2013 Spring Football Roster w/ updated weights

Submitted by Big_H on March 15th, 2013 at 9:30 PM
Name Ht. Elig. Hometown (High School)
3 Bo Dever WR 6-2 190 RS FR Lake Forest, Ill. (Lake Forest HS)
3 Marvin Robinson S 6-2 202 SR Winter Haven, Fla. (Lake Region)
4 Cameron Gordon LB 6-3 233 RS SR Detroit, Mich. (Inkster)
5 Justice Hayes RB 5-10 190 RS SO Flint, Mich. (Grand Blanc Community)
5 Courtney Avery CB 5-11 174 SR Mansfield, Ohio (Lexington)
6 Raymon Taylor DB 5-10 186 JR Detroit, Mich. (Highland Park)
6 Brian Cleary QB 6-3 199 RS FR Detroit, Mich. (Detroit Jesuit HS)
7 Ross Douglas DB 5-10 176 FR Avon, Ohio (Avon)
8 Russell Bellomy QB 6-3 213 RS SO Arlington, Texas (Martin)
9 Drew Dileo WR 5-10 177 SR Greenwell Springs, La. (Parkview Baptist)
10 Jeremy Gallon WR 5-8 187 RS SR Apopka, Fla. (Apopka)
12 Allen Gant DB 6-2 203 RS FR Sylvania, Ohio (Southview HS)
12 Devin Gardner QB 6-4 210 RS JR Detroit, Mich. (Inkster)
13 Alex Swieca QB 6-1 210 RS SO New York, N.Y. (The Frisch School)
13 Terry Richardson DB 5-9 162 SO Detroit, Mich. (Cass Tech HS)
14 Josh Furman S 6-2 197 RS JR Annapolis, Md. (Old Mill Senior)
15 James Ross III LB 6-1 223 SO Orchard Lake, Mich. (Saint Mary's Prep)
15 Shaun Austin QB 6-1 204 RS FR Plymouth, MI (Plymouth HS)
17 Jeremy Jackson WR 6-3 206 SR Ann Arbor, Mich. (Huron)
18 Blake Countess DB 5-10 181 JR Owings Mills, Md. (Our Lady of Good Counsel)
19 Devin Funchess TE 6-5 228 SO Farmington Hills, Mich. (Harrison HS)
22 Jarrod Wilson S 6-2 196 SO Akron, Ohio (Akron Buchtel)
24 Delonte Hollowell DB 5-9 175 JR Detroit, Mich. (Cass Technical)
25 Dymonte Thomas DB 6-2 187 FR Alliance, Ohio (Marlington)
26 Dennis Norfleet RB 5-7 168 SO Detroit, Mich. (Martin Luther King HS)
27 Mike Jones LB 6-2 223 RS SR Orlando, Fla. (Edgewater)
27 Jonathan Keizer WR 6-5 212 RS SO Portage, MI (Portage Northern)
28 Fitzgerald Toussaint RB 5-10 200 RS SR Youngstown, Ohio (Liberty)
29 Drake Johnson RB 6-0 212 RS FR Ann Arbor, Mich. (Pioneer HS)
30 Thomas Gordon S 5-11 208 RS SR Detroit, Mich. (Cass Technical)
33 Taco Charlton DE 6-6 265 FR Pickerington, Ohio (Central)
34 Jeremy Clark DB 6-4 201 RS FR Madisonville, Ky. (Madisonville North Hopkins HS)
34 Brendan Gibbons PK 6-1 240 RS SR West Palm Beach, Fla. (Cardinal Newman)
35 Joe Bolden LB 6-3 222 SO Cincinnati, Ohio (Colerain)
36 Joe Kerridge FB 6-0 241 RS SO Traverse City, Mich. (St. Francis)
36 AJ Pearson DB 6-0 199 RS FR Johns Creek, Ga. (Northview HS)
38 Thomas Rawls RB 5-10 217 JR Flint, Mich. (Flint Northern)
39 Sione Houma FB 6-0 229 SO Salt Lake City, Utah (Highland HS)
40 Antonio Poole LB 6-2 218 RS SO Cincinnati, Ohio (Winton Woods)
42 Dylan Esterline TE 6-5 240 RS JR Blissfield, Mich. (Blissfield)
43 Will Hagerup P 6-4 227 SR Milwaukee, Wis. (Whitefish Bay)
43 Chris Wormley DL 6-4 290 RS FR Toledo, Ohio (Whitmer HS)
45 Matt Wile PK 6-2 215 JR San Diego, Calif. (Francis Parker)
46 Clark Grace TE 6-3 228 RS FR Tecumseh, Ontario (L'essor HS)
47 Jake Ryan LB 6-3 241 RS JR Westlake, Ohio (St. Ignatius)
