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So this is a general question for the board, or more specifically those of you who claim to be in the know on things such as this. Are we planning on taking 1 or 2 DT's this year? From all the information posted on this board and elswhere we would look to be in a favorable position with Henry Poggi. However if you read Sam Webb's post in the Det News today you read about a guy Greg Webb who is very highly rated as well, and plans on making a visit in the near future. His dad, Mr. Webb states that his son really is quite high on the BIG TEN and would favor schools in BT over others. Sam Webb stated that Mr. Webb really liked one Mike Martin, and respected what he has been able to at Michigan both on and off the field.

Where do we stand with taking both? I personally think Pipkins will be starting by mid year but after that we dont have a ton of depth. The Willie Henry kid was a nice pickup but we need more in my opinion. For those of you clamoring for another year of taking 4 LB's I think this is a much bigger position of need and I hope we take 2, and Poggi and Webb would be a great pick up, especially with Poggi's ability to possibly play next to both Pipkins and Webb.


Tidbit: Webb plans on taking a visit to Mich and Mich State when he comes . . . . I think we recently collected an OL commit in much the same way. Sparty would fall on their own sword if we did it to em again!!



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The "good friends" thing is over blown IMO..alot of kids play in the same state and are friends but its not like they are lifelong friends..most have met recently thru social media or camps..if its Armani Reeves and Cam Williams kinda friends i think it holds water but not if its Erik Magnuson and Josh Garnett friends ...i know it still kinda stings..sorry


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And what do those same insiders know or think about the recent claim by RDT in another thread that there are DT recruits saying they've been told by Michigan that the class is full?  Can anyone corroborate that?  If so, what do you make of it?  (If not, then we probably shouldn't waste our time speculating.)


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The rumors that we are not recruiting DT are baseless.  Clearly we are.  Who really knows why these rumors are happening.  Is it a conspiracy?  Probably not.  It’s probably just the “telephone” game in real life.  My kids love the game.  Remember: One kid whispers something to another kid and that kid whispers it to another kid…   After 5-10 kids, what comes out the other side is completely different.

How it applies here:  If you research any actual source on this DT rumor the only example I can find is Darious Latham.   But what was actually said is different from what is being concluded.  What we know is that Latham was being recruited as a DT (because we’re full at OT and we need DT).  Everybody else is recruiting Latham as an OT.   Tremendous, I believe, spoke to Latham and was told we are no longer recruiting him.  This does not mean we are no longer recruiting DTs.  It’s more likely that Latham wants to be an OT and we need DTs.  Clearly if you look at all the reports we are still aggressively recruiting DTs (more later).  By the way, there are other reasons the coaches decide not to recruit kids as well:  Academics, twitter, silent commit etc., and they are not allowed to speak publically about why without violating the recruiting regulations.  Let's not jump to conclusions.

If RDT wants to provide a direct source (either a Michigan Coach or a recruit that was told we are full at DT) that let’s hear it.  Unfortunately, RDT is now being quoted (on other sites) as that Bama guy on the Mgoblog board with knowledgeable insiders who says we are no longer recruiting DTs.   If you like conspiracy theories (and I don’t) you can assume that the some of the top DTs on our board are also the top DTs on Bama’s board.   Oops I shouldn’t say that.  I would be guilty of starting a baseless rumor.  :-)

For my sources read my tag line below.


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From what I hear we'll likely take 3-4 DL, likely two DT and two DE so I see it as very likely to take both Webb and Poggi, especially since I see Webb is more 1 tech and Poggi versatile enough to play multiple positions across the line.   On a side note, when did folks anoint  RDT as the czar of recruiting knowledge?  I have nothing wrong with his posting but he is quoting from "insiders" just like anyone of us can and folks are taking it as truth.   There has been no reporting of our coaches saying we are full at DT.  I think we need to be careful because some fans have a habit of running with rumors that have no veracity, which makes the entire fanbase look like imbeciles to other fans and even recruits.  (i.e. Farrell/Isaac)


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He seems to know some people connected intimtately connected to the college football recruiting world. But many people have those connections. Nonetheless, he has provided good and insightful information since he has been here.

Also, I think people are slightly misconstruing his point. He seemed to be saying that Michigan coaches feel really good about some of their top targets (like Poggi) and it seems to being showing in the recruiting world. I got the impression that means we are not reaching out from some of our top targets and will not recuiting new DT's and could be done with DT in the next couple of months. Regardless, time will tell.


