2014 Winter Olympians with UofM Ties

Submitted by James Burrill Angell on December 2nd, 2013 at 10:23 PM
I was just reading an article on NHL.com about the likely Olympic hockey rosters for Sochi. Max Pacioretty is expected to make the U.S. hockey roster and Carl Hagelin is expected to make Sweden's roster. jack Johnson is on the outside looking in (according to the article) for the U.S. roster. No Former Michigan players on Canada's roster. Anyway, it got me thinking about whether there are other Michigan students or alums we should be looking out for at the Winter Olympics this year. I would assume Meryl Davis and Charlie White will be back in Ice Dancing (they have to be alums by now right)? Are there other figure skaters/ice dancers with M connections?



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This is not necessarily related, but on the chance that someone who reads this thread might wonder about this, the Bentley Library does maintain a list of Michigan athletes who have participated in the modern Olympics by year. The link is (HERE) - it is current to 2012 right now, of course. 


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Three months ago those same NHL writers wrote articles and had Jack Johnson and Ryan Suter as locks, with half the guys on the outside. They don't actually watch the games, they just read boxscores.

Jack Johnson will make the team.



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The Shebutanis are exquisite ice dancers and are from Ann Arbor.  

Scott Moir was a student and, I think, roomed with Charlie White a while ago.  He skates with University of Windsor student Tessa Virtue.  They skate for Canada, train with Davis and White in Canton and are  the reigning Olympic ice dance champions.

The Detroit area is a mecca for ice dancing.  It's hard to make progress towards a degree when you're devoting so much time to your sport.




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Charlie White, Meryl Davis, Alex Shibutani, Maia Shibutani, and Evan Bates are all current students at Michigan and potential Olympians (more likely potential Olympic medalists). Although Charlie and Meryl graduated high school in 2005, they're still students as it's tough to juggle a full-time class schedule and traveling the world one week at a for half the year.

I'm expecting to see all of them around the top 10ish in the Olympics.

Scott Moir was never a student at Michigan, although Charlie and I took him to his first Michigan football game in 2005 for the Penn State game (Henne to Manningham). We were in that endzone. Great time.


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