48 Desmond Morgan LB 6-1 227 JR Holland, Mich. (West Ottawa)
49 Brad Anlauf WR 6-4 187 RS FR Hinsdale, Ill. (Hinsdale Central HS)
49 Kaleb Ringer LB 6-1 236 RS FR Clayton, Ohio (Northmont)
50 Tom Strobel DE 6-6 262 RS FR Mentor, Ohio (Mentor HS)
51 Bobby Henderson RB 5-11 226 RS FR Hopewell Junction, NY (John Jay HS)
52 Royce Jenkins-Stone LB 6-2 215 SO Detroit, Mich. (Cass Tech HS)
53 Mario Ojemudia DE 6-3 244 SO Farmington Hills, Mich. (Harrison HS)
54 Jareth Glanda LS 6-3 246 RS SR Rochester Hills, Mich. (Brother Rice)
54 Richard Ash DT 6-3 316 RS JR Pahokee, Fla. (Pahokee)
55 Jibreel Black DT 6-2 276 SR Cincinnati, Ohio (Wyoming)
56 Ondre Pipkins DT 6-3 308 SO Kansas City, Mo. (Park Hill HS)
56 Joey Burzynski OL 6-1 291 RS JR Carlsbad, Calif. (Carlsbad)
57 Frank Clark DE 6-2 277 JR Cleveland, Ohio (Glenville)
58 Chris Bryant OL 6-4 325 RS SO Chicago, Ill. (Simeon)
59 Mark Lawson LB 6-2 215 RS FR Ada, Mich. (Forest Hills Eastern HS)
60 Jack Miller OL 6-4 291 RS SO Perrysburg, Ohio (St. John's Jesuit)
61 Graham Glasgow OL 6-6 303 RS SO Aurora, Ill. (Marmion Academy)
62 Blake Bars OL 6-5 284 RS FR Nashville, Tenn. (Montgomery Bell Academy)
63 Ben Pliska OL 6-3 280 RS FR Kirkland, Wash. (Lake Washington HS)
65 Kyle Bosch OL 6-5 307 FR Wheaton, Ill. (St. Francis)
66 Dan Liesman LB 6-2 220 RS FR Lansing, MI (Lansing Catholic HS)
67 Kyle Kalis OL 6-5 297 RS FR Lakewood, Ohio (Saint Edward HS)
69 Erik Gunderson OL 6-8 316 RS SR Milan, Mich. (Milan)
69 Willie Henry DT 6-2 306 RS FR Cleveland, Ohio (Glenville HS)
70 Kristian Mateus OL 6-7 306 RS JR Ada, Mich. (Forest Hills Central)
71 Ben Braden OL 6-6 314 RS FR Rockford, Mich. (Rockford HS)
72 Logan Tuley-Tillman OL 6-7 285 FR Peoria, Ill. (Manual)
75 Michael Schofield OL 6-7 303 RS SR Orland Park, Ill. (Carl Sandburg)
76 Quinton Washington DT 6-4 305 RS SR St. Stephen, S.C. (Timberland)
77 Taylor Lewan OL 6-8 308 RS SR Scottsdale, Ariz. (Chaparral)
78 Erik Magnuson OL 6-6 286 RS FR San Diego, Calif. (La Costa Canyon HS)
79 Dan Gibbs OL 6-7 311 RS FR Birmingham, Mich. (Seaholm HS)
82 Amara Darboh WR 6-2 213 SO Des Moines, Iowa (Dowling Catholic)
84 A.J. Williams TE 6-6 265 SO Cincinnati, Ohio (Sycamore HS)
85 Joe Reynolds WR 6-1 200 RS SR Rochester, Mich. (Rochester Adams)
86 Jehu Chesson WR 6-3 193 RS FR St. Louis, Mo. (Ladue Horton Watkins HS)
88 Jake Butt TE 6-6 231 FR Pickerington, Ohio (Pickerington North)
91 Alex Mitropoulos-Rundus TE 6-2 254 RS SO Ann Arbor, Mich. (Pioneer HS)
91 Kenneth Allen K/P 6-3 212 RS FR Fenton, Mich. (Fenton HS)
92 Keith Heitzman DE 6-3 277 RS SO Hilliard, Ohio (Hilliard Davidson)
94 Jordan Paskorz TE 6-3 251 RS JR Gibsonia, Pa. (Hampton)
95 Anthony Capatina DB 5-9 179 RS JR Novi, Mich. (Detroit Catholic Central HS)
95 Michael Jocz TE 6-4 213 RS FR Novi, Mich. (Novi HS)
96 Ryan Glasgow DL 6-4 295 RS FR Aurora, Ill. (Marmion Academy)
97 Brennen Beyer DE 6-3 254 JR Canton, Mich. (Plymouth)
99 Matthew Godin DE 6-6 277 RS FR Novi, Mich. (Catholic Central HS)



