2012 QB Prospect - Why not Neal Burcham?

Submitted by NOLA Blue on August 12th, 2011 at 3:58 PM


Apparently this kid is under-recruited, and with a list of considerations that includes the Arkansas State Red Wolves and Central Arkansas Bears among his top 5, I'd have to say it's a possibility.  (Of course, being recruited by Bobby Petrino, Mizzou and Tennessee brings some cred.)

He was just named co-MVP of the Elite 11.

Worth a shot?  Or should we go for another DT big enough to eat him?



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Why complicate things...We have Gardener and Morris in line.  Lets get more defensive beasts!  Question should not be why not Burcham, but why not more monsters for Mattison to mold into iron!


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That we haven't even offered a QB in months with 4 spots left tells me we aren't bothering with taking one.

Kid's offer sheet isn't exactly setting the world on fire either (Arkansas State and Central Arkansas).


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We have 4 spots left. 

There are at least 10 4-5* players at positions of some need (RB, WR) that are looking at Michigan seriously.  If we could get Diamond, Shiitu, Dunn, and those two 4* receivers to commit, which one would you turn down for this kid?

And by the time this kid gets on campus, we would have Denard for one more year, Devin for 2 and Morris coming in.  Why would we waste a spot?


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I wouldn't assume a QB is out of the question, but I would assume it would be someone they offer after examination for part or all of the high school season.

His Dudeness

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We don't need QBs. We need linemen and only linemen. Our linemen will hand ball to other linemen who will crush linemen with man power and size. Passing is for puss-ginas.


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Why is everyone pretty much disregarding Bellomy? From everything I've seen he can pass quite well and is even pretty quick. I think he will be just fine behind Gardner and Robinson which makes it so we don't need a QB this class.


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I don't think it's a matter of people overlooking Bellomy, it's a matter of depth. 3 QBs is pretty thin. We're already stuck on 3 for 2011, if we don't grab one in this class, it's 3 next year, if we don't take another in 2013, it's 3 that year, etc.


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I think 3 QBs is sufficient depth.  The only time in recent memory that I can recall Michigan playing more than 2 quarterbacks in the same season (other than in gabage time) was 2008, but only if you count Feagin. 

Edit: Duh, I forgot we played 3 last year.  (Of course, Devin didn't techincally play, so...")


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losing Mallet to transfer was no problem because we had a 3 QB depth chart...

I'm going to go with the idea that injury and transfer can make 3QB depth insufficient.  I would like to see 4 talented QBs on roster at all times.


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From this point on we should focus only on grabbing the elite of the elite. Ideally we could get that RB from our lady of good council and tip the scales to pull in Stefon Diggs. 




Josh Garnett

Wes Brown

Stefon Diggs

Yuri Wright


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So let me get this straight (no offense to the kid unless you're him):
<br>You want to "use" (waste) our last scholarship on a kid that isn't rated very well and has a top 5 including such powerhouses as Arkansas state and central?
<br>We have Denard for next year and Morris will be a freshman that year with Gardner and bellomy waiting in the wings.
<br>In conclusion you must be a family member.


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If you actually had read the post above, you would see that I did not suggest we "use a scholarship on this kid."  Rather, I posed the questions "Worth a shot?  Or should we go for another DT big enough to eat him?"

Granted, I can see that opening the spotlight on a kid might be something a family member would do.  But, seriously, don't the powers of deduction allow you to preclude that a family member would not have joined MGoBlog nearly 2 years ago, simply to some day spring a trap for a then-10th grade-relative?  (And spring that trap AFTER Michigan already had signed 23 players, and offered multiple QBs...)

Although I can see that the general concensus of the board is that "We don't need no stinking QB in this class," it wasn't too long ago that this very same group of MGoBloggers was drooling over the prospects of Gunner and Zeke.  Given that both of these previously offered, and highly drooled upon, QBs were at the very same camp as the QB in question, (whereupon said QB was ranked #1, Zeke was ranked #10 and Gunner didn't make the grade,) I do not see why making the mere suggestion of consideration would elicit such disdain and derision.

Carry on with the theme of the day, please do not stop to consider wrinkles in the pre-set destiny of Michigan Football as pre-ordained by the concensus of this website.  All hail!


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Burcham, over two seasons, threw for about 5,700 yards with more than 60 touchdowns while completing better than 63 percent of his throws, according to Tribble.

"That shows how stupid some of these people are in college football," said former veteran NFL quarterback Trent Dilfer, head coach to the Elite 11 participants at Pepperdine University this week. "If you're in that region and you haven't offered this kid, you're stupid."

"A lot of those [Elite 11] kids look like grown men," Tribble said. "Neal still looks like a 16-year-old. But somebody's going to end up getting him and say, 'Wow, how did we get this guy?'"



Look Up_See Blue

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I say we go for another DT that is big enough to eat him.  Only the coaches know at this point and the way they've been handling things I will trust their judgement and support their decisions.  After all, they are coaches for a reason.  Just like we are fans for a reason.