2016 MBB Recruiting: 6'6" G/F Josh Langford

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Coach Beilein recently visited Alabama to watch guard Josh Langford play. Apparently Michigan has intensified its recruiting efforts for the 6'6" G/F, who is a borderline 4/5* player to all of the major evaluators. According to Langford's dad, the top 3 schools in the mix right now are Michigan, Michigan State, and Florida.

 Here are his most recent highlights, which are pretty filthy. Caveats for level of competition may apply, but he's played pretty well on the AAU circuits too.



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Also, as an update to those who don't follow bball recruiting much, Michigan seems to have its sights set on a class of 4 for 2016 - 3/4* Jon Teske (6'11"), 4/5* Tyus Battle (6'6"), 4/5* Josh Langford (6'6"), and 4* Cassius Winston (6'0"). Battle, Langford, and Winston are all Top-30 players and if Beilein could pull that class it'd be a shoe-in for top-5 nationally.

Michigan obviously has a commitment from Teske already and is in a very good position with Winston who will probably choose between UM/MSU. Langford really likes Michigan but Battle will be a tough pull as Duke has come after him hard. According to the Rivals guys, Battle and Langford are good friends and have talked about playing together (both of their dads have indicated as much), but those package deals never seem to pan out so take that with a grain of salt.

Trader Jack

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I've heard OSU has made a big push for Towns lately, and that may have changed things regarding Michigan leading his recruitment. Honestly though, I'd take Towns over Battle or Winston (who I actually think we'll get). I really hope we land him.

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Perkis-Size Me

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Nearly one of the top 20 players in the country, and somehow doesn't have an offer from Kentucky? Honestly, will Calipari not even consider you unless you're a top-10 player?


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Have seen him play live, and he would be a perfect fit for us.  The thing that does not come across on the tape is how terrible his team is, he was also a great teammate constanly coaching up and encouraging his team. His ability to get to the rim is good and his shot looks good, and he goes full speed all the time.  Would love to get him.


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Geeze. Why does the opponent continue to play off of this guy when first coming down the court? They let him hit a bunch of threes from playing off of him. You think they would learn. Maybe because he was killing them with step backs.

Those dunks are pretty sick too. 


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Not sure I'd completely rule out the possibility of Caris coming back. It seems his draft stock is slowly falling as other players emerge and he's stuck on the sidelines. Depending on his progress recovering, I could see a situation where he doesn't want to risk falling out of the 1st round. Plus LeVert is really young for a junior.

Wee-Bey Brice

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Don't worry about his competition level. Josh has been one of the top players on AAU circuit in 2016 for years. Most impressive is that when younger he was bigger and stronger than everyone else, but he hasn't grown much and he's still effective. His game expanded. I'm high on him for that very reason because not everyone is capable.

Stringer Bell

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I'm sure Izzo will tell Winston that he'll be his starting PG, even if he doesn't really mean it, and that'll probably be enough to sway him.  It really sucks competing with these sleezeballs, both in football and in basketball.