2013 Big Ten All-Conference Football Selections

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The Big Ten Network will be announcing the Big Ten’s All-Conference selections tomorrow at 5:00 PM.

It might be hard for any Michigan players other than Blake Countess (who tied for the Big Ten lead in interceptions) and Jeremy Gallon (second in the Big Ten in receptions, yards per reception and yards per game; third in touchdown receptions and average receiving yards per game) to make the first team; but I’d guess that Taylor Lewan will get consideration for the second team if he's not considered for the first team, and that Devin Gardner (seoond best QB Rating in the Big Ten behind Braxton Miller), Devin Funchess, James Ross III, Frank Clark, Desmond Morgan, Brendan Gibbons and Raymon Taylor will get consideration for honorable mention.



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and maybe Countess with his B1G 10 leading 6 INT's. However because of the poor play of our secondary he might get pushed down. Second team for sure. Gardner might get 2nd if he can beat out scheelhaase. Gardner is 2nd in ypg and scheelhaase is 1st. Funchess will take the TE spot if he counts as a TE. 


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Perhaps someone has found something that I have not, but is there a list of projected honorees anywhere? I thought there might have been a few reasoned articles last year on the subject but I haven't found anything regarding this year's potential candidates. Well, in my travels, a certain site that is site non grata here had a flagrantly biased projection, I should say. I was wondering if anyone had stumbled upon one wherein Ohio State does not win all the awards, if you will. 


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I think lewan will get first team. He's still projected as the second best OL in most of the major draft projections. He had to deal with a lot this year and had his ups and downs. I think he'll be a great nfl tackle soon.


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The fact that DG, and no offense to him, is in the argument for the second best Qb in the conference with the season he and we have had is quite the indictment against the conference.


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That's not what I'm saying at all. Sky is pretty much the limit for DG. But our offense wasn't running at high efficiency all season. Devin had quite a few turnovers this season. Completion % wasn't amazing either. And there were games where we did next to nothing on offense (Northwestern, second half Iowa, Nebraska etc). He had a good season, not great, not terrible, but a big time conference like the B1G should have better Qb play overall. DGs season shouldn't be worthy of All Conference second team, no offense to him.


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@rivalsmike: According to coach Partridge at PC only official visit Jabrill Peppers scheduled is #Michigan. Will determine if he wants others after that

Avon Barksdale

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I haven't studied All Big Ten teams, but some of you are naming close seven to ten players .... I would think that's a little high for a 7-5 team that finished 5th in our division.

Probably Lewan, Gallon, Funchess, Countess. Maybe Gardner. But I could be totally wrong? How many did we get in 2010 at 7-5?


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I think Lewan will get first-team nod because of the name factor as well as the fact that I'm not sure there has been a particularly standout performance by a tackle this year in the conference.  I do agree about Countess and Gallon, and I expect to see Ryan and Taylor also get some love, hopefully on the 2nd team, and maybe Clark on the 3rd team if they look at his progression.  Personally, I'd love for Black to get notice because he's a personal favorite of mine all year, but we'll see.


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Gallon, Countess, likely 1st team, Lewan good chance 1st team. Funchess 3rd team WR, not a TE. Gardner good chance for 3rd team. Gibbons maybe 3rd team. Ryan not likely more than HM due to missing too many games.

Gustavo Fring

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But I feel like it was worth mentioning that Brandon Graham was an absolute monster for the Eagles today.  Had two sacks and wreaked havoc on Arizona's offensive line and Carson Palmer.  He's still adjusting to becoming a 3-4 outside linebacker but is really coming along well.  Very positive to see (and not just as an Eagles fan) because he has been derided as a bust and the Eagles have been chastised for taking him over Jason Pierre-Paul and Earl Thomas.  His play has come along very well this season.  Also played very well against RGIII and the Redskins last week.


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There are 2 all-Conference teams: media and coaches. Damn near every starter will get some recognition. I think the whole thing is sort of meaningless. I'm interested if we'll have any All-Americas.


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The 2012 Big-Ten All-Conference first team, as voted by the coaches, included Taylor Lewan (T) and Patrick Omameh (G).  On the second team were Craig Roh (DL) and Jordan Kovacs (DB).  Honorable mentions were given to J. T. Floyd, Jeremy Gallon, Brendan Gibbons, Will Hagerup, Roy Roundtree and Jake Ryan.  So, ten Michigan players were honored last season.
Lewan was named Offensive Lineman of the Year.  Will Hagerup was named the Punter of the Year, even though Michigan State’s P Mike Sadler was chosen for the first team and Nebraska’s P Brett Maher was picked for the second team.  Go figure.
For the 2013 teams, I've just suggested players who might be under consideration for All-Conference honors, although I realize that it's just as likely that no Michigan players will be named to the first team this year and that only four or five Michigan players will receive any mention on the Al-Conference lists.
Among Taylor Lewan’s competition for first team offensive tackle honors this year probably will be Ohio State’s Jack Mewhort, Iowa’s Brandon Scherff, Nebraska’s Jeremiah Sirles and Wisconsin’s Rob Havenstein.
While I agree that Devin Funchess would be considered as the first team tight end, for most of the season, he was being lined up as a wide receiver while Jake Butt, A. J. Williams and occasionally A.J. Paskorz and Taylor Lewan were lined up as tight ends. I don’t think that Funchess would be considered for first or second team as a wide receiver.


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The media also selects all-conference teams.  In 2012 they were more generous with Michigan than the coaches were, and they honored 13 Wolverines.  Lewan (first team OL) was the only Michigan player named to either team on offense; and Hagerup was the first team P and Jake Ryan one of the second team LBs on defense.  Honorable mention went to Will Campbell, J. T. Floyd, Devin Funchess, Jeremy Gallon, Brendan Gibbons, Jordan Kovacs, Patrick Omameh, Denard Robinson, Craig Roh and Roy Roundtree.



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I see Lewan, Gibbons, and Gallon as possible first teamers.  Countess I see more likely as a second teamer.  Gibbons and Clark also have a chance for second team.  I'm not sure Gardner makes anything other than honorable mention, but then again, the B1G hasn't exactly been blessed with dominant QBs this season.