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Not all DTs are created equal.  Poggi would most likely play the 3 tech DT while Webb is most likely a NT in our defense. 

We might be full at DT, but I think the coaches separate DTs and NTs.  Do you guys remember last year when the coaches specified to O'brien that we would only take 1 NT?


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I think the staff is feeling confident with some of the players they have highly rated and are dropping the recruitment of guys they have offered, but are lower rated in their eyes.

Still expect them to take two DL (plus Taco), just at different positions on the line.


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I think people take the numbers-game a bit too literally. When coaches say they're looking for, say, two LBs or one DT, it doesn't mean they necessarily will stick to those exact numbers. Wiggle-room is allowed and necessary. If M lands Poggi, it may or may not sign another DT, depending on who else is available. Or, at RB, M may have fulfilled its allotment...unless Ty Isaac wants in. Don't get so hung-up on the "quota" system. It's only an estimate. 

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I'd take Webb right now if he wants to come. there would still be an open spot for Poggi and that would put all the more pressure on him to make his decision. Poggi's time frame runs til about June...


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Though both positions are technically DTs they are very different and the kids recruited to each position are completely different types.  Poggi could never be a NT while someone like Pipkins is a prototypical NT.  Lumping NTs and 3 techs together as DTs is the same as calling both a cover corner and a big SS DBs - yes they are both defensive backs but the type of athlete recruited for each position is completely different.


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Our depth at either DT is limited at this point.  Until Poggi is a sure-thing, Webb would be a welcome addition to the 2013 class.  One of our projected starters in 2012 at DT was recruited as an offensive lineman.  If we want to be able to rotate 4-5 guys in at DT every game, we certainly need to add 2 DT's in this class.


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Vanderdoes kid would play DT, arent we recruiting him? Nobody mentioned his name here. Hes the Cali DT who's HS team sports the Winged helmet.


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Elite NT/DT are few and far between (and are true difference makers on the field).  Getting one of those three would be good; two would be great; three would be legendary!  All three have extensive offer lists from big time programs so, from a probability perspective, we should be happy to get one (but definitely make room for at least two).  A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush so the sooner the better.  Poggi seems like the highest probability followed by Webb.  Vanderdoes is a lottery ticket (the probability of getting West Coast kids is pretty low unless there is some family history or significant connection).  Not to say that it can't happen but the Poggi and Webb seem more likely IMHO. 


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I do not pretend to be an expert in recruiting but some things are fairly obvious if you read up and check the sources. 

I believe we are recruiting two DTs.  Of the two, the highest priority, is a nose tackle or 1-tech.  We know this because a great nose tackle is critical to Mattison’s offence.  There is plenty of public evidence to support our aggressive DT recruiting and that nose-tackle is critical need.  Latham is a 3-tech.  He’s said this in an interview. 

As far as who might be on our board for nose-tackle, below is a list of guys that we’ve offered and that have expressed interest in visiting at one point.  I don’t know if all of these guys are truly nose tackle candidates.  I understand our prototype nose tackle is an incredibly strong guy that can get up to 320lbs of muscle and can draw in a OT double team.  But here is the list (offered and interested at one time):


 Greg Webb




6’2” 290


 Rod Crayton

DT – 1T, 3T



6’2” 290


 Montravius Adams

DT - 1T, 3T


6’4” 285


 Eddie Vanderdoes

DT - 1T, 3T, DE


6’4” 285


 Michael Hill

DT - 1T



6’2” 315


 Henry Poggi

DT - 3T



6’3” 250

Hill is said to be an Ohio fan and probably not interested.  There is a 247 article on his interest somewhere if anybody is a member.

Vanderdoes says he’s interested but is rumored to be a Ducks fan.  He’s also listed as a DE.  I don’t know if he could play nose.

Crayton has visited and is interested according to Tremendous.

Adams said he’s interested but everyone doubts he’ll leave the SEC

I left Poggi on the list above but he doesn’t fit the NT need.

Webb is of course interested.  He’s being talked about now because he’s visiting. 

There are others that we’ve offered and have been mentioned on different sites.  Check the recruiting sites.  Tremendous has a fantastic primer on our defensive needs and offers but does not separate 1-tech from 3-tech (thttp://thisismichiganfootball.blogspot.com/2012/03/possibilities-defens…)

By the way, Poggi, Adams, Hill, and Webb are all on the top of Bama’s board.