2014 NBA Draft Big Board 3.0

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17. GR3

23. Mitch McGary

29. Nik Stauskas

Figured it was only a matter of time before Stauskas started getting some draft love.  No real shock that GR3 or McGary have been slipping.  If the season ended today, and these were their draft projections, it's likely they all could return for their Junior seasons.  BUT, thankfully the season isn't ending today and it will be interesting to see where they end up at seasons end.  




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My opinion...

Stauskas is obviously the most improved. His added weight has allowed him to drive in the lane with great control. He's been able to absorb contact and finish strong. 


Mitch shows flashes of his Tournament self every now and then, but you can tell he's not all there. I am really frustrated that our Offense doesn't seem to run through him at all, however. We should have a few more designed plays to McGary in the post.


GR3.... I honestly haven't seen any improvements. He just disappears at times. I am still waiting to see him play with some assertion. Doesn't do much to create his own shots. I am not sure what sort of role he would play on an NBA team at this point.


December 1st, 2013 at 2:03 PM ^

M fandom aside, I don't get the GRIII love. If I'm an NBA team, I'm not excited about drafting him. Maybe tail end of the first round to a team with few needs who can wait for him to mature. Right now he's not an NBA player IMO.


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i don't think McGary or GRIII are anywhere close to being NBA players. This isn't a knock on McGary, I know he's battling injuries but I think we will see how good Trey made McGary. I'm not saying he won't ever be good, clearly he has talent. I think Trey made him who he turned out to be at the end of the season. To me, Mitch is a scrapper, hustler, do the "dirty work" kind of player, not sure if he'll be able to leave until at LEAST after next season.


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how many PF/C do you see grabbing a rebound then having the ability to bring the ball up the court?  not many.  plus, he's a great passer for a big guy.  imo, he is a more athletic version of wes unseld (that goes back a way).  however, if he develops that 15-18 ft shot, he has very high upside.


December 1st, 2013 at 2:16 PM ^

He is a three who isn't particularly adept at handling the ball which is a prerequisite for a three in the NBA. He has excellent athleticism, but his skills are still in need of development.


December 1st, 2013 at 2:23 PM ^

I'm not totally sure what guys expect from GR3. He's never had the ability to really create off the dribble, and most guys don't just magically develop that in one offseason. If a guy gets to college and can't create off the dribble, don't ever expect him to. It can happen, but it's incredibly rare. For that reason, I've always been pretty pessimistic about GR3 in that first or second option role. He reminds me a bit of Kawhi Leonard, and like Michigan fans, Spurs fans have been waiting for Kawhi to show the ability to create for himself. Mind you that's a generous projection, dependent on GR3 continuing to make strides with his jumper, and if you're an NBA team I think you'd have to be thrilled if GR3 reached that level.

Stauskas, unlike Robinson, has the benefit of having an elite level NBA skill, and that's incredibly valuable. Guys like Korver stick around for ages because at the end of the day, it's always nice to have a guy who can hit the 3 ball consistently over 40%. The improved ability to get inside and finish is incredibly promising as well. If you were to compare him to a pro right now, I think Klay Thompson is the closest match skillset wise, though I wouldn't expect Stauskas to get to that level of total scoring.

McGary I really don't know. He HAS to get the mid range jumper down and figure things out at the free throw line, other wise he's nothing more than an energy guy. I don't know if he ever develops real back to the basket ability, he's a quality finisher around the hoop but it's unlikely he ever creates much for himself. Defensively he has a good bit of upside due to his athleticism and size, though it'd be nice if he were a bit more prolific of a shot blocker.


I would expect Stauskas to be the most useful player out of the gate of the three.


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A phenomenal testament to Coach Beilein and what he's done with the program. With Burke and THJ as 1st rd selections, we have 3 more, plus I think LeVert and Irvin will get attention. Just shows you the stats of the program. Incredible.

