2016 Josh Jackson (wing) Southfield, MI

Submitted by MichiganMan14 on April 2nd, 2014 at 7:18 AM
http://youtu.be/cCOW-dNFBV0 This kid looks like the real deal. He is the #1 player in high school basketball for his class and in our backyard. I've read his 24/7 profile and it projects him to Kentucky or Kansas. I would think that we have to be in this kid's top group as a hometown NBA factory. This kid could really be a once in a blue moon offensive talent. Has anyone heard anything recent on this kid's feelings toward Michigan? He looks to be the biggest instate recruit since Webber.



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watched him in the finals. they played on of the teams in my high schools conference. he looked like he could have scored 50 if he really wanted. he was unselfish, a great passer and man was he smooth for being a 6'8 soph. the kid literally looks and plays like a mini Durant to me. I can't wait till next year when they move to class B to see how that affects his numbers.

I feel like he should maybe be a kid that goes out of state high school wise to a school like Findlay prep or oak hill to concentrate on basketball more, but that's just my opinion


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This kid is the real deal.. was listening to sam webb on WTKA a few weeks back on the recruiting roundup and says this is the best player to come out of Michigan since Chris Webber. Unfortuntely, Webb thinks Michigan's chances are slim in landing him.



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we know he's there--we know he's good--we are recruiting him hard--we will offer him this Summer

we just can't make him come to Michigan--if so, Kennard would be coming here.


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I think, part of it and I could be wrong is that Jackson could be a one and done and I thought that Belien was not a big fan of that. I wouldnt be suprised if the kid went to Kentucky like James Young did. 


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I don't understand why more elite kids aren't lining up to play for Beilein. The guy is churning out NBA talent, winning championships in the process, and is one of the most respected coaches in the game.


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We've been pretty good over the last 5 years which is the period you would think high school kids remember.  Maybe there are still mis-conceptions out there about JB's system or philosophy being too narrow or that he is not one and done freindly?  Who knows. 

But you have to think that each successfull year on the court and each Michigan player that gets drafted can only help the cause.  Hopefully that starts to bear fruit sooner than later.


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if you were a kid and were a one and done talent, why go to a school like Kentucky where you have all the one and done talent and everybody kind of gets there's. Why wouldn't you go to a school like say a Maryland who once was good, but sucks now get still plays in a bug conference and kind of bring the team back for a year while being the team's goto player, get a chance to try for 30 every game, etc.

rob f

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what the one-and-done ground rules will be by 2016?  Things seem to be headed for some sort of adjustment, as the new NBA Commish (Silver) has already voiced concern about how the NBA does business in regards to taking one-and-dones in the draft.  Add to that the potential fallout from the unionization situation at Northwestern, and the entire landscape for college athletics might be turned upside-down by then. 


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Right now Michigan basketball is equivalent to Michigan State football. After some pretty dark years, the program has been revived and has been elite the past few years.

However elite for the last few years doesn't make Michigan the most coveted team in the country to recruits. Like Michigan State in football, we've gotten some big time recruits (Gohlston and now McDowell for State, McGary, Irvin and GR3 for us), but for the most part we're still not going to be competing with Duke/Kentucky for most blue chips.

We have a great past few years with Beilein. And a few more like these years and we'll be able to compete with some of those programs. But 3 great years does not make us more appealing than decades of greatness and blue bloods like Duke, Kansas, Kentucky, UCLA, etc.


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Terrible comparison considering that State football has never sniffed the success that Michigan basketball had before the Fab Five issues.  Michigan is building that reputation BACK to where it used to be MSU never had that championship reputation to build BACK to,they are building to that.

Space Coyote

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And they are confused by your post.

The comparison is pretty apt. MSU actually has a fairly strong football program history, and then the 70s (Bo) came along and pretty much changed the perception of that program. Their history is in many ways on par with Michigan's basketball history, and is some ways better and some ways worse.

You're allowed to acknowledge some of MSU's successes and still be a Michigan fan, it's alright.


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Even if that's true, I can tell you as someone who is college aged, teens don't care either way. I'm 20, and I wasn't alive for the Fab Five, and none of these kids were either.

For as long as these kids have been alive, except for these recent years, State football and our basketball were awful. Now this is changing. When they were good before that is irrelevant. Whether it was the 50's or 90's, to kids these days (including myself), if it was before we were born, they both carry the same weight, which is not a lot.


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I understand that and fully get it also meant to add it to the post, that most of them were not alive for that era.  The thing is they know who they are they have heard of the Fab Five they have name recognition there is not much name recongntion or someone that defines MSU football that is recognized all the time like the Fab Five is MSU basketball does football not so much.  That is what I waS trying to get across.


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I completely disagree that MSU football has a comparable history as M basketball. MSU was good in the 50s and 60s and hasn't been since until very recently.

Michigan basketball has made it to Final Fours in 5 decades. They have a modern era national title. They have played in four national championship games since 1989. I'm all for giving MSU football when it's due, but this is not a fair comparison.


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If I was a one and done type talent, why wouldn't I go to a place like Kentucky? They just built a new state of the art athletes dorm on campus next to the arena, you get to practice against some of the top 5-star talent in the country which should make you a better player in the process. And lets be honest.. with Calipari at the helm, who knows if you have to really go to class..lol    


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When you recruit against Duke, Kansas, UNCs etc, you are going to lose a clear majority of the time. He probably won't stay in the B1G so that's fine with me if he doesn't go to Michigan


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This kid is a must get for Michigan. I don't care if he's a one and done and either should Beilein. He'd be crazy not to recruit this kid incredibly hard. Talent like this isn't always in your backyard.


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most likely, this is the last year of one and done phenoms. the NBA age minimum now is 19. The NBA has publicly said that they will likely change it to 20 after this draft. So unless they are older freshman, they will need to play two years post high school before they can declare. BTW, thus has ramifucations for UM sophomores thinking about the draft this year. Next year's draft will be void of one and done players - making it a great draft to be in.