Incredible Hoke

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I was wondering the same exact thing. We've got a stable of runningbacks, and only Michael Shaw is graduating. Cox may get a 5th year. If Cox gets his 5th year, then I would say let Dymonte "Dynomite" Thomas play safety. Whatever he fits best at, I would say DB though if we get a high profile RB. 


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my bad - but really, we are talking about bringing in a freshman and hopkins being a senior in 2013, whereas the defensive backfield, while safety is a position of need, will have a few more bodies in it :

ss A.Gant J. Furman*

C. Johnson
B. Hawthorne*

F. Simmons#  
FS (3 + 0)  

T. Carter

M. Robinson



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I would then assume he would play safety.  Next years class should be interesting as the staff will have to reload one the skill positions.  We will need some top wide receivers and running backs who can come in and have an immediate impact.

B Edwards 17

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Sorry I can't start a new thread, so here's some info.

This is from ESPN insiderregarding Andrus Peat:


Fresh off visits to Michigan and Notre Dame, four-star OT Andrus Peat of Arizona (the nation's No. 4 OT and No. 22 in the ESPNU 150) made this pronouncement about his recruitment: "I'm 100 percent sure that Notre Dame will be in it until the end," Peat told Jason Sapp of "The only other school I can say that about right now is Nebraska," where brother Todd Peat Jr. is a freshman DT.

Assuming that Peat narrows down his list to five finalists later this summer, this development leaves 11 schools fighting for just three spots.

Edit: Also says that Chris Muller has Rutgers as his leader.


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Who stand above the rest in M football history.  Harmon, Oosterbaan, Woodson, and Carter.  (To add a few I might think Howard, Long, Mack, Deirdorf, Kramer, Hutch).  One would have to have one's head encased in concrete not to draw a few initial similarities between young Mr. Thomas and one of those first 4.  I really hope we get him.  Who knows how it could turn out.  Go Blue.

Steve Lorenz

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"I like (the Buckeyes)," he said. "They're pretty good, but they are about to get into a lot of trouble and I don't want to be involved in any of that."

Gotta imagine this will be a common theme for recruits in the next few seasons. Gotta imagine that this is awesome. The doors are opening for Hoke to own the Midwest. Always Be Closing. 


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I'm loving all the good 2013 tidbits lately.  Seems like getting the 2012 class in such good shape so early could pay dividends next year as the coaches more on and focus on those guys very early in the process. 


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"remains steadfast in his pledge" -get me a bucket I'm going to barf. Why do kids have to have a shrine in their hearts for a school, why can't they just be football players in ohio? That's got to be one reason ohio recruits will look Michigans way. Who wants to be so melodramatic? Kids want an education, a football education, and to have a great experience. Committing to tsio is treated like enlisting for service in the military by the fans. You're expected to forgo everything in service to the greater good of the buckeye nation and if you aren't all-in or change your mind its treason. Every time I see it I just don't understand the over-the-top fan love.


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We'll see how "steadfast" a lot of Ohio recruits are after the penalties are announced.  

Recruiter:  "Son, now is when we find out who the REAL BUCKEYES are."

Player: "Uh, right.  I'll get back to you, coach."


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I won't react as some have on the Buckeye sights, if a high school kid thinks that going to University X is the best thing for him, great I wish him good luck. I won't rag on some high schooler for making an important decision in life that isn't the decision that I would want him to make as a fan. I hope all the kids that have given us a verbal maintain that up to signing day. The issue with Snowplow Boren was that he was already a team member of the Wolverines and jumped ship after being here. Big difference there, it was definately more of a betrayal in the eyes of a fan.

Zone Left

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You won't, but a lot of people will. Hell, there were people wishing Demetrius Hart ill after he decommitted and that may have been the most understandable decommitment in history.

As for Boren, I think he needed to do what he thought was best for him. His only real sin, in my opinion, was saying a couple of rude things on the way out the door. He worked hard enough to start at a BCS winner for a couple of years, so he probably wasn't the lazy bum people wanted to think he was.

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"When he said (Michigan is No. 1) I was just shocked," the elder Thomas admitted. "When he was a kid we had always talked about Ohio State. He has been down there with other kids and seen Ohio State. I was like, 'Really?' A couple days after that, me and him talked and I said, 'What are you thinking now?' He said, 'Being from Ohio, everyone expects you to go (to Ohio State). I want to be different.'"

Michigan Shirt

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"Brionte doesn't know if (the Buckeyes) are going to be stripped of their bowl games," he explained. "He said he might decommit if they get stripped of any bowl games, but I can't tell anybody where he is going to go (should that happen). He told me to keep that a secret."

This sounds really promising for us on the Dunn aspect as Thomas keeps talking about them playing together and seeing as how I have not heard of a shared interest in PSU I would deduce that it would be us.


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I am shocked it took this long to get this mentioned.

This was the most important part of the article, IMO.  At least when coupled with Dymonte's love for the Wolverines.  I wonder how many people that posted above actually read through the article?  5?  10?