2015 OLB/S Tyriq Thompson (Detroit MLK) offered

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on January 16th, 2014 at 1:01 PM

Per his high school coach, 2015 OLB/S Tyriq Thompson of Detroit MLK has been offered. He's a 3-star to Rivals, #29 at his position, and #10 in the state of Michigan for 2015.

MSU had already offered and was presumed the favorite since UM hadn't offered, but this could change things. Steve Wiltfong from 247 had a tweet insinuating that Thompson may have been ready to commit elsewhere (read: MSU) had this offer not come through. Has offers from Indiana, Illinois, Iowa, NU, Wisconsing, Pitt, and NC St, among others.

His dad, Clarence Thompson, played football at UM in the mid-90's and was All-Conference in 1995. That should make many of you feel really old.



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Friggin finally. So tired of us ignoring kids with sky high interest for months on end before finally crossing off the big fish above them and sending out the offer. That's life recruiting though.


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what is so overdue.  3-Star kid in 2015 class - lots of time before NSD (2016!!!).  Pretty sure we would focus on higher rated athletes before pulling the trigger on guys like Thompson.  I'm sure he's a great guy and great player (clips Magnus offered up below seem solid) - but we're shooting for the best of the best here.

This is Michigan! (fergodsakes!)   /s


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yeah real foreign concept dude but these coaches rank prospective targets and then pursue accordingly.  if they offer the top 5 at a position but receive no interest in return from those prospects, then they move on to #6.  its an odd strategy but all football programs seem to attempt to sign the players they view as the most talented and envision having the most future success in their program....and guess what jimbob, the championship teams actually accomplish this by stocking their rosters year after year with the top rated kids on their boards.   michigan would be turn into indiana or illinois pretty quickly if they simply signed the kids most interested in the school, regardless of talent level or future impact on the program envisioned by coaches.  im sure hes a good kid and good player but they just offered him now for a reason and its likely bc higher rated prospects have been crossed off their board.  heart and work ethic and physical and other "hokish" little terms dont equate to much without superior athleticism executing on the field every weekend.  well see how much of an impact a certain legacy OL makes when enrolling in few years but those are kinds of offers great teams would question....all 85 matter, every single year, especially when you have like 4 OT prospects total projected on depth chart for 2015 and 2016 and adding undersized, less athletic legacy to C and OG position already stockpiled with unproven recruits


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I have an unforgettable memory of Clarence Thompson blitzing off the corner and nailing Purdue's QB in the end zone for a safety in the 5-0 ice bowl of 1996. 


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I had heard GMat was at MLK today.  So this offer makes sense.  Glad he came packing with an offer in his back pocket.  I also heard MSU (Pat N) and IU at MLK today as well.  Nuss was also out to see Damien Harris today at his school in KY.

Space Coyote

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I think his skill set fits better at SAM, as he's more of a straight line player that is pretty good off the edge. I also don't think he has the instincts right now to play ILB. But I'm not sure he's big or long enough for the SAM position, and he certainly isn't a MIKE.


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Which is harder: teaching a guy to be taller. or teaching a guy instincts?

I can't get a feel for his instincts based off the highlight reel, as he was almost always just comin' regardless, he didn't strike me as James Ross out there. He did look pretty okay the one time he dropped into coverage, but I don't get 'safety' when I watch him.


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It's not a bad offer sheet for being January, 13 months before National Signing Day. It includes a good chunk of the Big Ten - Iowa, Michigan State, and Wisconsin among them. If he holds off on committing, I'm guessing you would see some other solid programs start to swoop in with offers, too. I don't think he's a great prospect, but he's got potential.


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has some of the best insticnts in the nation after finally watching the film of him and deciding to offer him today......so that kind of contradicts those that say he doesn't have good instincts :p.