2014 Scout Recruiting Rankings

Submitted by Nosce Te Ipsum on October 3rd, 2012 at 10:51 AM

The 2014 rankings are out. Malik McDowell is at 15 while Damon Webb comes in at 33. Drake Harris checks in at 39. That's a lot of impressive in state talent. I can't remember a time when Michigan had that many prospects so highly regarded. 

Michael Ferns is at 76 and is the #6 MLB





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Good lord the recruiting arms race is really getting riduculous.  I understand watch lists at this point, but lets let these kids at least finish their junior year or something.  I wonder if recruiting rankings are going to get less and less predictive with the earlier and earlier evaluations.


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Football recruiting rankings will still be dealing with a problem basketball doesn't have: top football players don't play each other that often in real-world settings.  Until that changes, there's going to be an inherent margin of error in them that I'm not sure additional scouting opportunities will make up for.  


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but the recruiting sites have to keep up with the times, so if players from the 2014 class are starting to commit, then the sites are going to want to be able to post information about them.  I don't necessarily agree with it, but recruiting is big business these days and competition from the 4 major sites is at an all-time high.


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I'm really curious about McDowell.  I know he's getting all kinds of big-time looks, but there's not much film on him.  I wish we had more to go on, because being the #15 player in the nation is a pretty lofty rating.


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He has attended a handful of camps with kids a year older than him and looked like a top-250 kid compared to kids who are a year more developed than he is. That usually leads to a lofty ranking. Now he'll need to earn it against kids his own age over the next year.


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Dante Booker, St. Vincent-St. Mary's in Akron, OH = #47, #2 OLB (offered)

Nyles Morgan, teammate of Laquon Treadwell at Crete-Monee HS in IL, = #50, #4 MLB.  (No offer yet)


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It's interesting that Scout has Booker below Ferms, since most feel that Booker is the top prospect in Ohio over Ferns. Interestingly enough, Scout has Marshon Lattimore as the top prospect in Ohio, a WR form Glenville.

EDIT: my list shows Booker at 110. Which one of us is reading this wrong?


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Another kid to keep an eye on who I believe will blow up---Lawrence Marshall, DE, Southfield.


Kid is about 6'4 215...reminds me a lot of Mingo from LSU.

I watched Ojemudia last year, and this kid is bigger, faster, and stronger.


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You're a little generous on his measurables, as an article from August listed him at 6'3" 200. He's a guy who could get an offer down the road, but is probably more of an MSU/ Illinois type kid. We'll only take one WDE and we have a shot at a couple good ones.

As for sleeperish DEs, I like Gelen Robinson a lot.


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I just saw him in person last week, and Fred Jackson was sitting in the stands to see him (Mike Hart too). Allen Trieu verbatim today said "top 5-10 kid in the state", listed him at 6'4 215. I aksed him what he thought when he saw him "loved him, the real deal". That doesn't sound like just an MSU/Illinois type.

The tackle he played against was 6'1 and he towered over him. His recruiting film also lists him at 6'4. The roster I saw listed him at 6'4, 215. Not sure why you want to debate something inconsequential as 1 inch and 10 pounds.

This kid is not a sleeper. Michigan doesn't send coaches to watch sleepers in the 14 class on their off week.

Kid is an absolute stud.


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Based on what exactly?

I watched them both in person, Marshall's impact on the game was much greater than Mario's in the game I watched him against another d1 tackle in person.

There is two games of film on Lawrence so far, and he blows up both teams. Not sure what conclusion you have drawn from 1---not actually seeing him in person, and 2---two games worth of film of his junior season.

Like I said, Jackson doesn't just show up an anyone's game on an off week. The kid will be a stud, and when the guy who ranks him calls him "the real deal", you better believe he is a little better than just a "sleeper".


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I ma not saying because Jackson was there that makes Marshall better than Mar'io, I am saying that I, me, myself, have seen both, at the very same point in their high school careers, and Mario wasn't very disruptive in the two games I saw him in person. He was only about 6'3, maybe 200-205 his junior year. Lawrence is much thicker, and far more disruptive.


I spoke to his coach after the game, he told me verbatim that he was told Hart and Jackson were both there to see Marshall. When I spoke to Trieu, he said the same thing. On GBW, Mr. Beav also said Jackson is at Southfield to see Lawrence Marshall. I don't know what more you are looking for?

All I can tell you is what I have seen, in person, and what I have been told, by actual coaches, writers, and AD's. If you have something more, please feel free to share from Ohio.

Marshall will blow up, just wait. When he does, I hope we are on that train.


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I'm just curious what film you have seen of Marshall?

Allen trieu said just a short while ago on gbw, Marshall will be a 4 star and a top 150 kid. Not sure why we wouldn't want someone like that.

Anyways, not sure why people on this site aren't appreciative of actual information provided rather than debating measureables and which really good player is better than the other. The people with their finger on the pulse of recruiting say the kid is the real deal, my eyes told me he is the real deal, and those same people say there is a really good chance he gets an offer. After seeing him in person, I sure hope he does.


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We all appreciate bringing up new kids that maybe aren't on our radar.  I think the way you broached it was what got the push back.  You made a lot of absolute type comments, and came off as Marshall's dad or something.  It's received by us poorly, because this kid has no offers and despite you telling us how in love Trieu is with him, he didn't make Scout's 300 list today.  

Had you said something along the lines of "I've seen this kid Marshall in person, and I thought he looked as good or better than Ojemudia, who I've also seen play in person.  When I was there, not only was Allen Trieu there saying many positive things, but coaches Fred Jackson and Mike Hart were there to recruit him.  It sounds like he's a real riser in-state, so don't be surprised if his offer list starts to build fast" it would have gone over much better.

You can even throw in a "you heard it here first" if you want some credit.