2014 in-state QB prospect Alex Malzone

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Does anyone know if Brother Rice QB Alex Malzone is on the recruiting radar yet for Michigan? He is just a sophomore but played extensively in the Rice win over Muskegon yesterday. Physically he already resembles a young Chad Henne--he's got to be 6'2" and he has a cannon for an arm and had tremendous pocket presence and vision for such a young kid in that pressure-packed game.

By the way it was a fantastic, very well-played game, back-and-forth, with trick plays and long bombs flying all over the place. Brother Rice finally won, but only after FUMBLING the snap on a victory formation play from the opponent's 1 yard-line and holding on to win anyways.



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Coach Fred Jackson notes:

"Alex Malzone has the arm strength of Peyton Manning cross bred with Godzilla and a howitizer. He has the offensive acumen and insight of like-named Arkansas State coach Gus Malzahn if the latter was more like Bill Walsh. Alex Malzone throws with greater accuracy than Chad Henne. He's like a young Bernie Kosar, but talented. If he played for the New York Jets their fans would chant his name to replace Mark Sanchez and not Tim Tebow. Speaking of Tim Tebow, Alex Malzone is a better and more empathic individual than Tim Tebow and is probably closer to God. All things considered, Alex Malzone is the prototypical prototype quarterback whose arm strength, speed, offensive acumen are only overwhelmed by his qualities as a human being."


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I don't know about the others, and I'm proud of what Wassink did this season for SC, (my alma mater) but I doubt he's a D1 QB.

BTW, Wassink didn't play last night with a broken collarbone, but his replacement put up 3 TD's and a 28yd INT return in a 40-7 drubbing of Detroit Country Day for the 2nd state title in school history.  


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So basically, "Started career as walk-on" award.  I support this... we're seriously behind though.

Let's do this, let's take the lead!  (261 of 8475 votes, good for 3%)

Blue boy johnson

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I was watching the Brother Rice vs Muskegon game saw Malzone and thought to myself,"this kid is probably going to be playing at Michigan or Michigan State some day". Really impressive young QB. I liked the way he threw the ball much more than the young QB from Cass Tech.

Stephen Y

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I went to Brother Rice, and Rice rarely sends kids to Michigan.  Not really sure why, but the bigger names tend to go to MSU.  Could be coincidence though.  There have been quite a few walk-ons at Michigan from Brother Rice, but I cannot remember the last scholarship player from there.


EDIT:  I think the last scholarship player was punter Ross Ryan, who earned his scholarship by recovering a fumble on a punt.