2011 UM - OSU on ESPN Classic now.

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2011 UM - OSU on ESPN Classic now.
Denard was a beast. I think some have forgotten how tough as nails that kid was every game. His will to win was infectious.



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Defenses were so worried about stopping him that they usually broke assignment which led to him dominating as usual. The kid loves the game of football and he gave everything he had every game for Michigan.


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There was a comment from an Arkansas blog in TWIS that was hilarious. It was something to the effect of how Bielema, in his introductory presser, had promised to take Arkansas football to places it had not been. Now that he has accomplished this - they have the longest losing streak in program history and they are now winless in the SEC for the first time ever apparently - he has been declared a man of his word. 


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Fuck this. I may be drunk but we are winning tomorrow. Dominating te shot out of them. It's over, Michigan wins 49-0, free cars for everyone, bkfinest it.


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is that 2011's victory, while epic to us, represented the low point for OSU the past 10 years.  Think about that.  Their one loss in 10 years, a loss by 6 points, is the low point for them in this "rivalry".  They aren't fixated on it because they have memories going back 10 years about their wins. 

We are now the 4th or 5th best in the Big Ten.  I was watching Iowa today and thought about how much better they looked, as a team and as a program.  Their losses were to teams a combined 41-3.  They lost to undefeated Northern Iowa by 3.  Northern Iowa would CRUSH Michigan in its current form.  Northen.  Iowa.  They lost to Michigan State by 12 and Ohio State by 10.  They were actually IN both of those games!  I would feel so much better about UM football if we won/lost like Iowa did... and yet we haven't.  We barely beat UConn.  Barely beat Akron.  Sorry - but that is the craw in my stew. 


Blue from Ohio

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It always bothers me when people question whether this game is still a rivalry because of Ohio's success the past 10 years.  If that's the case, after we dominated the 90's in the series, do you think people were questioning whether it was still a rivalry then?  My point is this is still historically one of the greatest rivalries in sports and why so many documentaries have been done about it.  It just happens to be a unique rivalry in the sense that over the past quarter century one team seems to dominate for a decade then the other team does.  Not to mention we still own more overall wins in the rivalry.  Since the start of this new decade, considering 2011 would be the first game in this new decade, it's 1 - 1 and both were competitive games.  If Hoke can develop the talent he's recruiting and develop some offensive cohesion / playcalling, it should be a good game for years to come.


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About Michigan football. I hope things can turn around but it may take a while. I'm not even sure if we have the right coach. This season has me questioning Hoke. Yeah, I'll give him 5 years but I'm no longer confident he will do much more than runner up in the east division. Overnight, Meyer has already built his machine. A lot faster than I ever thought. Expect a lot more undefeated OSU seasons! This what aggravates me. Those lucky bastards. After cheating they go right back to winning. But I guess their AD just knows more about Football!

Louie C

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You have to keep in mind that Meyer was basically handed this machine on a silver platter. He didn't recruit Miller nor did he recruit Guiton, and both of those guys are ideal QBs for his system. That and the fact that they were already familiar with the read option/spread concepts made Meyer's transition smoother than satin sheets.


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Yeah, I feel your pain and understand your sentiment.  However, when I take a step back and look at the rosters Hoke and Meyer inherited it makes sense.  Meyer got a perfect QB for his system.  We all love D-Rob, but he was a QB Hoke had to work around, and although he had great success, he may have set us back in some ways by delaying our move to a pro style offense. And, Meyer had other weapons like Hyde, Stoneburner, Brown and an offensive line full of upperclassman.  Plus there were far fewer holes in the previous recruiting classes at OSU.


I do have my questions about Hoke.  And, it does bug the ever-living heck out of me that OSU never stays down long, whereas we are in the middle of a 6-year rebuilding phase.  I have to assume there are a lot of factors in that, like UM's reluctance to change, talent difference between the two states, and OSU's willingness to bend the rules.  But, I do still hold faith that Hoke's recruiting is on par with OSU's and that in another 2 years we should be able to match their roster in both depth and talent.  If by then we still can't seem to go 50/50 against OSU and win 10 games with some consistency, then we may have some issues.  But, we simply can't judge yet.  Although it sure wouldn't hurt to get some new offensive coaches:). But, I know exactly how you feel.  I feel so bad for UM fans in Oho.


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Giving Braxton iller is starting tomorrow and Urban eyer is coaching... I kid I kid... But fuck them. I have been the biggest pessimist this week, and I have watched the '93, '95, '97, '98 games- I think we might have a shot... Imagine this... Imagine a buckeye injures a wolverine intentionally and that lights a spark for someone to just lose it and go lights out on the fuckeyes. Ohia can go to hell. So can all their moo-moo wearing, 5-tooth fans. If I have to sit next to another loud, smelly, fat fuck screaming "O-H", Idk what I'll do. I can't stand their shit. I already forgot what I was typing. Fuck Ohia.


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Yeah, I lost the whole "when something bad happens we'll repsond" attitude in 2006 when Bo died.  If one of our most historical figures in school history dies, we're the #2 team in the nation, and we still can't win...well.  I'm not falling for that again.  We will win when we have better players and coaches (or at least evenly matched talent and coaches).  Right now we do not.