2015 MBB Recruiting: 3* OH SF Kyle Ahrens

Submitted by ypsituckyboy on February 18th, 2014 at 9:14 AM

Per Sam Webb on the WTKA recruiting roundup this morning, Michigan is close to offering 2015 SF Kyle Ahrens out of Versailles, Ohio, after his visit for the Wisconsin game over the weekend. This was at least Ahrens' second visit and UM looks to be in pretty good position should they offer. However, John Beilein would like to see him play in person once more before an offer goes out. The coaching staff has presumably had plenty of opportunity to watch Ahrens live since he plays on the same AAU team as UM's #1 target Luke Kennard, but Ahrens broke his tibia and fibula a few months back so it looks like Beilein just wants to make a final check-up re: his health.

Sparty has offered, as have Cincinnati, Butler, Xavier, Vanderbilt, Iowa, and Boston College, among others. He is a 3-star to Rivals, the #146 player overall, and the #12 SF. At this point, he seems pretty underrated. Given his combo of shooting and athleticism, I'd be surprised if he's not a top 100 guy by the time the next AAU season ends.

I don't think this means UM eases up off the gas in their recruitment of Kennard, though. since there's a chance Stauskas, Robinson, and LeVert are gone by the time the 2015's get on campus, leaving us very thin at the 2/3.



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Not a world beater offer list but not a terrible list of offers either. 3* is probably about right with the offers he has. Any ideas on if Michigan would be #1 for him if they offered? Quick commit potential?


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The offer list will get much more impressive, IMO, after AAU season (assuming his leg heals properly). Plus, bball rankings are generally much more accurate after AAU season, when scouts can watch the top guys play each other instead of generally lower-level high school competition.

As to a commitment, Beilein is generally very selective with offers. It seems his pattern is to offer a handful of his 1A targets and, depending on how those offers shake out, he'll offer 1B guys on a case-by-case basis. When he offers the 1B guys, it's usually closer to the time when they're making a decision. He's prett selective and I don't think he like lots of offers sitting out there since his offers are commitable (unlike other coaches who make tons of non-commitable offers).

That's a long winded way of saying that, if Michigan offers Aherns, you can probably expect a decision in the not too distant future.



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Probably the most important day for Michigan basketball this year will be the announcements for early entry to the draft. If we can come away with losing only 1 player...book your tickets for the 2016 Final Four


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Seems like that should end up being a long, drawn-out recruitment. Kentucky's scholarship/roster situation is so unclear from year-to-year that it doesn't seem smart to commit early when you can wait until NSD. Even this year's NBA announcements won't clear things up that much for a 2015 guy.


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After checking with the recruiting site I only see a for sure offer from Vanderbilt. I think he would be a good fit for Michigan. Not sure if he is for sure leaning toward Kentucky or not, there wasn't any more info I could find on the matter. Kid looks like a stud. But, there is a lot better competition he will be playing at the College level.

King Douche Ornery

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I think it's time to plan on Stauskas and Robinson being here next year FOR SURE. Especially since they have shown that they are extremely inconsistent and eminently stoppable.

As for Levert? One good game and BOOM he's gone? No way.

I can't imagine the NBA being desperate enough to need these three yet.


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Doesn't elevate much on his jump shot.  Has a good build for a high school kid, probably will lend itself towards developing into a good defender if he works at it.  

Jack Daniels

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He's a good player. Not sure about the numbers but it would seem they still need to get a PG, one more 2/3 type (in addition to Ahrens, if they get him), and a high impact C.


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If Caris, Glenn, Nik and Mitch leave by then, we will have 5 scholarships...


1 PG (Brunson,Coleman,Davis,Dozier)

1 Stretch 4 (Esa Ahmad,Bodreaux,Ellenson,Manual)

2 Wings (Coleman,Davis,Dozier,Kennard,McQuaid,Ahrens, Grandstaff)



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I don't know where LeVert is going but he is arguably our most talented player, a year younger than the other sophomores and starting to mock on all the draft sites... 


Anyone who still thinks LeVert is a surefire 4 year player is setting themselves up...