2013 Recruiting class review w/ Jeff Hecklinski & Chris Singletary

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via Sam Webb's on-air WTKA show:


A lot of coach speak is involved, but it does delve into their minds a little bit, allowing you to better understand the perspective of the coaches during the recruiting process.

Many of the prospects were evaluated and assessed during the camp circuits. Specifically, of course, Michigan's. It's interesting to note that Chris Fox camped as a sophomore and Channing Stribling camped for five days in order to prove worthy of an offer. In context too, it almost seems as if the coaches loved his enthusiasm and competitiveness so much, they wanted to see him cover everyone. Relentless. Regardless, they say that camps are successful in allowing the coaches to see what a prospect is like, say, over film.

While a lot of this may seem obvious, it's not so obvious or even warranted to lose your cool over losing out on "starred" talent. Cease your rudimentary analysis. Hecklinski reiterates that they want kids who want to win and win at Michigan. They know how to recruit for their system, and what it will take to make these kids champions if they work. So let it unfold.

Da'Mario Jones is also highlighted in this conversation as a kid who came to camp and worked his ass off because he wanted to be a part of Michigan. Pretty sure the SEC came knocking on that door, only to be turned away, no?

All in all, a good read. They touch on QB recruiting numbers as well, FWIW.



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I can't wait for Stribling to come in to his own. Our whole 2013 secondary is gonna surprise people. It's like Mattison said: there are some 5 stars I wouldn't mind playing against.


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are saying, but I feel like Mattison has no regard for such an effect.  He does what he does: recruits whom and how he recruits and coaches defense how he coaches defense.  

I doubt he actively tries to throw Meyer off, but if you mean as a by-product, I suppose I could see that.  It just seems like they do two different things:  Mattison, his due diligence; Meyer: his ego.  


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That exchange made no sense. Singletary simply gave a straight forward answer to Webb's question.

So, to whom was Hecklinski referring?

1. It's hard to criticize Meyer when he just pulled in the top class in the country, doing whatever it is he's doing.

2. Dantonio follows the "Michigan first" model. However, he has tried to rationalize recent recruiting losses to UM by saying, "we recruit nationally."

3. The one guy who can reasonably be accused of looking nationally first, Michigan second (or third), is Rodriguez. But, again, Singletary simply responded to Webb. Webb's question was a reasonable one, not "stirring the pot."


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" In fact, a lot of our kids don't come off the field, and that's very important to us because that speaks to their competitiveness, their football passion, and they're wanting to win and help their teams in any capacity." - Coach Hecklinski, in the interview

I would think this is to our benefit. Even if they are being recruited to play particular positions, we are recruiting a fair number of kids that really do know the game from several different angles, as it were, and understand the side of the ball opposite the one they will play. In addition to what Hecklinski said above, it also gives the coaches players who can create due to that  working knowledge. That is definitely an advantage.

Great interview - thanks for posting this, jscbus.




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On average, I would say about 50% of starting quarterbacks in our league play defense, too.  One of them broke his collarbone playing safety, which screwed them over in the playoffs.

In my years of coaching, none of our starting quarterbacks has played defense except spot duty.  Like if the other team is throwing a Hail Mary and our 6'4" quarterback is our best athlete, it's not a bad idea to put him out there at the goal line and tell him to go knock the ball down...


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Was Chris the former Wolverine who was working as a Blue Lep bouncer and looking around for jobs in the athletic department? I recall reading a Michigan Daily article feature about him

Good to see he has a job


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You can tell why they attract kids with character - because they are stable and no BS coaches.

Add a few more elite kids to the mix in 2014 and our roster will be ready to battle all challengers.


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Yeah, I really like the athleticism and the way both Stribling and Jones go up for the ball and also catch with their hands.  They both seem like excellent, smooth, fluid athletes.  Both guys absolutely look to be significantly better than their rankings suggest.