2014 IL LB Kyron Watson to Kansas

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Per the world of Tweets. EDIT: Kyron was presumed to commit on his upcoming visit. However, due to my lack of diligence and misperception, not only did I think Winovich was a heavyyy Ohio lean, I assumed Watson was from St. Louis; confusing many in the process, I'm sure.

Now, after perusing through multiple sources on Winovich's visit reaction, the writing seems to be on the wall.

The staff stymied their efforts in Kyron due to renewed, strengthened interest in Chase. Things are now apparently heading in different directions for each recruit, so I will reiterate that Kyron Watson, an OLB out of East St. Louis, Illinois, has verbally pledged to Kansas.

As commented below, sorry for any blemishes on my end. It looks as though the staff is now concerned with the SAM position.




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It's like an internet rule or something.  You are not allowed to argue a subject if you have any insight on it at all.  The internet is for baseless speculation, not informed debate.


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Yeah, I think this is a reaction to the coaches switching their focus to Winovich. Hopefully this means good things on that front.

Good luck to Watson though, seems like a solid player.

Michael Scarn

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Love this kids tape and really wanted him in this class but apparently this staff pulled back in favor or Winovich because of height. Not normally one to say "the staff wanted someone else," but in this case the coaches kept trying to delay his visit apparently. Hope they hit with Winovich, but wish this kid woulda had a spot.


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You really think it was height?

Why would the coaches evaluate him, extend him a formal offer, and then pull it back? Because of height? There had to be something else. There could be 15 other reasons why the coaches withdrew the offer - but why would something that hadn't changed since the offer be the reason why?


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In their write-up of the recent Chicago NFTC, Scout basically said that Watson looked short and slow.  Shortly after that camp, Michigan started to cool on Watson.

I loved the way he hit, but he just didn't look like a top linebacker on his film.


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The most likely reason appears to be that Watson doesn't project to SAM. The reason he doesn't project to SAM seems largely to be his lack of the requisite length. So it may not have been Watson's height per se that led the staff to stop recruiting him, but it nonetheless appears to have been a precipitating factor.

Michael Scarn

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Lorenz has repeatedly reported that the staff wasn't thrilled when they discovered the significant gap between reported and actual height.  Also apparently was measured at 5'10 at a recent camp, which is way too short to play SAM.  I liked him as a MIKE, but this staff reportedly doesn't want to move Ferns to the strongside, even though he's got the size to do it.  They want big linebackers all around.


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Sam Webb has been saying for the past week that the staff told Watson they were going to head in a different direction...

I think now, we can all safely assume that the staff is definitely only focusing on the SAM position.


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We are definitley after a SAM prospect (Winovich or similar), and likely will take another inside guy now that Ringer is gone.  It looked like that might be Watson, but we cooled on him... probably due to a meh camp performance where he measured only 5'10".  



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re: the staff is cooling on Watson. All we've been hearing is that Watson is going to commit to Michigan and then we hear that the staff might be cooling on him and bam he commits to Kansas all of a sudden. Makes sense


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Something seemed "off" about this recruitment process all along, starting with reports that he was ready to commit immediately to a school before even visiting. Then reports that the coaching staff cooled on him. Makes me wonder what kind of diligence the staff does before making offers.

Mr. Rager

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WOTS is that his high school coach inflated the kid's height and it was exposed at the camp a few weeks back.  Ever since Michigan got word that he's a MIKE prospect only and not a SAM (because of height), we cooled on him.

I would read this more as Michigan telling the kid "no thanks" because he doesn't fit a need than "we're strong with Winovich / Winovich is ours".  


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So a kid listed a 6' is being recruited for SAM and then it turns out he is 2 inches shorter and the coaches turn him away?

I find that hard to believe.  6' is short for a SAM regardless.

Must be more here than is public for a 6' kid to get an offer and then a few weeks later have it pulled.


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Wow Kansas is having a huge day! I admit I would definitely still have some animosity towards them had Trey Burke not crushed their hopes and dreams.