2013 5-star CB Priest Willis Shows Interest

Submitted by RakeFight on July 31st, 2012 at 4:29 PM

Maybe nothing, but 5-star, top 5 CB Priest Willis told Shane Morris today that Michigan was in his top list, and asked what the scholarship picture was looking like.

Given all the hype around Green and Treadwell, and the fact that I don't believe Willis has ever been on record as being all that interested in Michigan, he has not been "on the radar," and I thought this might make for interesting discussion.  Is there a spot for him in this class?


@S_Morris12 how long do you think that last Michigan spot is going to be open ? There in my top



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Is there a spot? Maybe, if two of Green, Treadwell or someone else doesn't commit before him. I would be extremely surprised to see Willis commit since, like you said, he hasn't seemed to have been on the radar for a while, if ever.


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It looks like people were wrong about us switching to a 3-4 defense.  It looks more like we'll switch to a 0-0-11 defense if this guy commits.


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Well, they're both pretty good, but it depends on what position you want.  I think Willis could actually hack it at cornerback at the next level, whereas McQuay's abilities at corner would be pretty limited.  If it were up to me, I'd probably take Willis because he could play anywhere in the defensive backfield.


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Seems like any player that could potentially commit down the road would be in substantial enough contact with the coaches to know how many scholarships may be available. Just my thought as of now, obvoiously contact could increase over the many months before NSD.


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attrition imo...this guy isn't serious though, just playing games like most 18 year olds do...i'm pretty sure the ship has sailed...if anything I could see something happening on NSD but by then we could have a spot or two left.

NOLA Wolverine

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Given the choice, I'd take Ross Douglass over Willis after watching their films. If it was up to me, I'd take my chances waiting on Green or McQuay for that "best availible" spot over grabbing Priest Willis. 

Leroy Hoard

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Priest apparently announced a "Top 15" about three weeks ago:

Notre Dame
Florida State
Arizona State

It may be that what really happened here (not that I have any actual info) is that USC was where he was targeting but they are now full (I believe) and he is hunting around for real.  Feel bad for the kid if that is true - I think that early committing will continue to be the trend because stories like this are becoming more commonplace.


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LSU leads. USC looks full at DB so he probably isn't going there. ND is 2nd or 3rd at this point but he will official for the ND vs Michigan game.


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LSU leads. USC looks full at DB so he probably isn't going there. ND is 2nd or 3rd at this point but he will official for the ND vs Michigan game.


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I'll personally pay for all of your children's future Michigan educations, if Priest ends up going blue. I'll even pay for monthly subscriptions to the site "vagtastic voyage", and allow my wife to see the credit card statement.


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Coast, mainly in Cali Willis is known as a stud w everyone you talk to. He had Michigan high on his list early on and then seemed destined for SC, w the Trojans taking all those D Linemen and DB he basically is a numbers casualty. I would take Willis now if he wants to come as I'm getting tired of the Treadwell McQuay I'd they will or won't, give me 2 Kids that really want to come here now and take them. I've seen this movie before w waiting on the recruits till the end and getting nothing in return. Garnett Diamond Dunn etc just to name a few recently.


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You know what I'm getting tired of?  People asserting that just because a kid doesn't commit super early that he doesn't really want to come here.  Would Willis want to be here more than Treadwell if they both committed today?  Just because a kid takes his time with his commitment doesn't mean his eventual decision means any less to him than the kids who commit as juniors.