March 16th, 2013 at 6:54 AM ^

And isn't he the top returning receiver?  Like others, it nice to see the 6'2" receivers, but I'm going to miss not having even a single slot ninja after this year.  MSU fans were going apeshit over Drew Dileo's catches last year because he was so small (well and some fans threw in his race as well) and was getting wide open against their vaunted defense.  


March 15th, 2013 at 10:43 PM ^

With Butt already listed as slightly heavier then Funcess, is there a chance he has a bigger freshman impact then Funchess did? Or does everyone think he will still be behind Funchess and Williams on the depth chart due to their extra year of experience.

I realize we won't know much more until the Fall but just curious as to what others opinions are on the TE situation this year.


March 15th, 2013 at 10:43 PM ^

Also would like to see Strobel with a little more weight. If he's pegged for SDE, he needs to, you know, add some of it. He's looking more like a WDE weight wise. We need some depth at SDE, and I'm sure the coaches are counting on Strobel.


March 15th, 2013 at 11:11 PM ^

Interesting how some d-linemen are labeled DT and some are labeled DE. Wormley is labeled DL - guess we still don't know if he's a 5tech or 3tech. In think we need him at the 5 more....


March 15th, 2013 at 11:43 PM ^

is the "RS" in DG's line.


EDIT: I notice that no "RS" shows for Countess yet.  Should we start dozens of threads about it until it happens? 


March 16th, 2013 at 1:00 AM ^

For the little that it's worth, I think the coaching staff should really consider moving Mario Ojemudia to SAM linebacker. It would alleviate some of the depth issues at that position considering Cam Gordon graduates after next season.


Mr. Yost

March 16th, 2013 at 7:24 AM ^

Not sure if you meant Desmond Morgan or Frank Clark.

But again, you guys are freaking out over players who are 18-19 years old and they're STILL Freshman.

Most guys LOSE weight during the year. Especially if they're playing. Bolden, Ross, RJS and Funchess all played a great deal last season.

These guys also aren't linemen, they're not going to gain 15-20 pounds overnight. At least we should hope not.

Check back in the fall...they will have had an entire summer to condition, eat and focus on football.

Everyone needs to relax.

I'm surprised not one person has mentioned Mike Jones still being on the roster as a RS Sr.

That's what popped out to me first.

