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Can anyone explain to me the fascination behind mock drafts?


I just don't get it at all.   Year after year they're hardly ever even close to being right, but so many people just eat em up.    Why?



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90% of it is I want to see how bad other people think the Browns will be, and how good other people think Michigan players will be.

The other part of it is watching hype trains promptly fall on their face, like Tom Gholston. (I don't consider being a 4th rd pick a bust, but some people had him going in the top 20 before the season started)


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This mock is my 2015 mock draft:

1)  Oakland:   Devin Gardner

2)  Jacksonville:   Jake Ryan

3)  Cleveland:  Frank Clark

4)  Washington:  Devin Funchess

5)  Tampa Bay:  Desmond Morgan

6)  Buffalo:  Raymon Taylor

7)  Atlanta:  Brennan Beyer


Ghost of BCook…

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It's insane to try and predict the order of finish of 32 NFL teams, which will determine based on individual need (for the most part) what order players will be selected in. The chances of doing this correctly are what, less than 1 in 1000? (.001 PERCENT)

It's almost as difficult to predict which players will have great seasons and just as importantly great combines.....again, .001 percent chance at best?

Now consider that a mock draft has to do both of these impossible tasks, effectively multiplying .001 percent by .001 percent - so the likelihood that these mock drafts done 11 months in advance can even be remotely accurate is somewhere around 0.000001 percent? 

As long as they're done for amusement purposes that's great, but if anyone gets worked up over these....I don't know what to tell you. 


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Jeremy Gallon | WR, Michigan

Gallon is a sure-handed, short-area-quick slot receiver who lacks toughness and speed, but has a knack for finding space underneath.


Lacks toughness?


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They are fun and basically right.  If you're looking to be informed about the top prospects in the next draft (which I would guess most mock readers are) then the mocks basically get it right.  It's a "top prospects" list with teams tagged on for fun.

This mock from December had only a couple of it's top 15 NOT go in round 1.

If your standard is picking the right team and spot, then they suck, but only a complete fool would expect that given trades alone.  No reasonable person would expect perfection from a mock draft anymore than they would an NCAA bball bracket. It's still interesting to look at in small doses.


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Why the hell is Calhoun still in East Lansing if this is the read on him? He was a redshirt sophomore last year and could have gone.