2011 Senior Appreciation Thread and 2012 Senior Legacies

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In true don't know what you've got 'til it's gone fashion.  I thought now at the end of the 2012 regular season was a good time to take a look back and appreciate what this team lost from 2011 to 2012.  

Just a couple of my own sentiments:

- We can never say too much about David Molk, exhibit A: 


- We didn't appreciate Mark Hugye, like at all

- While Koger got credit for his catches, his blocking was pretty much ignored by your average fan (but not your average mgofan) and we missed it in 2012

- Despite consistent improvement, I still missed trash cans full of dirt this year


What to do until bowl season?  Take a trip down memory lane with some solid mgocontent of yore:

Ace's "2011 Preview" Reviews:





Brian's "2012 First Look":


"WR Junior Hemingway. Fairly ponderous leaper with inexplicable YAC knack; decent hands; should be replaceable if Darryl Stonum makes it back. Given the lack of swift action to boot after Stonum got pulled over, I assume that is the case."


^Countess obviously, but still, ZERO mention of Ray Taylor here


Seth's 2011 Senior Sendoff, "What We Asked of Them":






And my predictions for some 2012 seniors:


- In our optimism we will try to convice ourselves that we will not miss Jordan Kovacs THAT much, frequently pointing to the development of Tom Gordon. This will unfortunately not be the case, and we will give up at least one devasting big play for a touchdown in a key situation next season.  PLEASE stay healthy Tom. Like Molk, we can never say too much about Kovacs.

- Similarly but to a lesser extent, our optimism about the future at linebacker will criminally neglect Kenny Demens' career contribution and legacy.

- Again similarly due to the development of youth (Heitzman/Strobel/Wormley, etc.) and the Heininger Certainty Principle, we will try to convince ourselves that Craig Roh will not be a big loss in 2013.  The Nebraska UFR disagrees with you: 




- Terrible fans will beat the Denard v Devin horse all year long, because they apparently get themselves off by trolling this board and grasping at straws for reasons to bring up Rich Rodriguez three years later.  Others will point out that Devin is a Rich Rod recruit.  The rest of us will point out: SHUT UP ALL OF YOU!!!

- There will be mid level competitive games where we say "those two 50 yd QB rush TDs would've been really nice right about now", but at other times we will giggle with glee at Gardner to Funchess/Gallon.

- There will be screen passes to Hayes/Rawls/Other??? in 2013 that work for decent gains and  make you say "that's a touchdown if Vincent Smith is getting the ball".

- Despite his season and a half of struggles, Jeremy Jackson and Jerald Robinson will make no one forget Roy Roundtree, (although hopefully some youth will give it a shot).



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Such is the way of college football. Stars move on and others are born each year. These last two senior classes really stuck by Michigan through thick and thin and are primary reasons for setting up a reasonably optimistic future. They brought some stability in a time of chaos. They were, are, and always will be real Michigan Men.

Glad that they will remain reps of UM even if after Jan 1 it will no longer be on the gridiron.

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No offense OP, but this is why you get to senior day early and cheer for each and every one of the departing seniors regardless of their contribution level. You smile, get misty eyes and clap so hard your hands hurt. We don't need an appreciate thread if we actually would show them some damn respect and appreciation when it counts.

That's why I am so pissed off at the current students. They are a totally oblivious bunch this generation and don't get what they have. As an alum, I find them very frustrating.


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My friends and I made it a point to show up to the game quite early for senior day. We even made some friends from out of town get there early with us. It was sad to see only about 10-15 rows of students there with us, at best. These are the seniors that put in TONS of hard work, the sole reason we show up every Saturday is to watch the fruits of their hard work. Wish others would realize that they are the reason we have football Saturdays and leave their pregames a half hour earlier to show some recognition.


December 3rd, 2012 at 12:33 AM ^

I love this thread. There are several guys I miss from last years team that would have helped us astronomically this year.

Mike Martin and Ryan VanBergen were amazing leaders with non stop motors. I can't imagine ohio having the success they did up the middle if Martin was in the mix. VanBergen was always clutch. The guy seemed to always make a play when he needed to. Ill forever miss the two of them.

David Molk - everything you want in a center. Anyone remember when he went out and we had several atrocious snaps that cost us huge yardage? Exactly. Molk was such a great center and I imagine if he were a senior this year we would always convert on 3rd and 1 with Vincent Smith.

Lastly a guy that always got over looked but always made huge plays when it was needed and paramount in our win over ohio. Martavious Odom. Tae was a guy that did a lot for us. A tenacious blocker, a 3rd down machine, and a very reliable pair of hands, and a great kid. A lot of Denards long runs over the years were thanks to his second level blocks.

As for who ill miss most from this years class it's without a doubt Denard and if he turns pro Taylor 'finger stache' Lewan.