looked too heavy at the AAA game and he was 270 then. Lavert Hill is probably too skinny to see the field this year.


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He does need to slim down but he's not going to be the Butt/Bunting type, he's a jumbo guy for sure and he is plenty athletic enough to carry some weight. An efficient 265 is probably ideal for him. I don't think he should just give in to the weight gain and move to D, however. He's the real deal at TE.


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I think he could be a very good TE too, but I also like what he could do on the DL. He could be very athletic at that spot, and we need bodies there more than we do at TE. Even after Butt graduates, we've got Bunting, Wheatley, Gentry and the two other freshmen. We have a lot more need at DL over the next two year (after this year).


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Sam Webb has talked up Chris Evans as one of the freshmen to watch, but the caveat with Evans has always been that he's too slight for RB and would perhaps make a better slot-type.  He's listed here at 5'11" and 200.  That's two inches shorter and only 5 lbs less than Jabrill.


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so hes starting camp on O but likely shifting to D at some point (at least if its up to him)?  interesting.

either way hes a nice prospect that can help the team at DB or with the rock in his hands.

can never have too many versatile athletes capable of impacting the game at multiple spots or both sides of the ball

Broken Brilliance

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Cmon now, let's clean up those triplicate Jersey numbers. Anyone else gonna be slightly annoyed with all the midseason number changes? Sure, our undefeated season will take some of the sting out , but be conscientious for those of us with Jersey number OCD.