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Okay, I was trying to keep this going by seeing if I could find some connection between the names Harbaugh, Luck, and Gentry.  So I was looking at a site that has information about old names, and came across something way cooler:

"The family name Harbaugh is one of the oldest Anglo-Saxon names of Britain.  It was originally a name for a person who worked as a person who ran a lodging house. This surname is a metonymic form of the surname Harberer, and is derived from the Old English word herebeorg, which means shelter or lodging."
Okay, that's not particularly exciting.  But now check this out:
"Before English spelling was standardized a few hundred years ago, spelling variations of names were a common occurrence. Elements of Latin, French and other languages became incorporated into English through the Middle Ages, and name spellings changed even among the literate. The variations of the surname Harbaugh include Arbour, Arbor, Harbord, Harbard, Hardboard, Harboard, Harber, Harbot and many more."


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The Zach Gentry compendium

"The thing that sticks out about Zach is that he is probably going to be a better college player than he is in high school," Dodson said. "Being (so tall) he was a little bit of a late developer. His motor skills had to catch up with his body because he grew so fast. He's 230 pounds right now. He'll be 240 next year. He's an athlete, a very good basketball player. I don't think he's reached as far as where he's going to get as far as his arm strength."