Mr. Yost

March 16th, 2013 at 7:39 AM ^

#1 Will Hagerup and Mike Jones (who?) both listed on the roster. Hagerup is suspended and Jones was rumored not to get a 5th year. For the scholly watchers...this stuck out. Jordan Paskorz is too.

#2 Everyone's crying about weights of guys still in their freshman year...I got back and look at 2 seniors in Marvin Robinson and Cam Gordon and neither is particularly "big" for his position. Furman, same thing.

#3 I didn't see any mention of freshman #'s!

Ross Douglas #7
Dymonte Thomas #25
Taco Charlton #33
Kyle Bosch #65
Logan Tuley-Tillman #72
Jake Butt #88

#4 Poor Chris Bryant...I really think he would've went into the spring as a starting OG with Kalis, then he got injured, he's gained some weight and he's going to have to fight for that spot in the fall

#5 Wormley should be ready to contribute...he's the same size RVB was when he left. RVB flipped between the 3-tech and 5-tech, I think Wormley will do the same this year before settling into the 3-tech spot

#6 Jake Ryan is still big enough to play some WDE

#7 Bobby Henderson? He's a walk-on RB with #51!!

#8 Pip-Pip HORRAY!! Henry too!

#9 There are TWO Glasgow's....people seem to only think there is one and get shocked that he moves back and forth on the line so much

#10 We can roll out a o-line with guys 6'7+ #MANBALL


March 16th, 2013 at 10:46 AM ^

Whether it's fair or not I think we are internally comparing ourselves to the Alabama's of the world.  We would like to see our OL in 310-330 range versus the 290-310 range.  We would like to see the LBs in the 230-250 range versus the 210-230 range.  We would like to see our  safeties all over 6ft tall in the 200-215 range versus the 185-200 range.  Is any of that fair?...probably not.  But, internally we are hoping for ideals versus what is realistic.  Some kids are still young and will still grow, but many of them will compete immediately or have already so we expect them to be at the ideal weights if they are on the field.  Fair or not I think that's kind of the internal though process.  But, I hear what you're saying.  It is nice to see some of the freshman like Butt, Bosch, Thomas, and Charlton to be just as large or larger as the guys they are competing with.  I think the same will be true of some more incoming guys that haven't gotten here yet too.

Mr. Yost

March 16th, 2013 at 8:38 PM ^

On offense, I'm perfectly okay with that because I think we want to have an Alabama offense. On defense, we run a completely different scheme.

On defense we'd be starting Black at WDE, Pipkins at NG, Q at SDE, Clark/Ojemudia and Beyer at OLB, Ryan and Morgan at MLB.

When you do that we compare a little better. But we've asked Pipkins and Q to lose weight due to scheme and Clark/Ojemudia and Beyer play DE not OLB...but if they did, they'd be as big  Bama's OLBs.


However, the BIGGEST flaw with what you said is you're comparing SENIORS on Bama to FRESHMAN on Michigan. Let's compare to Bama's freshman and I think those of you that feel this way will have a different take.

Here are Bama's Freshman Olinemen:

58 greene brandon Brandon Greene Offensive Line 1 FR 77 6-5/292 HS Ellenwood, Ga. (Cedar Grove)
74 gulledge caleb Caleb Gulledge Offensive Line 1 FR 76 6-4/280 HS Prattville. Ala. (Prattville)
70 kelly ryan Ryan Kelly Offensive Line 1 FR 77 6-5/288 RS West Chester, Ohio (Lakota West)
68 luatua isaac Isaac Luatua Offensive Line 1 FR 74 6-2/313 RS La Mirada, Calif. (La Mirada)
67 shine alex Alex Shine Offensive Line 1 FR 75 6-3/300 HS Scottsdale, Ariz. (Chaparral)
69 waldrop paul Paul Waldrop Offensive Line 1 FR 76 6-4/267 HS Phenix City, Ala. (Central)

...that's really not that far off from what Michigan has brought in.


