2012 Offer List - Updated

Submitted by umhero on March 21st, 2011 at 2:56 AM

I just spent the last few hours updating the 2012 offer list. http://mgoblog.com/content/2012-offer-list


We are up to 129 offers.  

  • 7 QBs
  • 10 RBs
  • 14 WRs
  • 7 TEs
  • 32 OL
  • 20 DEs
  • 13 DTs
  • 13 LBs
  • 6 CBs
  • 4 Ss 

Latest Revision-Added the following players from the listed sources:

Scout CB Brian Poole, Rivals DE Darius Hamilton, Scout DE Greg McMullen, Rivals DE James Deloach, Rivals DE Jarontay Jones, Scout DE LaTroy Lewis, Rivals DE Michael Moore, Rivals DT Jonathan Taylor, Rivals LB Dalton Santos, Rivals LB Joe Bolden, Rivals LB Raphael Kirby, Scout OG Caleb Stacey, Rivals OL Ben Braden, Rivals OL Daniel Isidora, Rivals OL Evan Boehm, Rivals OL John Michael McGee, Rivals OL Jonah Pirsig, Rivals OL Kyle Marrs, Rivals OL Trey Keenan, Scout OLB Kwon Alexander, Scout OT Erik Magnuson, Rivals RB I'Tavius Mathers, and Scout WR Amara Darboh 

Removed RB Demetrius Williams and S D.J. Singleton since I couldn't find them as having offers on Rivals, Scout, 247 Sports, or in any of TomVH's posts. (If anyone can confirm, from a legitimate source, that these two have offers feel free to re-add them).

Also, since Rivals has identified some of their 5 Stars, for players that have received that designation I placed that in the Rivals 250 column.



March 21st, 2011 at 6:47 AM ^

It doesn't worry me in the least.  To pick an arbitrary number, let's say elite players end up with offers from twenty elite schools.  Doing the math, if everything else is equal, that would mean putting out 400 offers to get twenty players.  

Everything isn't equal, of course, but you still have to put a lot of offers out.  It's just the way things are done right now.  And we have a lot more access to free information than we used to.  For all we know, maybe it has been done this way all along, but we didn't have as much access to info.

Anyway, saying, "we're Michigan, don't you know the value of a Michigan scholarship" might sound great to us, but to a recruit, it's just another sales pitch.


March 21st, 2011 at 10:11 AM ^

NO...They're putting their names out there and pitching the Michigan brand to every school & elite recruit that will listen. I think what they're doing is smart. Remember, these are only verbals; some of these people might never get a written offer.

I like them going after every big fish and not backing down. It's also pretty apparent that they're looking at the trenches big time.

I want the Dream Team (Ross/RSJ/Richardson)



March 21st, 2011 at 7:58 AM ^

We have some catching up to do in recruiting top tier kids.  Many of today's high school standouts are influenced by style, bravado, and recent winning streaks.  We have to prove on the field that Michigan is back by string together a few quality wins with an upset here and there.  If we do this then targeted kids will connect our outstanding winning tradition to our current coaching staff.  

Though some kids factor in the value of a scholarship at a school as most important - as do many parents - many kids tend to put more value on the probabilty a specific program experience will increase their chances of playing on Sunday.  Of course only a small percentage of these "dreamers" will actually make it at the pro level, but perception is the driver here.

Coach Hoke has style (positive contemporary personality) and bravado (a confident manly swagger). The only thing left to show is the winning.  I'm not setting a target number of wins, because a few upsets here and there can overcome the perception that a certain number of wins are needed to appease the masses.  

Amazingly through the losses and downturn a number of kids still sought the Michigan experience in our football program.  It makes sense though as RR was selling uniqueness and instant playing time on the offensive side.  However we must get back to basics, such as a stout and nasty defense.  This was and always will be Michigan style football.

I'm biased toward Michigan, but I believe we'll be fine on the field and we'll get back to being a top flight program that is targeted by talented kids - as has been in the past.