2015 MBB Target: Corey Sanders

Submitted by UMfan21 on May 30th, 2013 at 12:13 PM

Good write up at UMHoops.com. 



Sanders and his AAU teammate appear to be a package deal and UofM is among a handful of schools already in on these two.  Looks like Sanders has good things to say about the staff, program and academics.  But man...what a highlight video!

He looks very charismatic compared to Burke and Morris who were more stoic.  I like the swagger.




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While over there, I clicked onto this one for 2015 5-star Elijah Thomas: 


I really like this trend of seeing five star recruits talking about how they liked Michigan's tournament run, and talking about how Beilein "develops players" and/or "lets them play."  I was sad to see Michigan lose to Louisville, but it is turning out that Michigan probably "won" more than anyone else in the tournament this year.

Because of their run, Michigan is now in the conversation for recruits who would have blown them off a few years ago.  We could be watching the greatest era in the history of the basketball team unfold before our eyes.


Blue boy johnson

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Corey Sanders looks like he could play on one of the And1 teams with Spike Albrecht. Corey could be Skip to my Lou and of course Spike would be THE PROFESSOR!

Follow Thy Fullback

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Kid reminds me of Crawford with his handle...has great elevation and finishing ability but on the other hand I feel he does a lot of iso/one on one and the tape doesn't really show to much of his jumpshot

Piston Blue

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but i hear that were in on diamond stone, stephen zimmerman, and other elite prospects, which leads me to believe that the 2015 class has potential to be just as good as the 2012 class