March 17th, 2013 at 1:08 PM ^

My projections were based on whether or not the player was a likely candidate to start or play significantly not their class rank, it just happens that we are projecting a lot of RS freshman and sophmores to start.  Also I was comparing last year's Alabama team to this year's projected UM starters.  So, that may make a difference in how you view it. Maybe that's stacking the chips in my favor, but that was how I was looking at it because they won the national championship last year, I'm not sure how they will be this year yet.  Anyways...


I can understand about Pipkins and Q-Wash...I don't see them as undersized.  Our DEs probably are a little, particularly Ojemudia, even if you consider him a JACK he's still undersized in comparison.  At linebacker Alabama's SAM was 6'6" 248, Ryan is 6'3" 241.  Alabama's MIKE was 6'2" 245, Bolden is 6'3" 222 and RJS is 6'2" 215.  Alabama's WILL was 6'3" 245, Morgan is 6'1" 227 and Ross is 6'1" 223.  Alabama's JACK was 6'3" 262 which is the position I'm assuming you're using to compare Beyer or Ojemudia.  Beyer is 6;3" 254 and Ojemudia is 6'2" 244.  For what it's worth 3 of those 4 starters last year from Alabama were true sophmores.  So, even if your chosing the larger of the two projected starters for UM they still are typically 10-20 pounds lighter at every position.  Obviously it's even more evident at OL and the same is true of our DBs.


I think Ryan is fine.  But, basically that's a long of way of saying I'd like Ojemudia, Bolden, RJS, Morgan, and Ross to be 15 lbs heavier.  The same goes for our Kalis, Miller, Avery, Richardson, and Wilson fwiw.

Blue boy johnson

March 16th, 2013 at 9:07 AM ^

What jumps out at me is the size of Kyle Bosch. Bosch's size, as well as him being here in the spring, puts Kyle on the fast track to becoming a starter on the OL next season as one of the replacements for Lewan and Schofield.

All our OL our highly rated but Bosch already has 20+ pounds on Magnuson and Bars, and that will be difficult for them to overcome all things being equal.

Interesting that Bars lost 7 pounds from the fall camp.

2012 fall roster

Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Elig.
Blake Bars OL 6-5 291 FR
Kyle Kalis OL 6-5 294 FR
Ben Braden OL 6-6 308 FR
Erik Magnuson OL 6-6 285 FR

2013 spring roster

Name Pos. Ht. Wt. Elig.
Blake Bars OL 6-5 284 RS FR
Kyle Kalis OL 6-5 297 RS FR
Ben Braden OL 6-6 314 RS FR
Erik Magnuson OL 6-6 286 RS FR
Logan Tuley-Tillman OL 6-7 285 FR
Kyle Bosch OL 6-5 307 FR



March 16th, 2013 at 10:35 AM ^

I guess I had assumed we'd be a little bigger than we are...we are not there yet it seems.  I'd hoped we see both our guards well over 300, not that Kalis is far, but I figured he'd be at least 10 pounds heavier.  I also sort of figured our LBs would be in the 230-250 range versus the 210-230 range.  Heck Bolden was listed as 7lbs heavier last year.  Granted it was probably not real, but still sort of led me to believe we was bigger than 223lbs.  Our starting DBs have decent size, but our backups are tiny (Avery, Hollowell, Richardson).  It would be nice to have safities that are over 6'0" 200lbs.  I know Gordon won't grow, but it'd be nice to see Wilson a little heavier.  Thomas seems like he has a frame to eventually be the body type we want but is a few years away from that now.  Ojemudia put on a few pounds but not enough to make a difference...same with Funchess.  On the good side it's good to see Hayes is no longer in the 180s.  It seems like Butt, Thomas, Bosch, and Charlton are college ready...at least in compared to their competition on the team.  I just wish Bolden, RJS, Morgan, Ojemudia, Funchess, Kalis, Wilson, Avery, and Richardson/Hollowell were all a little bigger because they all seem to set for a decent amount of playing time this year, although some more than others.