Prince Lover

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I was shocked he was in consideration for the draft last year. This year he's done nothing to change my mind. Don't get me wrong, I think he is a really good player, just not NBA worthy yet.
I do think McGary could go to the draft this year. He's got great size and hustle. That alone could get him 5-10 minutes a game to give the top 7-8 guys a blow.
I'm a little skeptical of Nik's chances but I said the same thing about JJ Redrick (sp?)so obvobviously I don't know what I'm talking about.


December 1st, 2013 at 2:53 PM ^

What makes you say that? He can't really shoot that well and can't create much for himself or others. Yes, he is gifted athletically but that it kind of it. I think he gets out worked regularly too especially in rebounding. I also think he has been playing out of position for most of his career though


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Michigan would be a top3 team in college ball if that happened....and all the kids would have another year of proper development. Its not about just making it to the league. ..its about having a sustainable career in basketball.


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Mcgary and Robinson could use another year.. Staukas is the best player on our team.. Robinson needs tiger blood, mcgary needs to be in tourny mode


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I can understand why GRIII is projected as mid first round. The kid has talent, we just haven't got to see much of it because he's not an assertive player. If he decided that he wanted to take over a game I think we would all be surprised at the skills he has. The only problem is that he's content with just being a role player and that causes him to disappear. Personally I think he does need to work on his shot but he can take anyone to the basket and finish or get the foul at any given time BUT he plays too conservative right now. If it clicks in his head and he gets aggressive he'll be a beast.


December 1st, 2013 at 3:24 PM ^

The reason most don't see GR3 as that high of a pick is because hes not producing as a stretch 4 man which is not his NBA position. Against a zone, it's hard to score when you are stuck in a corner. If they ran those curl screens that Staukas comes off into the lane, he would be dangerous. But Beilein doesn't use him like that.


December 1st, 2013 at 4:15 PM ^

Yes, he's got a great work ethic and he scraps, but it's hardly fair to stick him with what amounts to the Zach Novak label. I loved Novak, but that's a guy who really did make a career out of working harder than everyone. Mitch has legitimate NBA skills.

When healthy, his rebounding percentages are otherwordly, especially on offense. That's the skill that translates best to the NBA. His handles for a big, especially in transition, are great. He's a very competent finisher at the rim. And his passing from the high post is extremely advanced for a guy his size (see Syracuse last year). If his jumper rounds into form, that's a very solid NBA player, and a worthy late lottery pick in most drafts. He's a little shorter and certainly older than ideal, but that's not the end of the world. The Bulls drafted a 25 year old Taj Gibson in the first a few years ago, and it worked out great. Big men with skill and size are a real commodity in the league. 


December 3rd, 2013 at 1:43 PM ^

Amazing how many people don't recognize McGary's blatant athleticism. His high energy is just a nice addition to his tremendous skillset. 

He doesn't need to develop a jumper for Michigan or the NBA. We need him to work the post and run the high screen, and I think the NBA would desire something similar.


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I think Stauskas is as good as gone. I can see him still improving a lot and you just can't get enough good shooters in the NBA. Picture a team like the Clippers, San Antonio or the Heat drafting him late, spotting up off Lebron's drives to the hole. He is a good piece to a team. 

I really think he is gone because someone on here posted that documentary on him a little while back and it showed his parents and they basically said the goal is to get him to the NBA. Nothing they have did has been about having him get his degree, or even just get into college, that wasn't even a goal it was just NBA and that happened to be a necessary step to the goal. When your parents want you to get to the NBA and its your dream, you aren't staying in college any longer than you have to.


December 1st, 2013 at 5:21 PM ^

Stauskas will stay at UM 


his draft status isn't high enough.  His offensive game is now so advanced with a needed sharpshooting speicialization that he will be of hugh interest.  His offensive game is near lottery level.

But what will hold him back is his (improving) athleticism and especially his (improving) defense.  This kid would likely be destroyed by SG's in the league right now.  That is pretty much a fact.  If they tried him at SF, it would be even worse. 

So, will Stauskas go to the NBA?  What how his defense progresses.  That will be his story.